How to delete all your Tiktok Videos at Once

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how to delete all your tiktok videos at once

Here you will learn, how to delete all your TikTok videos at once, I know TikTok is a popular app, but not all apps stay on top forever,  there comes a time when we all want to move on from the things we’ve posted in the past, it can be due to privacy or some reasons.

TikTok is no different, no matter why you want to remove posts from Tik Tok, like every other app, it doesn’t give you easy options. 

If you have just a few videos then it is very easy to delete them, However, if you have a ton of content uploaded on TikTok then it is a bit hard to delete them all, I will share an easy method as well as a hard method to remove your all videos.

There are mainly two methods to remove your TikTok Videos all at once.

Steps to Remove your Video from TikTok All at once 

Method 1: Delete All your TikTok Videos one by one

Deleting TikTok videos is pretty easy, though TikTok lacks any kind of auto-delete function, so if you’re looking to remove every video from your account you’ll have to do it one by one. 

  1. Open the app to get started. 
  2. Tap on your Profile Icon.
  3. Tap on a video from your account. 
  4. look for the triple dotted menu icon along the right side of the video.
  5. Select delete from the list of options.
  6. Confirm your deletion and Tik Tok will auto-scroll to your next video.

Steps in Pictures Below.

delete all your tiktok videos at once
how to delete all your tiktok videos at once

Repeat the above steps until you’ve deleted your entire library of videos.

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Method 2: Deleting all your TikTok Videos at once

If you’re deleting all of your TikTok posts you might be better off deleting your entire account, unlike other social platforms TikTok doesn’t make it too difficult.

  1. So go to your profile > Tap on the menu icon in the upper right corner. 
  2. Select Settings & Privacy. 
  3. Select manage account.  
  4. Select delete account from the bottom of the list.
  5. Provide a Reason why you are leaving TikTok, or you can skip it.
  6. Click Continue and enter your password for confirmation.

The Above Steps are shown in FOUR STEP Pictures.



how to delete all your tiktok videos at once


how to delete all your tiktok videos at once

Warning: Read this Before you Delete any TikTok Video

Next Screen will alert you that you’ll lose access to videos you’ve posted and that your account will remain deactivated for 30 days before being permanently deleted, confirm your deletion to remove your posts.

That is it, you have managed to delete all your TikTok posts at once.

Unfortunately, TikTok is the same as the messaging app. There’s no way to delete multiple videos you either follow step one or simply remove your account which will erase all your videos after 30 days.

How to Remove All TikTok Drafts

We know TikTok allows you to store and publish your Posts later, but if you want to delete your draft, simply go to settings > then TikTok App > Click storage and then > clear Cache from your phone.

The other way around is to uninstall the App and then install it back, this way it will delete the draft.

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