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check mark linkedin messages

In this post you will learn:

  • How to disable Checkmark on Linkedin Messages.
  • What is the Purpose of Checkmarks on Linkedin Messages?

People use Linkedin as a platform to conduct job searches, market products, broadcast their achievements, and communicate with one another, for the most part, through the use of messages.

Because buyers, sellers, prospective customers, and possible workers all communicate via these communications, they are an essential component of this platform.

Because the company concentrates its efforts on enhancing the messaging component of the platform, many previously undiscovered capabilities continue to emerge regularly.

Users of Linkedin are introduced to a new feature known as the checkmark in the message section.

Therefore, if you have seen the checkmark inside the Linkedin emails, you should continue reading in order to acquire further information.

Check Mark Linkedin Message

What Does CheckMark Mean When it comes to Linkedin Messages?

The checkmark that appears in the messaging section of Linkedin messages indicates that the messages have been read.

To put it another way, if you see a checkmark next to one of your messages on Linkedin, it indicates that the recipient has read the message.

The read receipt feature is helpful since it provides you with the assurance that your message has been received by the intended recipient, allowing you to refrain from sending a fresh message immediately away.

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This functionality is beneficial to job seekers and recruiters.

It is therefore a good indicator that you need to better customize your communications if you do not receive a response from someone who has viewed your message.

This option is available on the vast majority of social media platforms, if not all of them, and a great number of users eagerly make use of it because it makes communication more assured.

How does the read receipt function on LinkedIn work?

The feature is activated by default; however, in order for it to function properly, it is necessary for both parties involved in a communication exchange to have the feature turned on.

If either of the parties has turned off this function, the checkmark that is normally located in the upper-right-hand corner of the communication tab will be hidden from view.

Linkedin features both a read receipt and a typing indicator in addition to the read receipt. The read receipts and typing indicator both contribute significantly to an enhanced user experience.

How to disable the read receipt feature on LinkedIn

Even when the function is utilized by a large number of people, this does not ensure that everybody will enjoy using it. Some people would rather not share their information and would therefore like to disable the option.

That’s not impossible, and here are the actions you need to follow in order to make it happen:

For desktop Linkedin:

  • To access your profile, select the “Me” icon located in the top right corner.
  • Select “Settings and Privacy” from the drop-down menu.
  • To access your communications options, navigate to the left-hand menu and select the “Communications” tab.
  • Go to “Messaging experience,” then click the next arrow then “Read receipts and typing indicators,” and then hit the toggle button to disable the feature.
Check Mark Linkedin Message
Check Mark Linkedin Message
Check Mark Linkedin Message
Check Mark Linkedin Message

For Linkedin App Steps:

You can access your Linkedin profile by selecting the icon that appears in the upper-left corner of the screen.

  • Click on the ‘Settings‘ button.
  • Choose the “Communications” tab, then scroll all the way down until you reach the bottom.
  • Once more, you’ll see the setting labeled “Read receipts and typing indicators.” To disable this feature, tap on the setting’s name.

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How do I know if my message sent to someone on LinkedIn has been delivered?

If you and the person you have sent the message to have enabled the read receipt, it shows the message checkmark.

Does LinkedIn display the date and time that you were most recently active?

No, Linkedin does not reveal the last time users logged into their accounts.

What does it mean when your profile has a green dot?

When someone has a green dot next to their name on LinkedIn, it indicates that they are currently engaged on the platform.

Can someone check to see whether I’ve looked at their LinkedIn profile?

If the individual who views your profile on LinkedIn is logged in to the platform, only then will Linkedin reveal who else has seen your profile.


The read receipts and the typing indicator are two useful elements that significantly enhance the overall quality of the experience that Linkedin users have.

They are useful alternatives for recruitment and sales, but users also have the option to turn them off if they do not feel comfortable with this feature. These options help increase sales and recruiting.

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