Best Way to Go Viral on Tik Tok

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best way to go viral on tik tok
best way to go viral on tiktok

Going Viral on TikTok is the best way to gain a following and views on TikTok, many people make it difficult, but is not that hard. Becoming viral on TikTok is a combination of several factors, including the quality of your content, timing, and engagement with your audience.

How to Become Viral on TikTok

On TikTok the best way to actually go viral is simple, find an already popular video and remodel it according to your niche. In addition to that put a trendy song in the background to give it a new flavor. However, you have to make sure that your video must start with a hook in the beginning.

You need to understand this concept, just like every other social media, TikTok has an algorithm too. So, when you post a video about anything, TikTok will give it a chance to show to some people. These people can be from a certain niche that TikTok will decide to serve based on your video description, hashtag, and text on the video.

If your video gets views and watch time from a first small group, then it will show your content to a much bigger audience. This process keeps on going until there are no more viewers to watch.

Best Ways to Go Viral on TikTok

Trend Jacking: the 2 most important things you can do to go viral.

No.1. Find a trend that is already exploding, you can either scroll on TikTok for 30 minutes and you will notice some sort of common video style people are making, use the background song or style and create your content similar to trend.

Best Ways to Go Viral on TikTok

You can also find exploding trends by going to

No.2. Be niche specific when you creating content, it doesn’t mean just create a bunch of content about your niche, what you need to do is to understand pain points of your viewers in that niche and create interesting content around that, and add value.

By keeping above 2 important things mind follow below steps:

So, here I am going to share with you the best way you can go viral on TikTok. Read through the following Steps. 

1. Keeping Viewers On TikTok

If you learn and understand this tip, you will become king of TikTok. Your job is to glue the audience on TikTok using your content.

Tik Tok wants you to keep people on the app, that is the only thing any social media app wants,

Why? when people stay on the app for a longer period of time TikTok can serve them ads and ultimately generate revenue, this is how TikTok makes money

best way to go viral on tiktok

As a viewer, TikTok has algorithms that serve you the content that you’re interested in and they push videos that have a really high amount of watch time. Videos with a high amount of watch times are generally popular and interesting compared to a few hundred views, likes, and shares.

Good news: TikTok has already partnered with Shopify, meanings it can directly serve the ads on the platform. 

It’s going to be big, it’s going to be a great way for all of you guys to make money on Tik Tok, which is why you need to go viral right now you need to get more views you need to get more followers.

Now you have understood, what Tik Tok wants, and what viewers want, it is time to make viral content using the following methods:

2. Remix The Trend and Go Viral

Follow the trend and do it in the right way, or I would say remix the trends. What do I mean by that? if you see a trend that you like feel free to jump on it and make some videos. 

But, here is the thing,  you need to realize that the more popular a trend is the harder it’s going to be for you to breakthrough.

When you see a new dance move all over the For You page, it is likely you are late, and it has been saturated already. 

It is late because everyone is making the same moves for the same music. But, you are not going to do the same move, you going to remix it.

Do you get the point now? Instead of copying a trend just by recreating it without anything unique or original content and just sort of looking like everyone else, It is time to make your own version of a Tik Tok on it with something new.

Look, you have to be original in creating the content that can separate you from all the other copy and past TikTokers.

Example: If you can recall, there was a trend of check on TikTok, or more accurately check trend, check your best friend, something along those lines.

———————————> Best Way to get Views on TikTok Without Followers <———————————

If you had copied the same style of video, you might not go viral at all or maybe end up getting views hundred views.

But if you mix it with something different you can literally gain millions of views.

Check out the example of Remix Trend. 

@samsheffer AirPods Pro check #airpods #airpodspro #trendinf #viral #fyp ♬ Devil Eyes – Hippie Sabotage

You can see the video has got more than a million views in just 24 hours. It is a simple remix with slight modifications in the content. 

This is the right approach to use the trend, you need to use the popular trend with your own kind of style.

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3. Post New Type of Content on TikTok

The biggest opportunity for you to go viral on Tik Tok post content that is not currently on Tik Tok. yes, post a continent that is not on the app.

This may sound confusing, but let me explain.

You need to post videos of things that have never been on Tik Tok before or they are currently not being posted anywhere on the platform.

I know you might think, TikTok is all about hip hop, and lip-sync stuff, and there are millions of people dancing, trust me it is not easy to gain popularity in an already saturated niche.

So, the secret sauce is for you to disregard all of that and post videos of things that have never been on Tik Tok before. 

Currently, TikTok is a new platform with endless possibilities there are virtually no rules so you can and should try new things that are unique to you here’s what I mean by that.

Look at the following clip to understand.

@kienreview90 Ghế bơm hơi này có xịn???#kienreview #review #learnontiktok ♬ nhạc nền – Kien Review

You saw the above video, it is an example of posting your personal view.

you can also do this with any physical product, such as a mobile phone or anything that you have recently bought.

But, keep in mind the review about the product or item should be new and interesting.

The point is, you have to make unique content that is very rare or it is not available on TikTok.

Because it is unique and a new type of content, enough people will engage with it, watch it all the way through, share it, etc.

All those are signals that tell Tik Tok to push the video to more and more people. Once your video is pushed to a bigger group, it is highly likely to virality.

4. Being Consistent Is the Key to Success on Tiktok

Post consistently even if every video doesn’t go viral. Every video you post is another chance.

Not all of your TikTok videos will go viral, and if you don’t see success in the first few weeks, do not give up. Keep improving the quality of your video.

best way to go viral on tik tok

You have to learn, how to please the TikTok Algorithm. One of the ways is by using popular songs.

If you browse Tik Tok enough you’ll probably see the same song being used multiple times on various videos by other creators, you can check yourself, by going into the music section and find the trending songs and use them in your videos too.

Why trending music will work to make your video viral? 

Well, it is because the trending music is already on top, any new video which is created using trendy music in the background will signal the TikTok algorithm to treat your video similar to the previously trending videos.

So, be consistent, do a remix with trendy music in the background, and keep producing content.

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5. Niche Specefic Content

If you wondering, can you make any type of video and become TikTok famous, well the short answer is: those good old days are gone, you have to be specific now. 

Not only that, but you also need to make better content that is engaging and has a high audience retention rate.

TikTok wants to make money as you read and understood through the first heading. 

Now put yourself into the shoes of an advertiser.

Let’s say you are a technology company and you sell drones or laptops or phones. Your ad budget is $50 for a day to reach 500 people.

Who do you think you would want TikTok to serve your ad to? Is anyone on Tiktok or People who watch technology types of content?

It is obviously showing to anyone can note generate sales or view. However, people who are technology enthusiasts not only going to watch it, but a large part of the audience will end up buying.

Now Understand it from the Creator Point of View

Why niche-specific? Let’s say if there are 50 people in your niche obviously they’re going to be more but if there are 50, and these people creating really good content in your niche, and you have also decided to make similar videos, then you’re actually going to be competing with those people.

The algorithm is getting better and better at serving up content to people that actually want to see that type of content.

if your video gets a tremendous amount of views then TikTok will push your content to more people in your niche.

How to go viral beyond niche, read the next step.

6. Watch Time To go Viral

So you guys really need to start to pay attention to the watch time that you are receiving in your videos and the length of your videos.

If you are unsure about what length of your video should be, I would suggest, checking your top competitors, the people making the best content within your niche.

You need to see how long their videos are and then you need to try to beat their watch time if the video is longer over 30 seconds long you need to get 35-40 seconds long.

With a standard 15 seconds video, you will not be able to make your video go viral. 

To Go viral all over TikTok, the number one thing right now is that you’re beating out everybody in your niche.

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How Long Does it Take for TikTok to Go Viral

Your TikTok post starts getting views within first 2 hours, if the video still retains a high number of views with high audience retention then TikTok pushes it to a much bigger audience and it works like a snowball effect.

your post keeps on going viral for a week on TikTok, unlike Instagram it doesn’t just die after 48 hours.

I went Viral on TikTok Now What?

If you have already gone viral on TikTok, now is the time to create content related to the niche of that viral video. If your majority of following is due to your viral video then you must produce content relevant to that audience, otherwise, they will unfollow your account for the better content creator.

How Do I Increase Views on TikTok?

By posting content with high engagement and long audience retention. you can get the idea by simply remodeling the most popular video in a niche according to your audience.

In case you can’t figure it out, I have created this step by step post to help you get views without followers.

How many views is viral on TikTok?

More than 3 times more views than your following is considered viral video. However, if you are on TikTok with less than 100 thousand followers, these video views are not sufficient, you should aim for at least 10 times more than your followers.

The concept of viral is related to medical viral terms, such as viral flue is transferred from person to person. Therefore, we can’t exactly relate virality with TikTok.

Does rewatching a TikTok count as a view?

The unique view is actually counted as a view. This means anyone who is watching your video should be a new user, not the same person. However, coming back to video through notification such as to view the response of comment will be counted to words view.

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