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funniest locations to use on Instagram

A funny location on Instagram adds a lot to a picture. Your Instagram post’s engagement drastically rises with an interesting location.

In this post, you can pick and use pre-selected funny locations on Instagram, or you can create a custom location and use it on the Instagram post.

Unfortunately, finding the ideal humorous Instagram location involves some careful search. Instagram, keeps on adding and removing them Therefore, I have gathered all the best funny locations to post on Instagram.

There are many funny locations on Instagram that users can use to tag their posts. Such as “The North Pole,” “Cloud Nine,” “Paradise,” and “Fantasy Island.” Users can also create their own custom locations, such as “Mom’s basement” or “The couch.”

These locations are meant to be used for comedic effect and are not meant to be taken seriously.

Following are some of funniest location ideas.

Funny Locations on Instagram

  1. At a women’s gym.
  2. In The Toilet queue.
  3. I can see Earth is Flat.
  4. At a food truck festival.
  5. Bikini Bottom.
  6. Royal Wedding with David Beckham and Victoria.
  7. Euphoria.
  8. At Her/His birthday.
  9. Shine Bright Like a Diamond
  10. Drink Drank Drunk.
  11. The North Pole.
  12. Drunk in Public.
  13. US’s Next Top Model.
  14. Harry Styles bed <3.
  15. Feed me NOWWW!!
  16. Study Zone.
  17. Drinking Zone.
  18. I Miss Myself.
  19. Brad Pitt’s Arm Pit.
  20. The Lair of All Things Dark and Evil.
  21. Nowhere you need to know.
  22. Send help.
  23. Bikini Bottom.
  24. Hangover Central.
  25. The Flintstones’ House.
  26. Aliens, please come get me.
  27. Euphoria.
  28. Tall, dark, and vaccinated.
  29. Dog poop island.
  30. No need for you to know.
  31. Error 404, Location Not Found!
  32. Chaos, panic & disorder – my work here is done.
  33. The Girls Only Club.
  34. A Galaxy Far, Far Away.
  35. Work of God.
  36. Sweat Like A Girl.
  37. I need coffee.
  38. Finally on my Private jet.
  39. Shopping to buy happiness.
  40. At the colosseum next to the Last Gladiator.
  41. In a virtual reality simulation or a sci-fi movie set.
  42. At a UFO sighting hotspot

Extra Funny locations to use on Instagram

There are plenty of locations around the world that have been deemed funny or humorous by Instagram users. If you’re looking for a good chuckle and want some cool locations on Instagram, check out some of these locations:

  • The “I’m not a feminist but” sign in Portland, Oregon.
  • The “world’s largest ball of twine” in Cawker City, Kansas.
  • The “Big Tex” statue in Dallas, Texas.
  • The “Leaning Tower of Pisa” in Pisa, Italy.
  • The “Hollywood” sign in Los Angeles, California.
funniest locations to use on Instagram

How to Find Cool Funny Locations on Instagram

We completely understand if the 40 humorous Instagram locations don’t make you laugh because not everyone has the same sense of humor.

Additionally, you can look for humorous locations to include in your Instagram pictures if you’re not in the mood to think of one on your own.

This is how you do it: In the Instagram search box, enter a word and select places.
Choose the location that makes you laugh the most, then add it to your post.

Finding hashtags that can be used as locations is another technique to find a list of humorous hashtags.

How to add a Custom Instagram location

As you know, Instagram doesn’t allow you to use a custom location, but in your mind, there is a particular location that you think is best for your Instagram post location, but you can’t find.

Well, In order to get around this, Instagram users can use Facebook and add a custom location there, the location can be fake, so you can add funny fake locations for Instagram.

After adding that location on Facebook you can search on Instagram and use it.

Let’s do a two-step process to use the custom location on Instagram.

First Step:

  • Enter your Facebook login information.
  • To post, tap on “What’s on your mind.”
  • Click “Check In.”
  • Enter the name of the location you want to create in the search field.
  • Tap “Add Your place name” at the bottom of the screen after scrolling to the bottom.
  • Place name, address, and city fields should be filled up before selecting “Save Custom Place.

Second Step:

  • Launch the Instagram app.
  • Go to your post, and select “Edit” by tapping the three dots.
  • Choose “Change location.”
  • Enter the name of the newly established Facebook location.
  • Tap Done

What is the most used location on Instagram?

The United States and Brazil are the two countries with the most Instagram postings.
Given that they are the Americas’ most populous nations, this makes logical.
The third-most populous English-speaking nation in Europe is the UK.

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How to add a custom Instagram location

By now you should be aware that Instagram does not come with a built-in feature for adding personalized(custom) locations.

In order to get around this, Instagram users can use Facebook, add a custom location there, and then include it in their Instagram posts.

Can you Fake a location on Instagram?

Users can indeed include fake places in their Instagram pictures.
To add it to their posts, they don’t necessarily need to be in a particular place.

In Conclusion

Funny location tags on Instagram add more value to your post, and keeping it recognizable can quickly get you a boost, one of the ideas you can use is based on trending topics. Such at this time, volunteering at a dog Shelter in Ukraine or something which is trending.

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