Can You Send Pictures on Tinder?

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can you send pictures on Tinder

Are you trying to find a way to send pictures on Tinder? There are some alternative ways to send pictures on tinder, which I am going to share in this post.

Q. Is there a direct way on tinder, Can you send pictures on Tinder?

A. On Tinder, you can not directly send pictures to your match.

Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps, is introducing new features that aim to make the overall experience of dating on the app better. Tinder is mindful of the demands of its customers and is responding accordingly. However, the ability to send photographs is not currently supported on the platform, which is a feature that is frequently requested.

Why Tinder Doesn’t allow to send Pictures Directly?

On Tinder, you cannot send pictures.
They have removed the option for Tinder users to send images because of men. Men believed it was okay to send girls on Tinder explicit photos.

Tinder decided to remove the ability to exchange images because it had become such a problem.

Tinder users’ ability to transmit photos to one another has been disabled for safety reasons. In the past, when this feature was available, a significant amount of content that was not suitable was exchanged.

Having stated that, users are unable to send photographs on Tinder chats; however, there are a few workarounds that we will go through that will enable you to do so.

Can You Send Pictures on Tinder?

Alternative Methods to Send Pictures on Tinder

Your Tinder profile can have photographs uploaded to it through the app; but, sending more intimate pictures through Direct Messages is not a possibility at this time unless you find a way for it.

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Method 1: Send photos to recipients using the links.

You Can’t send a link on tinder, but there is a workaround.

  • You can share the picture that you want to send to your Tinder match by uploading it to a well-known image or file-sharing site like or Google Drive.
  • Make a copy of the URL of the image, and then paste it into the message.
  • Also, you need to insert a space after the period at the end of the URL link.
  • Your potential mate must copy the link and paste it into a search window with no gaps between the words.

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Method 2: Send Picture on Tinder Using Social Media

If you want to send photographs, you should use any other social networking platform.

Since the majority of social media platforms and messaging apps support the feature of sending images, another option would be to try to exchange social media accounts and move the conversation there. This would be possible because most, if not all, social media platforms and messaging apps support the feature.

Sharing your social media profiles on Instagram or FB is always an option to consider if you do not feel comfortable providing your phone number to the people you have matched with on Tinder.

Method 3: Upload Your Latest Picture on Tinder

If you want to show the requested picture to someone on Tinder, this is an additional workaround you may do. It’s possible that this won’t be the most effective technique, but it’s still worth a shot.

You can upload the desired picture on your tinder profile and ask the end user to check it here.

Most importantly, you won’t be kicked off the platform as a result of this action.

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