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how to copy discord server template with and without admin

In this post, I will share with you How to obtain discord server templates, also I will share with you how to grab them without administrator permissions.

Normally people start the server from scratch to host voice, text, and video chats.
As the app is getting popular, discord decided to make it even simpler by offering the option to copy the server templates.

With Discord’s server templates, you can quickly build a new feature-rich server with pre-existing data like categories, channels, roles, and permissions.

Let’s start with a simple method first to create a discord template.

How to Copy Discord Server Template

1. You will need to be the owner of the server or have a role in the server that has the ‘Manage Server‘ permission in order to create a Server Template.

How to Copy Discord Server Template

2. After those permissions, navigate to Server Settings by clicking the dropdown menu that is located next to the server name. Alternatively, you can right-click the server name itself and select this option.

How to Copy Discord Server Template

3. Navigate to your server’s settings and select the tab labeled Server Templates.

4. In the Server Templates title, you have the option to rename and provide a brief description of your template.

How to Copy Discord Template

5. After you have added a title and description to the template, you can generate a template link by pressing the Generate Template button.

6. Once you have generated a link, all you have to do is click the Copy button, and you are ready to start sharing your Server Template.

How to Copy Discord Template

7. Now past the link in the chat, and press the view the template button. and then the following window will appear.

7. Press the Create Button the new discord server will be created with the help of the discord server template

To Synchronize your Server Template go to Server Settings and select Server Templates, then press the Sync Template button. This will cause your template to be synchronized.

Please note, that when you make adjustments to the configuration of the original server, the server templates will not instantly be updated.

You won’t be able to make a new Server Template right now if you’re using an iOS or Android, it is in the progress keep checking for the update.

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How to Delete Server Templates

Discord Server Template links can also be removed by navigating to the server’s settings and selecting Delete Template under the Server Templates menu option.

Is it possible for a moderator to remove an admin from Discord?

No, Admins have extensive administrative control and the ability to recruit moderators to oversee the members of the community.

Additionally, they have the ability to remove members. Moderators are chosen to play an important part in the communities on Discord by the administrators of those communities.

Where do I find the instructions to obtain Administrator access on Discord?

Click Server’s name at the top left side and then pick “Server Settings” from the drop-down menu.

  • Open your server’s settings menu.
  • Click on Roles.
  • If you already have roles set up then you should be able to see them and edit the roles.
Where do I find the instructions to obtain Administrator access on Discord?
  • You have two options either click the Default permissions option or edit the existing role, either way, you will reach the following window and click the middle tab “Permissions” and search for Admin.
  • Toggle on the permission.

How can I load a Discord template onto my server?

These templates can be accessed by going to the template page on the Discord website or copying the URL of the generated template in a web browser.

After the new Discord menu has completely loaded, you will need to give your server a name, then upload an image to represent it, and then click the “Create Server” button.

After you have finished configuring your templated server, you can interact with the channels by right-clicking on them.

Copy Discord Server Template without Admin Permission

This method works as long as discord is not have been able to remove this loophole, you will have to download the discord server cloner file from Github on your Windows Pc.

This is for education purposes only, don’t apply this on your PC where you keep all your personal info, as it can get your all private info leaked.

Let’s follow the steps to grab discord templates without administrator permissions:

  • Extract the zip file that you downloaded from the above link and open the start file.
Copy Discord Server Template without Admin
  • The following window will open.
Copy Discord Server Template without Admin
  • Open your discord in your web browser, and press Ctrl+Shift+I together.
  • Click the Network Tab.
  • Then click any channel of the server to copy the template from.
  • Go under the network tab and Find the message file under the name column.
  • Now click that message file and find the authorization token in the next column.
  • copy authorization value.
How to Copy Discord Template

  • Now You need to copy the ID of the server you want to copy the template from by right-clicking and scrolling dowing till the end.
If you don’t see the copy ID option you can enable it by going to your user settings next to your profile name then > advance> then toggle on Developer mode.
  • Similarly copy the Id To the server, if you don’t have the server you want to copy to, you can create one by clicking plus sign (add server from the left side) panel and copying its id as well, and paste the authorization value, copy ID from server template, and copy Id to the template as the following.

copy discord server temp without admin
Credit: Exordium

Press Enter on the keyboard, it will take a few seconds and the process will be finished, you should be able to see templated discord server on your left side.

copy discord server temp without admin
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In Conclusion

Copying the discord server from a template is possible with admin and owner rights, however, to copy them without admin rights is not straight forward process, you will have to use 3rd party programs, as explained above.

Please, don’t use 3rd tools unless it is a must for you, as there is a high chance of getting your Personal information leaked.

Also: learn to copy the discord channel ID.

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