Discord Unable to Load Profile Banner badges and About me

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discord unable to load profile banner badges and about me

When you are blocked by someone on Discord, you will not be able to view any of their personal information, including their bio, plus you will no longer appear on their friend list.

Discord Unable to Load Profile Banner Badges and About me

It is a yellow exclamation symbol that appears on the Discord profile which usually means you both don’t have a common server, though in the past you had the communication, plus they have disallowed private messages from the server.

Also, you wouldn’t see if that person is online or not. When you try to view a person’s profile it will say “unable to load profile banner, badges, and about me” plus “No servers in common“, sometimes mismatch of the role

There are some other possibilities, such as their discord app not working properly, or their account has been suspended.

This is a privacy feature to restrict users from collecting information about a user who has already left. Though sometimes there are Discord errors and you should try the following solutions to resolve this profile issue.

Solution: Unable to Load Profile Banner Badges and About me

Following are indirect methods to solve the yellow exclamation profile error:

  1. Send a Friend request to that person and load the profile.
  2. Be in a common server, this is when you can load the profile without having an Unable to Load Profile Banner badges error.
  3. In some cases, the new discord updates had some bugs, they went away with time or by installing an updated discord app. Both you and the end user have to Install the latest discord app.
  4. Restarting your device has also been shown to fix this issue.

How to Know If someone has blocked you on Discord

If you send a message, the message will not be delivered to the end user, this behavior is similar across all smartphone devices.

If I block someone on Discord, will anyone be able to tell?

When you block another person, you will not receive any alerts or notifications letting them know that you have done so. If they try to message you, they will get a generic error message that says they are only receiving messages from friends.

Why Discord Don’t Let you Change Profile Banner?

Customizing profile banners is a Nitro-only function, So you need to be subscribed to discord nitro.

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