Avoid Mistakes to Gain Views on TikTok

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mistakes to avoid to gain views on tiktok
avoid mistakes to go viral on tiktok

So many creators are making videos and posting on Tik Tok, they often get discouraged when their video doesn’t perform well, especially when they have done hard work to make one video or they are a new creator on TikTok.

Tiktok Mistakes

The common mistakes are using broad hashtags, creating a long video without any hook from the beginning, posting rarely on TikTok like 2-3 times a week, and switching niche frequently. However, TikTokers with 10k followers also do some of the other common mistakes that is limiting their growth on TikTok.

It was frustrating for me too when I started, I was doing mistakes too until I sat back and tried to analyze the reason behind low views on my Videos.

I even did improve the quality of my content, but the result was not very good. I dag little dipper and found it was not just the quality, there were several other things that I was doing wrong, and once I removed them my views dramatically increased.

What should you avoid doing on TikTok?

In general, it’s best to avoid doing anything on TikTok that could be considered harmful or offensive to others, here are the mistakes to avoid on TikTok and tips to gain Views.

1. Creating Short Posts

You are making your posts that are not longer than 15 seconds, Tik Tok is a platform trying to be more diverse now, the app is encouraging creators to post longer content over small content.

Therefore, if your video is shorter than 15 seconds, you are highly unlikely to reach For You Page.

Tik Tok wants people to spend time on the app because this way they can serve more ads to the viewers.

You know how they do that by promoting longer videos so please make sure your videos are at least 15 seconds long. Ideally, right now they should be 18 to 22 seconds.

Pro Tip: you can make longer videos by introducing Hook in the beginning and doing some transitions in the middle of the video.

2. Posting at wrong Time on TikTok

I see people making a common mistake, you are posting absolutely at horrible times when nobody is on Tik Tokor in your audience.


Unplanned = best timing

♬ original sound – ken

What you normally do, you make a video based on any trending idea that you think is cool and you just quickly make it and post it. Do not do this. Don’t!

Save the video in your drafts release the video when it’s the best time to post, not when you were able to record the video.

In addition to the above mistake, you are either only posting according to your analytics. This is a  terrible approach if you are planning to reach the for you page. 

You should post when people are on their phones in your region, Tik Tok shows your videos first where you reside or live. And in order to reach an audience outside of your country, you need to post several times a day. 

I have created a step-by-step guide to learn the best time of the day to post.

3. Not Following what is trending

This is common, if you are not posting according to the trends, yes I know you want to make original content but you need to be following the Tik Tok trends, and the trends specifically for your niche.

avoid doing mistake to gain views

you’re not posting according to the trends that’s why your views are going down, that’s why you are unable to have enough followers. and everybody else in your niche blowing up and you’re getting no views.

To understand the trend, watch 30-40 videos on For you page, and note down what sort of videos are perform and what is the common theme. Remodel and post it in your way.

Highly successful TikTokers are doing it over and over again.

4. Simple Mistake

You need to make sure that when you put text on your screen it will show up for every single device and importantly it’s not being blocked by the stuff above or below, or on the side like follow button, share button or so on.

Such a simple mistake will not get you views, people will say he is just stuffing up on Tik Tok, he has no idea what to post, or maybe just being casual.

5. Not doing what is Working on TikTok

Find something that works and make different variations of that. Do not reinvent the wheel. 

I know you like to be original and want to do something different, but in order to gain views initially and have a reasonable following, you need to do what is already working.

You can also use TikTok features such as the usage of duet and stitches, trendy music from TikTok Library, trendy video style.

Anything that has given you a little bit of success in the past, make it more like that and keep doing until you do not get results.

6. Boring Sound in Background

gain boring to get views

You guys are not using trending sounds on your videos. If it doesn’t fit the video that you’re making that’s fine you still need to be using trending sounds in every single video.

Unless you’re adding in a voiceover or something like that but please add these trending sounds.

Why Trending sound? when you apply this in your video and post it, Tik Tok thinks your content is similar to what is already viral on TikTok. Hence, it pushes your content to other users.

7. Increasing Follower With Nonrelatable Content

Please, don’t just follow random people on Tik Tok with the aim to only increase your followers, because by doing so, your account is followed by some useless not interested type of people.

So, you want to increase followers, watch your competitors in your niche, again in your niche. Explore their followers and their type. You can interact with them, they will be happy to check out out your account. 

8. Nonrelatable Content

Have you been posting a lot and getting very few views? If you have done everything al-right, like good quality content with a hook and trending method. You are probably sharing your content with the wrong audience.

In other words, your current audience(Followers) does not belong to the same niche that the video is about.

When your own followers do not watch your content this is the first sign you don’t have relatable content, Tik Tok Algorithm notices that the video is not interesting enough and will not push it to a much bigger audience. 

Another thing you are doing, you are posting in the wrong niche, such as posting under different hashtags which is nonrelatable.

9. Not engaging with your followers

Do you post your video and forget? This is another mistake that smaller creators are making, you need to interact with people.

Firstly, it shows that you care about them. So, remember to always answer their comments.

Secondly, when you reply back to their comments, they will come back to see your response, and your same video will get played again, earning you extra view, which again a view count and pleasing Tik Tok.

Lastly, do not comment too soon, wait for 15-20 minutes to reply back to each comment, otherwise, they will get off the app and end up ignoring your response, but do not be too late to respond back.

10. Using Tiktok’s Broad hashtags

I get it, you’ve seen tons of people using huge hashtags on the for you page and that is why you are using them too, but if you are not getting results that you want, it’s time to try this other strategy.

I want you to start looking for hashtags related to the topic related to the content you’re creating related to your audience that has less than one million views each.

yes, that’s right less than one million views each. I know that that goes against everything that we think we know, but the interesting thing is when you go niched down that’s actually what gives you the ability to grow with the type of followers that are likely to enjoy your content moving forward.

If you use a big hashtag just like everyone, especially when you have less than 100k followers, your video is actually going to get lost in a sea of other videos.

Your goals should be to get maximum audience retention from the beginning that is only possible with niche-specific hashtags.

Deleting TikTok Video

Deleting videos, private videos and that’s because they didn’t initially go viral videos can go viral for days weeks months, and even years after you post them.

So don’t delete your videos don’t make them private just because they didn’t take off at first and I get that there are some popular people who say delete your videos that didn’t perform well, but the truth is that’s limiting your future growth and preventing the snowball of virality from multiple videos that happen later on.

What not to do on TikTok

The guideline on TikTok clearly states, “We do not allow nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content on our platform”.

Apart from that, look at following important things, specially if you are planning to be a big creator.

Cyberbullying, avoid making hurtful or demeaning comments to others, or making fun of people for their appearance, beliefs, or lifestyle.

Hate speech, Avoid posting content that promotes or supports discrimination, racism, or violence towards individuals or groups based on their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Copyright infringement, Avoid using copyrighted music, videos or other content without permission, as this could result in your account being suspended or banned.

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