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In this post, I am going to share how to download audio from Facebook messenger and cover the following topics.

  • Where can I find instructions on how to download audio files from Facebook Messenger?
  • The Messenger app allows me to record my voice; can I download those recordings?
  • How can I send a voice message to someone else?
  • Advantages of Downloading Facebook Audio.
  • Can I Unsend Facebook Audio message after sending it?

Just a reminder, It is not as simple as it may seem at first glance to download audio from Facebook Messenger as we are going to use the free method.

facebook messenger audio download

The subject of whether or not there is an option that enables downloading the audio of voicemails that are delivered through the application is one that is frequently asked by users of Facebook Messenger.

Unfortuitously, Messenger does not come equipped with a built-in function that enables users to instantly download audio from voice messages onto their mobile devices.

FB Users are able to circumvent this limitation and download audio snippets by using a workaround that is available for desktop browsers at the moment.

This approach is equally applicable to users who have canceled their Facebook accounts but continue to make use of the Messenger program.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to download voice messages from Messenger onto your computer as audio files. You can do this on either a PC or a Mac.

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So How to & what are the steps involved in downloading audio files from Facebook Messenger?

Method 1:

The first method for downloading audio messages might look like it’s going to be difficult, but in reality, it’s not.
If you simply follow the steps that are outlined below, you will quickly have access to the file you need.

You can access your Facebook account using the Messenger app by logging in at on PC or PC mode on mobile.

  • Go to that audio file you want to download.
  • Launch the Web Inspector within your browser.
  • Right Click on the browser window and select Inspect.
How to Download Audio From Facebook Messenger
  • In order to access the Developers Tool for the Chrome browser, go to More tools and then select it.
  • To toggle the tools, go to Firefox’s Tools menu, pick Web Developer, and then click Toggle Tools.
  • For Safari
    Select Develop, then select Show Web Inspector, to access the web inspector.
  • Chrome’s debugger and inspector tools
  • Select the Network tab located in the panel located on the right.
    If you do not see this option, you can access it by clicking on the two arrows that are located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • To listen to the recording, press the play button on the audio player.

Look for a file with the name that begins with audioclip- xx………xx.aac, and then either double-click or right-click on that file.

Note: To spot this file you can look under the Type column by the name media.

This is what you ought to be looking at right now.

Simply double-click on the file to open it.

After you have completed this step, the file will be saved in the folder designated for downloads on your computer as follows.

download facebook audio on computer

If you are still of the opinion that the first method is too difficult for you, then you should move on to the next Solution.
In addition to being far quicker than the first option, it does not need any pro developer knowledge or technical steps to be performed.

Method 2: Before you can begin downloading audio files through Messenger, you will first need to open your browser:

  • Navigate to the m.facebook.m website. This is the mobile version of Facebook, which you may view on your regular computer as follows.
How to Download Audio From Facebook Messenger
  • After you have successfully logged in to your account, click the icon that looks like a messenger as shown above.
  • Navigate to the location of the audio file within the chat and select the three dots from the menu.
Download Audio From Facebook Messenger
  • Select the option to download the file.
  • The file will begin downloading on its own into your computer.
Download Audio From Facebook Messenger

Is it possible to save voice recordings on my device using the Messenger app?

Users who are curious about “can I download a voice message from Messenger on my phone?” will find the answer here.

The correct response is “NO.

As was said earlier, Facebook’s app does not yet include this feature despite past claims to the contrary.

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Therefore, for the time being, customers will only have two options to download voice messages: either by using the mobile site version that we demonstrated earlier or by following the instructions from the first way.

Additionally, users are able to transmit various attachments and files from either their phones or computers while utilizing the messaging application.

What are the steps to forwarding a Voice Message?

The process of forwarding a voice message via Messenger is really straightforward.
Users just have one thing to do, which is to click on the three dots on the voice message and select forwards from the menu that appears.

Long-pressing the audio message on your mobile app will allow you to select the option to forward it, which you can do if you wish to forward a voice recording.

After that, select the user account of the person you want to send the message to and then press the send button.

This is an additional method that can assist you in keeping a voice message in front of the sender of the message.

remover facebook audio message from messenger

Benefits of Downloading Audio From Facebook Messenger

If you download the audio from Messenger onto your phone or computer, you will be able to listen to it whenever you like, even while you are not connected to the Internet.

Because the audio file that was saved is in MP4 format, you have complete freedom to do whatever you want with it.

You could use it as a musical backdrop for your video, or you could rework it into a completely new song.
You are also able to distribute the file on platforms other than Facebook.

Plus, if someone has communicated anything, you can keep it as evidence for yourself.

Can you Unsend Voice Recording on Facebook Messenger, After it has been sent?

It is possible to recall(revert) an audio clip that you have sent through Messenger in the same way that you may retract or recall a text message that you have sent using the app.

Simply holding down on the audio clip for 2 seconds, it will display a menu of massage options; from there, click “Unsend.”

Make sure that you press the option that reads “Unsend for everyone” if you want the audio clip to be permanently removed from the chat history of both yourself and the recipient of your message.

More Questions about Facebook Messenger

How exactly do I go about sending a voice recording or audio message through the Messenger app?

Simply start speaking into the microphone that appears when you tap the icon that looks like a microphone at the very bottom of the conversation window in Facebook Messenger.
Once done, just touch send.

If you do not see this option, it is because the voice messages are not yet accessible to everyone. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Where can I look in the history of Facebook Messenger to find audio clips?

You can only access your audio messages by scrolling further up in the chat. This is the only method available to you.
Messenger does not currently have a dedicated folder for voice recordings that have been delivered, unlike the folders that are available for photographs and videos.

What file format are voice recordings sent through Facebook Messenger are saved?

They have been stored using the mp4 file format.

How can I save voice memos that I have recorded on Facebook messenger?

Users of Facebook Messenger will need to visit the mobile version of the social media platform by entering into their web browsers. Only then will they be able to download voice memos.

  • When you are there, select the icon for the messaging app and click it.
  • Find the voice memo that you made.
  • After clicking the three dots, select ‘Download’ from the drop-down menu.

Users also have the option of utilizing the examine elements method in order to retrieve voice memos from within Facebook messenger.

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