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can i play music in discord

Discord is becoming popular every day and users are trying to figure out ways to play music on the app, if you are searching for a similar thing then you have landed at the right place, here I will explain how to play music in discord with and without a bot.

Basically, Discord began as a simple message and voice chat app for gamers, but since then, it has developed to become available on every PC.

Everyone uses it for something, whether it be gaming or chatting. The user experience can also be expanded with the use of bots and other capabilities that are provided by Discord.

Music can be played with the help of bots on discord.

It is possible for music bots on Discord to search for songs on YouTube, Spotify, and other services and then play those songs in a voice channel on Discord.

How To Play Music on Discord

How To Play Music on Discord

As we have established above playing music with the help of a bot is a simple approach and I will share with you some of the easiest-to-play bots below.

  • Add Music Bot to Discord.
  • Go to the botswebsite.
  • Click Add to Discord, and then enter your server name.
  • Pass the Captcha and check your Discord server, the bot should be there.
  • Go to your bot’s website to find music commands.
  • For Groovy bot type: -play [Music name/URL].

Please note most of the bots are simple and I have hand-picked some of them below for your quick usage.

Please note, that groovy or Rythm Bots may not be supported by devs or upgrades discontinued by devs.

Can Discord Bot Play Music

1. Probot for Discord Music

This bot is straightforward and easy to use on Discord, plus it keeps the music quality good.

Because Probot supports such a wide range of commands, there are a great many different things that can be done with Probot music boot such as the following:

  • Playing music by providing a link.
  • Play it by placing a Youtube link.
  • Spotify, Mixer, or any other major platform.

A song queue may also be created, songs can be looped, your song queue can be shuffled, song lyrics can be displayed, and every single music adjustment command is available.

Useful Probot Discord Commands:

  • play – Add a song to the queue and plays it.
  • repeat – Toggles the repeat mode.
  • shuffle – Shuffle the current queue.
  • search – Searches for results to play.

Example: using the play command (-play [song name/link]).

2. FredBoat -Free Bot for Discord Music

FredBoat is one of the free music bots. It is able to play content from websites such as YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and even Twitch.

FredBoat gives you the ability to create your very own playlist, which you can then play directly from within Discord by putting in a single command. Additionally, live streaming is available via YouTube and Twitch.

Fredbot Commands:

  • /play Play music from a given URL or search for a track on YouTube or SoundCloud.
  • /stop Stop the player and clear the playlist.
  • /pause on to pause the player and off to resume.

3. Rythm Bot to Play Music

Rhythm enables users to play music directly from YouTube, Soundcloud, or Twitch, which is just one of the many standout features of this app.

Additionally, you are able to import playlists from YouTube.

Taking all of this into consideration, can you walk me through the process of listening to MP3s on Discord?

How to Play Music with Rythm bot on discord: Launch Discord and navigate to the server to locate the Rythm bot’s installation directory. Join a voice channel, Type: “! play,” then leave a space, and then type the name of the song you wanna play.

Rythm was designed to give easy access to all music so that users wouldn’t have to take time away from the game to figure out the commands for the bot.

It has more features than any other bot that is specifically designed for this purpose and receives regular updates to ensure that it continues to provide the highest possible quality music at all times.

Rythm commands are clear and simple, preventing you from being confused while typing out special characters. For instance, to play a song just type play and then the name of the song (play [name of song/link]).

4. Octave Bot

Octave functions in the same way as other music bots. It ensures that there is no lag when streaming music from any of the most popular services, including YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Because you are able to assign different responsibilities to different users with this Bot, it is much simpler for you to manage and organize the various access roles that are granted to different users.

Some of the common Octave Bot Commands:

  • play [url|YT search] — Joins and plays music on a channel.
  • pause — Pause or resume the music player.
  • stop, leave — Stop and clear the music player.

Some of the Other Recommended bots to Play Music on discord

1. Vexera Bot

Vexera is another free music bot that can enhance the experience that you and your friends get from using Discord. In addition to playing music, it also acts as a moderation tool and sends out automatic greetings to anyone who joins or leaves your server.

2. BMO

This music bot was designed to play High-Quality Music that is Flawless and Does Not Lag.

The bot is also DMCA protected, which means that it does not violate any laws pertaining to copyright.

3. 24/7

24/7 is also one of the free music bots.

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Can I Play Music Through Mic on Discord

You can play music via mic on your pc, prior to that you will have to do some settings on your PC.

Assuming you are using Fredbot.

  • Go To your “Control Panel,
  • To manage your audio devices, go to “Hardware & Sound” and then “Manage Audio Devices.”
  • Access the “Recording” options.
  • Enable the “Stereo Mix” function, then select the “default mic” option.

You should be able to play music with Mic on discord.

How to Listen to Music in Discord Using an Android Device

To play music on a discord android device, go to the website. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, the following is what you should do next:

Search MedalBot, or you can try any of the default ones which show up on the screen.

How to Listen to Music in Discord Using an Android Device
  • Press the “Invite” button on the bot you want to add.
  • You can access your Discord account by logging in.
  • After that, you will be taken to the website of the bot, where you will have to choose a server on which you wish to play music.
  • The bot will be installed on your Discord server after captcha approval
  • Launch Discord and navigate to the “Menu” option.
  • Select the server that you installed the bot on from the available options in the list.
  • Enter the command that informs the bot to play the music.
  • You may find the commands on the bot’s webpage.

Can I Play Music in Discord on Your iPhone?

The answer is yes, and A MEE6 bot is a great option for iPhone

You can access your Discord account by going to the MEE6 website and logging in there.

  • Provide the bot with permission to access your account.
  • Pick the server you want to add the bot to and click the button.
  • Select the “Plugins” menu item, then hit “Music.”
  • Launch Discord and join a voice channel.

Type: Play and song name, it will play the song.

How to Play Music in Discord Without Bot

If you don’t want to use a bot, the only possible way to play music in Discord is to connect it to Spotify:

  • Launch Discord then navigates to the “User Settings” menu option.
  • Select “Connections,” then look for the icon of your Spotify account on the page labeled “Connect Your Accounts.”
  • Enter your credentials for Spotify.
  • After completion of the process, a notification should appear stating, “Connected Your Spotify Account to Discord.”
  • Proceed to Discord, and while you’re there, scroll all the way down to check the connection.

You are now able to begin listening to the music on Discord with the help of Spotify.

What Audio Format Does Discord Use?

The Opus audio format, which is low latency and made to compress speech, is used by Discord.
Utilizing Krisp audio-filtering technology, Discord implemented noise reduction to their mobile app in 2020.
The majority of the backend code for Discord is written in Python, Rust, Go, and C++.

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Which Video Format does Discord Support?

The file types mp4, webm, and mov are supported by Discord. Simply, Locate the video you want to share and click the “+” icon in the Discord message bar for the channel you want to send it.

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