How to Check my Watchtime on Twitch

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Do you spend time watching streams on Twitch? then you will probably be interested in learning how to monitor your watch time overall or for a particular Twitch channel.

You have undoubtedly seen it on other Twitch channels already, where viewers have the ability to see the overall amount of time they have spent watching your stream.

This is an undeniably interesting figure for viewers, and it encourages some healthy competition between viewers in your chat, which, in turn, results in an increase in overall watch time for your channel.

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This benefits everyone involved because you gain additional watch time and your viewers do get engaged in some friendly competition while chatting with you.

With the help of the Stream Elements chatbot, I’m going to walk you through the steps of enabling the! watch the time command in your stream in this lesson. Let’s hop in.

How to Check my Watchtime on Twitch

How to Get Things Ready!

You will need to make use of a chatbot provided by a third party in order to set up the watch command on Twitch.
Stream Elements are going to be our primary tool throughout this session.

1. The first thing you need to do is add StreamElements as a mod to your channel.

You will need to make Streamelements a mod on your channel first in order for any commands or auto-moderation to operate. If you haven’t done so already, you can find instructions for how to do so here.
To achieve this, load up your channel on Twitch and go to the Profile Picture menu, then select Creator Dashboard, and finally select Chat Box.

In the conversation window, enter “/mod streamelements.”

live stream on twitch count

This will modify the Streamelements chatbot in your conversation so that you may use commands while streaming.

The next step is to include a bespoke command into Streamlabs Cloudbot.
Reach to your Twitch account, navigate to the Cloudbot option in the menu on the left, and then make sure the option is turned on.
Creating the custom command is the next step to take now.
Proceed by going to Commands > Custom > Add Command in the menu.

There will be a few options Like Command(set for the viewer to watchtime, set it @watchtime), Response(this is chatbot response), and Permission( who to allow).

twitch chatbot setup for view count

2. The second step is to activate loyalty in-stream elements.

We need to make sure that loyalty is turned on before we can enable the watch time command; else, the result for everyone’s watch time will be 0.

Launch, then go to the left-hand menu and navigate to Loyalty –> Loyalty Settings –> Enable Loyalty. This will do what you need.

How to Check my Watchtime on Twitch

After the loyalty command has been activated, we may next activate the watch time command.

3. Make sure the Watch Time command in Stream Elements is turned on.

Fortunately, the software that stream elements utilize already comes equipped with a watch time command.
The only thing we need to do is check to see if it is turned on.

To enable the watch time command, go to the left-hand menu in Stream Elements and navigate to

Chat Bot –> Chat Commands –> Scroll Down to! Watch time. Stream Elements will now have the watch time command enabled.

Watch Time command in Stream Elements

If the watch time command is already enabled, you should not change anything about it.
If it’s disabled, you should turn it on.

Using the Stream Elements chatbot, you have successfully enabled the watch time command for your viewers.

You can let users know that you have watch time enabled by adding! watch time to your title. This will ensure that they are aware of how to use watch time when they enter your stream.

4. Google Chrome Extension for Watchtime

Use Watchtime Tracker. It is an extension for Google Chrome that enables you to monitor your activity on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

It gives you the ability to monitor how much time users spend watching your live streams on Twitch.
If you wish to keep track of the amount of time you spend watching videos on YouTube, you have the choice to track any one of the following:

  • The daily average number of hours spent watching.
  • Time Video count
  • Actual Video
  • Your ten favorite channels on YouTube
watchtime google for twitch

You also have the option to synchronize your statistics across all of your devices and browsers.

5. Use Twitch WatchTime Extension: Uptime & Watchtime

You may also find your watchtime on Twitch by using the !watchtime and !uptime extension that is available on Twitch. This is an additional method.

The add-on displays the duration that the stream has been available to viewers, but more crucially, it also enables viewers to observe the amount of time that has passed since they began viewing the live.

For users who are already familiar with the!uptime chat bot command, the!watch time extension and the!uptime time extension are very similar.

Interestingly, not only can you hide the length of time that the stream has been running, but you can also hide the amount of time that you have spent watching the stream.

The!uptime &!watchtime extension, on the other hand, makes it possible to employ Bits and is available for partner and affiliate channels that already have Bits enabled.


Why Does Everyone on My Stream Get a Result of 0 When I Use the Watch Time Command?

If the watch time command on your stream is consistently returning 0 for all of the people watching it, you almost certainly have Loyalty in Stream components disabled.
The watch time command will not work unless loyalty is activated and set to on.

Simply navigate to Loyalty > Loyalty Settings > Enable to turn on the Loyalty feature.
This should take care of the problem for you in its entirety.

I was wondering if the Watch Time command is available on YouTube.

Unfortunately, you are unable to utilize the watch time command on YouTube if you are streaming content at this moment.
We can only hope that YouTube will include a feature not dissimilar to this one in the near future.

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