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If you’ve been scrolling around Instagram and wondering what on earth the green circle with the star inside means, then please make yourself comfortable because you’re about to be educated.

What Does the Green Circle Mean on Instagram?

Green Circle Instagram means you are on someone’s close friend list, therefore, all the stories posted by that friend are limited to selected people and you are one of them that is why you are seeing a green circle.

The “close friends” aspect of the app has been perfected, which means that you can now pull your worst faces and post screenshots from your dating profile without having to worry about your employer seeing it. This is incredibly important news regarding selfies.

What Does the Green Circle Mean on Instagram?

The “favorites” function, which allows users to post to a limited set of followers and may be used in conjunction with solo posts as well as Stories, was introduced by Instagram in 2017.

Now, it’s been rebranded as “close friends,” and it’s only available for Stories – just like the feature on Snapchat, that lets you choose who sees your snaps. Stories are only available on Instagram.

What does a green instagram story mean

You just need to take a picture of your narrative like you normally would, but instead of tapping “your story,” you should tap “close friends,” and then it will be sent out into the world.

Instagram will provide recommendations for friends based on who you connect with, and you also have the option of using a search box to finish adding people to your list.

After you have completed your list, you will be able to share your Instagram Stories with only your closest friends by touching the green circle at any time you choose. This will be possible after you have finalized your list.

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Green Ring Instagram Story

Instead of the pinkish-purple ring that is typically there around your Story at the top of the feed, there will be a green ring there.
Your selected pals will be aware that you are sharing something secretly in this manner, so they should probably refrain from reading it in front of their mothers.

Your friends will never be informed if you have added or deleted them from your list, and they also won’t be able to submit a request to be included in your innermost circle of friends.

If they are on your list, the only thing they will see in the posts that you make to your close friends is green rings.

What Does the Green Circle Mean on Instagram?

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get a Green Circle on Instagram Story

The only way to get a green circle around the stories of your friends is to convince them to add you to the list of people they consider to be their closest friends.

This feature will not be available on all of the profiles that you are following, as you might have guessed.

What is Rainbow Circle on Instagram?

They are an indication of Pride Month on Instagram, there are stickers in the shape of rainbows.

If a person clicks this sticker during Pride Month, the Story will have a “rainbow” tint to represent their celebration of the month.

Instagram Red Circle Story?

This circle simply indicates that you are watching a standard Instagram Story, so there is nothing unique about this experience.

What is Orange and Green Ring on Instagram Story

These circles represent National Hispanic Heritage Month.

As a result, some of your friends have commemorated the passing of this month by adding a sticker or a tag to their posts.

What is Instagram Stories in Gray

The term “grey stories” simply refers to the fact that you have already viewed all of a friend’s stories.

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