How To Disable Camera on Discord

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how to disable camera on discord

Discord is a wonderful platform for socializing with others who share similar interests such as gamers because it offers various features such as video calls, text chat, and streaming.

However, there are instances when you don’t want to show yourself on the camera or disable others’ videos for yourself, and you are looking for options on how to disable the camera on discord then you have landed at the right place. I will share with you methods to disable cameras & videos across all devices like PC & smartphones.

How to Disable Camera on Discord PC

Here are 3 methods to disable cameras on the discord pc.

Method 1: Disable the Camera for Certain Applications

If you want more control over the camera than simply turning it off, the procedures that are listed below can help you achieve that.

  • On Windows go to settings by going to the start menu.
How to Disable Camera on Discord PC
  • Choose the “Privacy” option.
How to Disable Camera on Discord PC
  • Toggle off the camera, or you can find the Discord app by scrolling down toggle off.

Method 2: Disable the camera on the Discord App

On PC the other easiest method to turn off the camera is disabling the hardware acceleration feature.

Follow the below steps :

  • Go to the Discord App on your pc.
  • Click the user settings (gear Icon).
How To Disable Camera on Discord
  • Under the App Settings click Voice & Video.
  • Then Find Hardware Acceleration and Toggle the green button off.
How To Disable Camera on Discord
  • Now go to Advance un App Settings and also turn off hardware acceleration.
How To Disable Camera on Discord

If the above Method doesn’t work for you try the following method.

Method 3: Disabling Camera for Discord Through Any Windows

Disable Camera For Discord on Windows
  • Got to Start the Menu.
  • Tap on “Device Manager” or search Device Manager.
  • Go to Cameras(Imagin Device) and then select the webcam.
Disable Camera For Discord on Windows
  • Right Click on integrated Camera and select Disable Device.
Disable Camera For Discord on Windows
  • A popup message will come warning you that disabling the device will stop functioning, select “Yes“.


To disable the camera on discord, use your internet browser and log in there on your discord account.

With the help of method 1 mentioned above disable camera access to the browser, and you should be able to disable the camera for discord.

Disable Camera On Windows 11

Go to Start Button > Settings >Privacy & Security>Cameras, Now click the available camera and click the button disable.

Disable Camera For Discord on Windows

How to Disable Video on Discord

It is possible to disable the video feeds of participants in a video call through Discord.

This option works well on desktop pc by right-clicking the participant and disabling it.

Though, yet to be tested on smart devices.

Turn off the Camera on the Discord Mobile App

When utilizing the mobile app, all you have to do is tap the camera icon to disable/enable video using your phone, simply tap the Video icon to perform this functionality.

Though turning off the videos of other participants is not yet available on the discord app, you can turn on the data saver mode on your mobile to limit the data usage, this option is available on android.

Turn off the Camera on the Discord Mobile App

You will have to toggle on the data saver and then tap “Allow unrestricted data usage” to other apps that you normally use and don’t want those apps to come under data saver restrictions.

Discord Automatically Turns on the Camera?

Discord can not automatically turn on the camera for you or turn it off without your permission.

How to Turn on Camera on Discord Mobile

This can be found at the bottom left corner of the screen.

After entering the voice channel, select Lounge, Community Hangout, or Stream Room, and then select the ‘Videobutton to turn on your camera.

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Discord Camera Black Screen

It usually happens when you are on windows 7 or lower version, the possible solutions are as follows:

  • Go to Device Manager and find Imaging devices, and then click on it, it should have a camera, right-click on the camera, and select update driver software.
  • Close the Discord first, then right-click on the Discord icon and select properties then click the compatibility tab and select windows XP service pack 3, now run Discord again.
Discord Camera Black Screen

Discord Camera Displays Green

This problem occurs when your camera is not properly connected, When using an external webcam, the green screen issue in Discord may occur.

This could be due to a missing, damaged, or incompatible camera driver.
Most USB cameras—but not all—automatically set up a specific driver upon initial connection.

Discord Can’t Access Your Camera

You should immediately check the permission under the windows setting as follows:

  1. Go to Settings and select Privacy
  2. Go to App permissions and select Camera
  3. Make sure apps are allowed to use your camera.

How to Turn My Camera On for Discord

To Turn on the camera for discord, go to settings and click the privacy, select the camera, and toggle on access to all apps.

Discord Camera Not Working

Check windows permission as explained above.

Make sure the external webcam is correctly connected if you’re not utilizing the built-in camera on your computer.

Look to see whether your camera has a switch or button.

Launch Discord after starting the camera.
This fast-fix ought to help you resolve the issue if Discord is unable to wake the camera up.

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