How Many Violations To Get Banned on TikTok

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How many violations to get banned on TikTok

In this post, I will explain some of the scary mistakes that you will end up doing unwillingly and getting a ban on TikTok, plus how many violations you can get away with.

If you have done more than 5 violations, you are likely to be banned on TikTok. This limit is applicable to minor violations like adding impolite text descriptions, copyrighted content(music, video clip). However, if there is a strike for nudity or a hate speech detected by AI, it gets you a straight ban, and you should learn to avoid them.

How Many Copyright Strikes TikTok

As per TikTok’s infringement policy, you only have limit of 3 community guidelines strikes, and on 3rd strike your IP is marked which leads to permanent account ban on TikTok.

You should always try to create original work, and if you want to use a part from someone’s clip do it partially, TikTok is very clear on Banning the accounts.

Basically, TikTok encourages to use original content. A user can also use royalty-free music that is available on the platform.

Additionally, TikTok provides a feature called “Sounds” that allows users to add music to their videos. However, users should ensure that the music they use is not copyrighted.

TikTok also offers a feature called “Duet” that allows users to collaborate on videos.

So, while using this feature, the users should ensure that they have the rights to use any content that appears in their video.

Do you know TikTok has “Creator Fund” that allows users to monetize their content? However, to be eligible for the Creator Fund, users must ensure that their content is original and does not infringe on any copyright laws.

What will Trigger a banned on TikTok?

why i am banned on tiktok

Any Inappropriate content can put you under banned fast, TikTok has stricken its policy and does not tolerate harmful content, such as promotion of bullying, drugs, nudity, or any form of underage sexual content, even if you add minor in your video it is a bad idea. 

Why? the majority of the bans happen due to TikTok’s AI detection. Therefore, avoid any chance of being traced.

Community Guidelines Violation TikTok

Community violations can either come directly from TikTok’s AI system in which it detects something potentially objectionable in your content that goes against the community guidelines.

Alternatively, they can come from mass reports from individual users who all flag your video for the same reason. 

So,how many community violations to get banned on tiktok:

TikTok will ban you if you have repeated the violations 3 times with in 48 hours, permanently.

Apart from that, there are some of the unexpected things that you should consider not including in your content, such as faking emergencies, impersonating others, revealing private information, showing specific addresses, or adding copyrighted music.

So many people copy youtube content without permission which is a copyright violation or you can get a copyrighted strike, especially the music, even if the tune is available on TikTok’s music library and you putting under your video the same music from a different source.

It is still going to flag your content.

These worst Mistake can ban you permanently on TikTok 

hate on tiktok ban
  • Terroristic threats
  • Impersonations
  • The promotion of suicide
  • Bullying.

Even if you place a song behind your video which is not from TikTok’s music library and it talks about drugs, illegal activities will get you a sad gift of a permanent breakup.

Another important issue is hashtags, anything political in nature, elections, conspiracies, religion, gender ideologies stay away from such hashtags.

Video CopyRight Violation or Removals

These removals are indeed for legitimate reasons but more than often these guideline violations don’t make any sense and it’s frustrating you put a lot of effort into your content only to have a dead-end video.

However, there is not a single video creator who scaled to over 1 million followers and has never had a video removed from their TikTok profile.

What to Do, when your Video Mistakenly Violated by TikTok

Get the video back up, and then appeal the video, this appeal process which hopefully will end in your video being reinstated and back on your profile generally lasts between 2 to 48 hours depending on where your video falls in the queue of videos getting reviewed.

Most appeals are in fact reinstated within the hour of appealing the video. These review processes are manual reviews meaning there is a human on the other end who’s reviewing your content using their best judgment to approve or deny your appeal request.

What to do when TikTok Rejects your appeal

Remove your post from TikTok, yes I do mean delete all content on your profile that has not been reinstated after you’ve tried to appeal the video.

Some of the shadow-banned accounts are ones who kept the violated videos on their profile. You can be banned on TikTok on the live stream as well. So, it is not worth keeping previously flagged videos on your profile.

Impersonating an Account or a Brand

Fake accounts posting videos of football matches or franchise tournament highlights such as UFC fights will not be tolerated, clearly, it is not your own content neither you have permission to use it.

Also, if you are impersonating someone like a celebrity or pretending to be a community around TV series or movie will get you kicked out, such content gets reported by viewers or your competitors in your same niche. This is very easy, why? because it is not original content and you can not defend it. 

Exposing or Downgrading Someone

If you have valuable information about something or someone and you sharing this with the audience on TikTok, you are doing a mistake, even if you are doing it for the right cause, you are exposing personal Information. 

Secondly, there will be several fans who will hate your views and report your video.

It will end up getting very ugly, in essence, you are doing it for the right cause, but this is not going to work out well for you.

Tiktok Account Banned for No Reason

It is sad to know you were banned on TikTok for no reason. This solution was applied by a Tiktoker and it actually worked.

Solution: Go to this appeal form on the TikTok website and write your appeal here:

Use the email that you signed up for your account with— do not mention your banned username in the “add username” section. In the description section, you can mention the account name, say it was wrongfully banned.

You can also email at

Send both sources multiple appeals a day.

Can you get your videos back after a permanent ban by downloading data?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get your data back. However, you can always appeal to them through the link in the above section. But, this time you need to be typing emails 3-4 times a day.

Last Though on how many community guidelines strike tiktok to get banned

TikTok has strict policies in place to prevent copyright infringement. Users should ensure that they have the rights to use any content that appears in their videos.

Avoid at all cost the community violations and shadowbans. You can avoid all those unknown bans by avoiding the above mistakes. plus you can super boost your account by applying the following proven techniques

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