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how to unblock discord on any platform

There is a good probability that your access to specific websites like discord is restricted, especially if you are working or studying at a school, college, or government institution.

In such places, you are not allowed to share content on social platforms like Discord.

If you are trying to access discord at school or at work It is quite unlikely that your institution will permit you to download it or even browse the website.

In this post I will share with you various methods to unblocked discord as follows:

  • How to unblock discord website for school Chromebook.
  • How to Access Discord on a restricted Network.
  • Unblock Discord Without downloading.

If you are attempting to access it on a school Chromebook, where they block pretty much everything, you will need to come up with a unique solution to unblock Discord!

Do you know you can use a web version to use discord on a browser? If you are restricted from the discord website as well then try the following solutions.

Let’s try first with the simple method.

Method 1: Install Discord From Google Play

Is Discord available through Google Play? Yes, it does. However, it is for mobile devices.

You are aware that any Chromebook has the capability to download and run applications from the Play Store, right?

You can bypass the discord blockage by installing the discord app from google play.

You should be able to download it directly from the Google Play Store.

How to unblock discord website for school Chromebook.

Installing and using the app on your Chromebook is as easy as doing so with any other application:

  • Open the Google Play Store from the available choices.
  • Conduct a search for “Discord” within the Google Play store.
  • Locate the large green button labeled “Install,” and then click it.
  • After installation, open the app, log in with your user and password.

If you come across “Not supported on your device” or your chrome book has restrictions and you can’t install any app then try the following method.

Method 2: Unblock the discord website for school Chromebook

This method can surely get you to use discord on a restricted Chromebook or PC.

If the filters at your school or college are preventing you from accessing the Discord website or app, you should be able to get around them with the help of a web proxy server.

Using this strategy, your public IP address will be hidden, and all of your web traffic will be routed through a variety of servers.

For this method, I will use this free proxy website.

  1. Got to https://www.croxyproxy.com/ and type: https://discord.com/login in the URL as follows.
Discord Unblocked Website for school Chromebook

2. You will reach the following screen, and enter your discord user & password.

3. You will be asked to pass the captcha & then check your email and approve “Verify Login“. as shown below.
how to unblock discord on school chromebook

4. After verifying your location, you might have to re-login, but this time discord.com is unblocked will allow you to use the web version on your restricted Chromebook or PC.

how to unblock discord on school chromebook

Use web server proxy with caution, don’t share your financial or personal details when using the proxy web.

The above method is a perfect discord unblocker that allows using the Discord web app without downloading the EXE file by simply logging in when the browser takes you to the Discord web app.

You can not unblock everything on a school Chromebook, as the options are restricted by your school administrator.

Method 3: Discord Unblocker Extention

This is a chrome extension that you can use on your PC and chrome book to unblock discord.

discord unblock

The Discord Unblocked extensions allow users to freely bypass annoying roadblocks with ease.

Being built in the Chrome App Builder, this kiosk app receives updates right as Discord releases them; meaning, even if we slack, the app still stays current.

Method 4: Use VPN to Bypass Discord Blockage

This method will surely unblock discord network restrictions. Let’s say, you are able to install the app but can not use discord, or you can’t access the discord website at all.

In method 2 we used Web Proxy, but we can try VPN if you can’t access the discord website to install and log in.

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The distinction between a virtual private network (VPN) and a web proxy is straightforward.

The web proxy server is only able to manage the traffic that is sent and received by your web browser and the website that you are now logged into. On the other hand, a virtual private network (VPN) can hide not only your device but also your IP address.

You can use free VPN such as protonVPN

This also encompasses applications that are not in any way associated with the web browser, such as the Discord client.

Method 5: Sneaky Method to Use Discord on Blocked Device

You can attempt to install the application from an external storage device even if the web browser at your school restricts access to some websites and does not permit downloads. You will need to download the Discord program from another network, such as the one you have at home, and then move it to the computer using an SD card or a USB drive, mobile Bluetooth file transfer, etc.

You won’t need to open a web browser in order to install the application on your computer and use it; instead, you’ll be able to use it directly.

On some of the computers found at schools and colleges, users are permitted to install files, while others require permission from the system administrator.

Method 6: Use the Discord Testing Version.

Discord Unblocked Website for school Chromebook

When institutions prevent people from accessing certain versions of programs, testing versions are frequently allowed to continue running unchecked.

If you’re one of the fortunate ones, the testing version of Discord was left unblocked at your school or office.

Canary.discord app should be accessible from within your browser; we hope this solves your problem.

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The last trick, if your browser doesn’t let you search stuff for discord you can type : d i s c o r d.

In the browser and it will show results.

In Conclusion

With the help of the above methods, you can use discord in a restricted environment such as Institute, or a workplace.

However, the Installation of the discord app can raise a trigger, and the admin can remove the app on your school chrome book.

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