How to Add News to Discord

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how to add discord server news

Discord is a free video, voice, and text chat application, it has millions of users aged 13+ who communicate with their online friends in Groups and communities with the help of discord servers and channels.

If you are looking for a way to add news to your discord then you have landed at the right place, In this post, I will share with you how to add news to discord.

How exactly do you integrate CNN Business News into Discord?

There are other discord servers that offer actual news updates from business, news, and debate happening all over the world. At the moment, CNN does not have a server account on Discord, but other discord servers do.

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How to Add a News Server to Discord

The following method works for mobile devices & desktop pc.

  • Open the discord app, then click the plus icon on the left-hand toolbar.
How to Add a News Server to Discord

  • Once you click the plus icon new page will appear, bringing with it a variety of options. When you get to the bottom of the page and click the last button ” Join Server“.
How to Add News to Discord

  • Now type the invite URL of the news server on the following screen, or you can add this News server as an example.
How to Add News to Discord

How to Nuke Discord Server

Can you add a channel on Discord?

To add a channel on discord, click on the name of your server in the upper left corner, then select “new channel” from the drop-down menu that appears. There will be a window that pops up on your display at this time. Now, select the type of channel that you would like to establish (either a text channel, voice channel, or announcement channel).

What exactly is meant by the term “news bot”?

A newsbot is a piece of software designed to harvest articles from newsgroups or from news websites. The plural form of the word is newsbots.

Why is my Discord bot offline right now?

There is a possibility that there is a problem on the server’s end with either the software or the hardware. Additionally, if your bot has its own official Discord server, you may ask for assistance there, as there is likely an experienced user who can assist you.

How to sign up for a Discord account

1: In order to create a Discord account, either visit the website on a desktop computer ( or download the app from either the Playstore or the App Store.

2: Click register account, and enter your email address or your phone number & DOB.

3: Click continue, and you will be presented with a Captcha challenge.

4: A pop-up window with the instructions “On acquiring a new server, skip it and go with the next step” and follow the course, and your account will be created on discord.

Can you Sign in to Discord Without Credentials?

With the help of discord help support which is explained here, you can log in to your account, the process is slightly time-consuming, but you can log in to discord.

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