Can you Swear on TikTok

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can you swear on TikTok

There is a possibility to use cuss words, but in many cases, you can get in trouble on TikTok, here I will explain to you about ” Can you Swear on TikTok“.

The common tactics that people use are bleeping, the cuss word, or using F**ck to convey the cuss message.

You can not use swear words directly on Tiktok, if you use cuss words, the TikTok’s algorithm will mark your video and it might not show up in FYP, though there is an exception to it.

You can get away with it by censoring the cuss words as explained below.

How to Censor Words on TikTok

There are several apps out there that can sensor cuss words for you, but I will go with the easiest one and that is Instagram.

  • Go to Instagram and tap + sign from the top right corner and select story.
  • Now at the button of the page, there will be several filters, scroll to the right side and go at the end until you reach Browse effects, just like the following.
can we swear on tiktok

Now a search bar will open up on the top, type “Beep” and you should be able to find the following filter.

can we swear on TikTok

Press the try button and see how it works for you.

Now record your video and tap the screen where you want to start the bleep and un-tap the screen when you want to stop the bleep.

Record and save your video, and now you can upload it on TikTok.

Can you Comment Swear Words on TikTok

The swearing-in comments often get ignored by TikTok’s algorithm, but being consistent can cause harm to your account if you are a content creator.

Remember there is no human behind all these checks and balances, and TikTok uses its algorithm to find swear words.

Though according to TikTok’s official guidelines, ” We may suspend your account’s ability to upload a video, comment, or edit your profile for a period of time (typically between 24 or 48 hours), depending on the severity of the violation and previous violations”, TikTok Terms.

can you swear on TikTok

TikTok Banned Words or Shadowbanned Words

The following words are on the banned list on TikTok, especially if you use them in your video posts:

  • Pandemic
  • Any common medical term
  • Disability terms
  • cigarette(s)
  • dead
  • swear words(All)
  • pissed
  • gun
  • penis, vagina, any word related to sex rly
  • apparently hole/whole/ole has been banned as well?
  • thick

Avoid using swear words on TikTok, you might not get banned to view the content, but it is highly likely that you will be restricted to typing comments for certain hours.

Can you Swear on TikTok Live

Absolutely not, when you go to type Swear words, it may not look to you that your comments are blocked, but your comments will actually not appear to other users.

TikTok’s back-end algorithm will remove your swear words and will not show your comments to anyone.

Can you Use Swear Words on TikTok

If you are a content creator, the straight answer is No, you can use the bleep technique as shown above, but if you type anything that is offensive your video will not reach FYP.

The algorithm will strip out your video due to swearing words in the post.

Even if you talk about certain minorities or all recent worldwide health issues, you will not see results on your posts.

swear word on tiktok

What Are Shadowbanned Hashtags on TikTok

Tiktok keeps the localized shadowbanned lists, meaning that if you happen to live in extreme secular countries, the hashtags for religions will be banned.

Similarly, if you happen to live in middle eastern countries, the majority of them have banned LGBTQ hashtags, so the hashtags are localized.

That means, some hashtags can be in your country and you can’t speak against certain government policies or so on.

Does TikTok Censor Comments, Can I Cuss in Tiktok Comments

Yes, TikTok Censors comments and video posts. So, basically, the Tiktok censor works slightly different compare to other platforms.

When you upload your video with banned words cuss words, TikTok’s algorithm will suppress it and it will not get any views.

It is the same case when it comes to the use of swear words in comments, your comments will not show to anyone.

can you swear banned words on TikTok

Can you Swear on TikTok Captions?

Yes and no, you can not directly use any swear words in the caption, though TikTok will not warn you about swear words, your video will not get any views or fewer views.

If you want to use Cuss words use it with bleep F**ck or any emoji.

Please note that consistent usage of swear words will shadowbanned your account.

Can you Swear in TikTok Video Captions?

This question has a similar solution as the one before. Uncensored profanity won’t lead to account or video deletion, just like in videos. On the For You and Following pages, your video can get less attention as a result.

Hence, if at all possible, avoid it.

In fact, since TikTok can easily detect cuss words in captions or descriptions, suppression may even be more likely when utilising them.

It is straightforward to establish whether or not a TikTok description contains a swear word even though their system for identifying the words being said via audio is not perfect.

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Is profanity Allowed on TikTok

As a whole swearing is not allowed on TikTok. TikTok has community guidelines that prohibit explicit language, including profanity, in videos and comments.

Violating these guidelines can lead to your account being suspended or banned. It’s important to keep in mind that TikTok is a platform used by people of all ages, so it’s important to be mindful of your language and behavior while using the app.

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