How to Allow Camera Access on Snapchat

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how to allow access on snapchat

When you open Snapchat and you are prompted to grant access to Camera, and you are not sure how to do this then you have landed at the right place.

The common reason for this issue could be Either you have erased the app data, which caused Snapchat to lose access to your camera, or some technical error.

There are quite a few Snapchat users who, for some reason have trouble enabling camera access on their accounts. Even though they have allowed Snapchat access to their camera by tapping the “allow access” button on the app.

How do I Enable Access to my Camera on Snapchat?

The following is a list of potential solutions to enable the Snapchat camera:

In order to use this method, you will need to navigate to the settings menu on your phone.

How to Allow Camera Access on Snapchat
  1. Go to the settings menu on your mobile device.
  2. Go to Apps.
  3. Find and tap on Snapchat.
  4. Go to Permissions under App Settings.
  5. On the list, you will see a variety of options, ranging from the microphone to the alerts.
  6. Make sure that the ‘camera‘ option is turned on.
  7. Your Snapchat app would then be able to access the camera after you’ve done this.

The second method is screen time.

Close your Snapchat app and open it again. if your permission issue is still unresolved then apply the next solution.

Remove Snapchat and reinstall it.

There are times when the app becomes unresponsive for no apparent reason. However, many Snapchat users found that removing and then reinstalling the app was the best solution.

Make sure you have your user and password ready before doing this.

After you have reinstalled the software for your account, you will see a dialogue box when you attempt to log in to it.

You will be prompted to grant access to the camera. Give access to the camera from within that dialogue box.

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Restart Your Phone To Fix Camera Issue

In order to determine whether the problem has been resolved, you could try to restart your phone and then relaunch the Snapchat app.

Sometimes you need to restart your smartphone in order for the changes you made to the settings to take effect properly.

Remove Your Snapchat Cache

Because the ‘Delete Cache’ feature is not available on iOS devices, this approach will only work for Android-based mobile gadgets. You may accomplish this by going to Settings,>Apps>Snapchat >Storage> Clear Cache Data.

Unable to Access Camera on Snapchat for iPhone

The majority of people who experience this issue are those who use iOS, and according to many user reports, the issue continues to exist because of App Limitations.

You may run into issues if you have app constraints, such as screen time limits, that you have put up on your device.

Follow these procedures to disable the feature:

  • Launch the ‘Settings‘ app on your iPhone, and then select ‘General‘ from the menu that appears.
  • You may already have the ‘Screen Time‘ function immediately above the ‘General‘ option, but this will depend on the device you’re using as well as the version of iOS you’re running.
  • Tap the ‘App Limits‘ button, then tap the ‘Snapchat and Camera‘ button that appears.
  • To disable the feature, go to the screen that follows and toggle the button that is next to the words “App Limit.”
  • At the very bottom of the screen is a button labeled “Delete Limit.” Tap this button.

Additionally, there are additional independent Camera restrictions that may have been enabled.

  • Go to Settings then Privacy
  • Under Privacy Find Camera, check you have allowed access to Snapchat.
  • Locate Photos Option, and check Snapchat has access to this feature as well.

Hopefully this time it will allow camera access on Snapchat.

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