How to Backup Facebook 2022

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how to backup facebook in 2022

In this post, I will show you how to back up your Facebook in 2022 safely.

You Will Learn:

  • How to Backup Facebook in 2022 on your computer and view the data.
  • How to Backup Facebook on your Android Phone.
  • How to Backup Facebook using iPhone.

Have you got several pictures and videos shared on Facebook plus you want to keep a record of important chats then keep reading through this article?

Tones of pics and videos are uploaded by billions of users on Facebook throughout the years without consideration i,e backup, removal(policy), or loss(hacked).
or what if you want to keep them all locally, before deleting your Facebook account?
One should not rely solely on social networking sites for data backups.

What Facebook Data you will be able to backup

You can back up all of your Facebook photos and video posts, as well as chat messages, comments, likes, and responses.

Facebook Pages, Groups, Followers and Associations, Logged Data, Security and Login Data, Advertisement Data, etc.

You can back up your data by logging on to a browser on your Computer and following the below method.

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Step by Step Method to Backup Facebook 2022

  • Login to your Facebook account and tap on your Facebook picture( top right corner).
  • Tap on Settings & Privacy
  • Then tap on Settings.
  • Then from the left-hand panel select “Your Facebook Information“.
  • You will see several rows, then select the row which says “ Download your Information” and tap on View.

Next, it will show ” Select File options“. over here you have two choices for the format, 1. HTML: it is easier to view locally, but it can’t be imported back to facebook easily. 2. JSON is not readable for you on the local computer, but you can import it back to Facebook anytime in the future.

Lastly, when planning to download make sure you have selected all the options. from the ” Your Activity Across Facebook” section.

Above Facebook Backup Steps are in Picutres Below:

  1. Step
how to backup facebook 2022

2. Step

how to backup facebook 2023
3. Step
how to backup facebook 2022
4. Step
how to backup facebook 2022

5. Step

Backup Facebook 2022

6. Step

Backup Facebook 2022

  • High, medium, or low-quality media options are available to select from.
  • Select the time period you want to work with from the drop-down menu that appears when you click on the Date Range option.

Find the “Request a download” button at the bottom of the page and click on it.

Click on the “Available Files” tab to see what’s available.

The download of your Facebook backup may take some time.
When the file is ready, the user should receive an email notification from Facebook with instructions on how to download it.
After clicking on “Available Files,” the ZIP file will be available to download.

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How to Backup Facebook on Android Phone

All the images you’ve ever posted to your Facebook account should be backed up as well.

Those who use Android smartphones can also download all of their Facebook photos in a single file.
How to backup Facebook photos and videos on Android if you have an Android phone or tablet, follow the below method.

  • Open Your Facebook App and tap on 3 Bar(Top Right Corner).
  • Then select Settings(gear icon) from the right corner.
  • Scroll down to ” Your Information” Section.
  • Tap on ” Download your Information”.
  • While staying on Request Copy scroll down to the bottom.
  • Tap on the Blue button which says ” Create File”.

the above steps to take backup on android are in the pictures below.

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How to Backup Facebook 2022

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How to Backup Facebook on android

3. Step

How to Backup Facebook 2022

4. Step

How to Backup Facebook

5. Step

How to Backup Facebook on android

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How to Download All Pictures From a Facebook Profile using iPhone

All Facebook photos can be downloaded to iPhones and iPads by iPhone users.
If you plan on downloading anything, be sure your phone has enough storage space.
Using an iPhone, you can save Facebook images and videos:

  • Open Your Facebook App and Tap on 3 bar Icon(top Right Corner).
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Find “Transfer a Copy of Your Information” or ” Download your information“.
  • Select the files you want to be backed up.
  • Tap on the button Create File

Above Steps to take back of Facebook on iPhone below in Pics.

  1. Step
How to Download All Pictures From a Facebook Profile using iPhone
2. Step
Download All Pictures From a Facebook Profile using iPhone
Step 3
How to Download All Pictures From a Facebook Profile using iPhone


How can I back up my Facebook profile?

Depending on your degree of expertise, backing up your Facebook account can be simple or difficult.
Regardless of the technique you use, make sure you have numerous copies of your data so that you can swiftly restore your Facebook account if something goes wrong.

Can I Backup Facebook Content

Users of Facebook can download a copy of their Facebook data as a means of content backup.
Posts, images, and messages all fall under this category.
Facebook users can also download a copy of their personal information from the social network.

In Conclusion

Always keep your Facebook backup, because Facebook data is on the rise in the number of security breaches.
Furthermore, it’s impossible to ignore the possibility that the account was accidentally or maliciously deleted, whether by the user or someone else.

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