How to Add Text to TikTok Clips

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how to add text to tiktok

In this post, I will share with you how to add text to TikTok videos. There is also a method to auto-generate text for the video, check at the end of this post so, you don’t have to type everything.

Then follow below steps to add text directly to your TikTok video:

  • Simply, Open the TikTok app and record your video clip.
  • Click the two Aa’s at the bottom of the screen and start typing
  • After typing hit done.
  • The text will appear then click next to Finish.
how to add text to tiktok

Change Text Location on TikTok Clip

You can change the location of the text, like where you want the text to appear in your video. Simply Tap and hold on to the already typed text and drag it to the top or bottom wherever you want to adjust.

You can do it without harming the text.

TikTok has become more than a dance video platform, it is now the place where you can post everything. Hence to Delivery a powerful message, Text on screen, Plays a Critical Role.

You will learn to add automatic text as follows.

How to Add Text to TikTok at different Times

To add text to TikTok at different times, tap on the text(Aa) then press set duration, a small timeline screen is going to show up with two handles, adjust the duration by sliding the handles from both sides to decide when the text should show up throughout the video. Click the checkmark and you are good to go.

add text on tiktok

You can also decide to put your text on TikTok for a few seconds only.

The above method works very well for one or two captions. In case, you want to add text to all over TikTok then use the following method. 

How to Add automatic text to TikTok

  • Firstly, record your clip small clip using your front camera and save it on your mobile. 
tiktok auto text
  • Signup for free.
  • Create a new project or upload directly and create a sample video. 
auto text on tiktok
  • Once the video is uploaded, click auto subtitles.

Keep in mind, you can always click and edit any of the mistakes done by auto subtitles.

After finishing the text on the Clip, press the export button, your video is ready to go on TikTok, make sure you check your video clip for grammar or spelling mistakes, before posting on TikTok.

This method works for both android and iPhone.

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