How to Find Drafts on Instagram

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how to find drafts on Instagram

Do you enjoy planning your Instagram posts or Stories in advance? it is a great way to make the most of your free time.
However, when you planning to set up in advance the post is usually saved in the draft somewhere on Instagram, and people often ask where to find your Instagram draft on Android.

It is a good idea to prepare things ahead of time, but what’s the purpose if you can’t find them to post them?

If you don’t want to invest money on a social media marketing platform, saving as a draft is quite handy.
It is especially useful if you have free time on your commute to work, You can prepare posts ahead of time and publish them as needed.

Using a draft to post on Instagram is a two-step process, First, you need to create a draft with a certain method, only then you can post it later on. Let’s start with the first Step.

how to find instagram drafts

How to Create Drafts on Instagram

It is quite simple to make a draft for later publication on Instagram.
Follow the below steps:

  1. Launch Instagram on your Smartphone.
  2. Take or select an image to use by clicking the ‘Plus‘ icon from the top right corner.
  3. Make some changes in the image, otherwise will draft option will not appear.
  4. Press Done and after that tap the X in the upper left-hand corner.
  5. When you see the popup menu, choose Save Draft.
How to Create Drafts on Instagram

Please note, if you want to post on Instagram immediately, then instead of pressing the X at the top continue and post.

Use your Instagram Drafts on Mobile

On your mobile, you can find your Instagram Drafts.

If you’re new to drafts, you might find it difficult at first to locate the posts you saved for later use.

To find your Instagram Drafts, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram and click the ‘+’ symbol.
  2. Tap on the Post.
  3. Drafts should now appear at the bottom, tap on the draft tab.
  4. Choose Next after selecting the draft post you generated.
  5. Complete your post as usual, then click Share when finished.
Use your Instagram Drafts on Mobile

To the viewer, the post appears to be a typical post.
In reality, Instagram considers it a regular post.

Making Changes to a Draft of an Instagram Post

You’ll have the option to either publish the draft as is or make further changes to it.
You can always make changes to your draft by reaching your draft through the above method, and after opening the draft, press the edit> Done, then you are good to go

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Delete an Instagram Draft on Mobile

It is simple to remove drafts on the off chance that you develop something but ultimately decide not to submit it or find that you no longer require it.
It may not always be necessary to delete items, but doing so can help clear up space.

Follow these steps on an Android device to remove Instagram drafts:

  • Launch Instagram and choose the plus sign to add a post to your feed.
  • Choose the Drafts tab, then click Manage.
  • Choose Edit from the menu located in the top right.
  • Choose the drafts that you no longer desire, and then right Tick.

The drafts will be removed from your gallery and you will be good to go after Instagram processes it.

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