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Have you changed your mind about taking part in one of the group chats you’ve created on Discord?
You are free to exit group discussions on Discord whenever you feel the need to do so.
If you follow the instructions in our tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to do it.

Also, you are going to learn about notifications.

Discord may appear to be an intimidating platform. As a result of the extensive number of functions it provides,

The platform includes things like announcement channels, invitation links, and even secret sounds.

Nevertheless, using Discord is not at all difficult. Once you get the hang of it, you will be astonished at how user-friendly the messaging platform is.

Step by Step Method to Leave Discord Group

Users of Discord have the option of using the direct message tool to talk and call their friends outside of the servers. This is in addition to joining Discord servers and chatting using voice and text channels.
Individuals are also able to initiate group chats in order to set up a meeting place for their social circle of friends.

  • You will be able to become a part of the discussion and take part in the group calls and chats as long as you are extended an invitation to do so by an existing member of the chat.
  • You are free to leave the group at any time if you get the impression that you are not wanted there or if your interests are not shared by the other members.

This is our walkthrough for exiting the group chats on the Discord platform.

Does Discord Notify other when you leave a group ?

How to leave a Group on your Discord Account

If you are currently taking part in one of your group chats on Discord but no longer wish to do so, you are free to exit the conversation at any moment you choose.
When you do that, you won’t get any more messages from the group, and it won’t show up on your list of recent messages going forwards.

No matter what device you’re using to access Discord, you may still participate in and contribute to group chats.
In the following, brief tutorials, we will go over the methods required for both options.

Step by Step method On your desktop PC

Launch the Discord client application on your computer, or visit the company’s website to use their web browser client, and sign in to your account there.

  • You can look through your Direct Messages list by going to the home tab first.
  • You can exit a group chat by giving it a right-click and then selecting “Leave Group” from the context-sensitive menu that appears.
  • To finalize your choice, select “Leave Group” from the menu that appears in the pop-up window that opens on your screen.
Leave the Group on Discord on Desktop

Using the desktop client or the web app, you can exit group discussions in Discord in this manner.
After you have left the chat, you will no longer have access, in the future, to all of the messages and files that were shared inside it.

If you later have a change of heart, you can always request that the participants in the chat bring you back into the discussion at any time.

However, you are unable to re-enter the chat unless you first receive an invitation from another participant.

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Leave the Group on the Discord Mobile app

After you have opened the application, go to the home screen and then select one of the group Chats from which you wish to exit.

  • To see who else is in the chat, select the member’s symbol located in the top right corner of the window.
  • Select “Leave Group” from the drop-down menu that appears after you tap the More choices symbol (it looks like three dots) in the top right corner.
  • To confirm your choice, click the red button labeled “Leave Group” which is located on the pop-up window.
  • When you leave a group, Discord will let the other members know about it by posting a notification in the group chat.
Leave the Group on Discord Mobile app

You have the option to mute the talk and forget about it in the future if you do not want to cause any problems with the other members of the group.

After leaving a group, you won’t be able to return to it unless someone extends an invitation to do so. This was covered earlier.

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How to leave a Discord group without people noticing

In terms of notifications, members are not notified about other members leaving the group unless there is an installed bot in the server that will notify the users of the departure of other group members.

If there is a bot enabled, then sincerity requires me to tell you that there is no way to leave a Discord server or group chat without everybody noticing.
You are unable to do so because doing so would cause an automated message to be sent whenever you left a group chat to all members.
The only possible scenario is that some of the other participants have muted the group chat.

In Conclusion

Since you are now aware of how to exit a Discord group chat, you are able to remove yourself from conversations that you are no longer participating in while using the application.

If you ever find that you have changed your mind about participating in the discussion, you can ask one of your other friends to bring you back in.

Some FAQs

Leaving A Discord Server Delete Messages?

Your sent message will remain there, you can only delete them while you are there and it is a manual process.

Can you recover Deleted Messages on the Discord Server?

Once, a server is removed, you can’t get back.

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