How to Change Twitter Color on Mobile

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how to change twitter color on mobile

If you get sick of the standard blue and white colour scheme, you have the option to switch the colour theme.
You are able to change the colour of the display, as well as the background of your profile and the icon for the Twitter app.
You have the option of switching your colour scheme to one that is orange, yellow, pink, purple, or green.

Altering your background from its standard white colour to a mode that is dim or dark can also be done.
When you switch to the dim mode, the white background on Twitter is replaced with a navy blue background.
On the other hand, switching to the nighttime or lights-out mode replaces the screen’s white background with a dark one.

According to Twitter Blue ” it gives you a more custom Twitter experience, like using color themes to change the look of your Twitter for iOS app”.

How to Change Twitter Color on Mobile

How to Change Twitter Color on Mobile

  • Launch the Twitter app as the first step and then access your account.
  • The second step is to click on the picture of your profile, navigate to the top left corner of the screen and click on your profile picture.
  • Activate the Display Settings: Setting and Privacy > Accessibility, display, and languages > Display and sound.

Steps in Pictures

How to Change Twitter Color on Mobile
How to Change Twitter Color on Mobile
  • To personalise the display mode of your Twitter account, tap on the “Dark mode” button.
    You can choose between “Dim” and “Lights out” from the menu. Pick just one.
How to Change Twitter Color on Mobile
How to Change Twitter Color on Mobile

Additionally, you have the option to change the colour based on the settings of your phone by activating the “Use device settings” feature.

Changing the colour scheme, on the other hand, can only be done through a web browser.
If you check the Twitter app on your Android device or iPhone, you will notice that the menu screen does not include a Display option.

Therefore, the following is the procedure for changing the colours on Twitter.

1: Go to Twitter and sign in to your account there.

You can access your account by going to the official website for Twitter.
On the Home page, select the “More” button to view additional content (three horizontal dots on the left side of the Home screen).

2: Choose the Appropriate Display Option

To customise the colour scheme of your Twitter account, select the “Display” option from the menu.
You’ll notice a variety of hues, including blue, yellow, purple, orange, pink, and green, among others.
If the blue option is selected as your default theme for Twitter, there will be a checkmark next to the white option.
Pick your colour.

3: Tap Done

When you click the Done tab, you will see that the symbols and the wording have been updated accordingly.

You are free to make as many adjustments to the colour scheme as you like.

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How to Change the Twitter Color on PC

You have a choice between two different modes of display. You have the option to either turn on or disable the dark mode.
In case you pick dark mode then The “Dim” (navy-grayish) or “Lights out” (black) option is available to you.

Follow Below Steps:

  • Launch your web browser and log in to your Twitter account.
  • The second step is to navigate to Settings and Privacy: above the Tweet button is a button labelled “More.” Tap this button. Simply scroll down until you find the “Settings and privacy” option, and then click on it.
  • On the settings page, select “Accessibility, display, and languages.” You will have the ability to manage the display settings if you select this option.
How to Change Twitter Color on PC
How to Change Twitter Color
Change Twitter Color on Mobile

To make changes to the display settings, select the “Display” option from the menu.
You will see several options, including “Font size,” “Color,” and “Background.”

How to Change Twitter Color on PC

How to Change Twitter Color on PC

To turn off the lights or reduce the brightness, select “Lights out” or “Dim” from the “Background” menu.

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How to Customize the Color of the Twitter App Icon

You can modify the twitter app icon with Twitter blue. A subscriber has the ability to change the colour of the icon as well as add additional customization features powered by Twitter Blue.

Here are the steps:

  • Log in to Twitter.
  • Simply select the “More” option from the menu.
  • Choose the “Settings and privacy” option.
  • Select the “Twitter Blue” option from the menu.
  • Tap the App icon after scrolling down the page.
  • You’ll see a variety of colours, as well as icons representing the different seasons.
  • Choose the alternative that appeals to you the most.

To commit the changes and confirm, select “Ok” from the confirmation screen.

In Conclusion

You are free to personalise your Twitter account however you see fit by selecting colours that captivate you.
You have the option of switching to a more vibrant colour scheme or going with a darker background.

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