How to find what is Trending on TikTok

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how to find what is trending on tiktok

If you want to grow faster on Tik Tok, you need to be taking advantage of the trends. By the way, finding a trend is not that hard, but it is expressed as a complicated thing.

The easiest way to find the trend is to watch for you page videos, if you see the same style of video being used by several creators that is trending, on top of that find what is happening locally around you’re geographic location it can be anything like event or festival. However, using the latest feature by TikTok can make your video go viral too.

How do I find out what’s trending on TikTok?

I will share with you exactly where you can find what’s trending on Tik Tok.

I’m going to share with you the trending hashtags, trending sounds, and trending posts because if you guys aren’t taking advantage of what is trending that’s going to be the reason you’re not growing.

Simple method is to go TikTok web version via computer, and find discover section on the left side, and click those songs, you will see popular hashtags which are trending right now.

How do I find out what's trending on TikTok

One reason you are not growing is because you’re only posting in your niche and not taking advantage of the big trends on TikTok, and you’re missing out on so many views so many followers, and a huge opportunity.

I will share with you a few of the trends so that you do not have to work hard to find them.

– Important Thing to note –

If a trend that you followed and it has been working for you, you need to keep doing it over and over again even if it’s not the trend. Continuing doing what is working for you, repost with slight modification.

Do not switch to the new trend, if something really works for your account and your audience and it’s getting you views from the for you page, you need to continue to do it.

All those Top 10 TikTokers, apart from Zack keep doing what was trending on TikTok with the help of trending sound and dance, this is exactly why they gained a huge following, and you can do it too.

find what is trending on tiktok

Find TikTok Trend In your Niche

Check the top creators in your niche, you need to be looking at their accounts and see what has been working for them. Anything that is working for them is going to be a niche trend for you too.

In addition to that if you go into your niche hashtags and look at what has worked under those hashtags especially the top-ranked hashtags you’ll find what is actually a trend that you can use too.

Another way is you could go into those top posts in those niche-specific hashtags click into the videos and then click creators and you need to find new creators. 

They might not be the top creator in your niche but they make content for your niche and it is gaining views, and you can actually tap into the videos that they’re making and remodel it in your own way. Find the best niche ideas here.

Mix your Niche With Others

what is trending on tiktok

The quickest way to gain a following is to reach as many people as possible by taking advantage of big Tik Tok trends. How to do it?

First, Let’s understand how TikTok’s algorithm works. When you watch any complete video on TikTok and like or share. TikTok is actually creating a profile about your interest.

Sooner or later it will modify all For you page-related posts according to interest.

That means if you are into sports and outdoor, you are not going to see posts from Charli or other Big TikTokers even if they are top TikTokers. Get it?

So, how to reach those unknown people, who actually haven’t seen your amazing content yet. 

The only possible way is to get them to engage with your content, and it is possible by taking in the large Tik Tok trends.

The trend can be anything, it can be a dance move or body gesture, if these different niche people watched and liked your content,  what’s going to happen is they’re going to look at your other content and like it and follow you

But, it is risky, if you make too many posts other than your own niche your audience may leave you. So make 2 other types(big TikTok Trends) posts out of 10 niche posts.

Why? Because your existing audience will not engage with it and if you create more another type of content, they will leave you for the better content creator. 

How to find those big TikTok Trends?

We will find that trend through trending hashtags, or trending sound, or trending post 

So. let’s find the trending hashtags for TikTok

You’re going to find them in three locations 

  • The top creators on Tik Tok on their account. 
  • Discover page.
  • Repeatedly seeing the same hashtag in for you

Finding Trending Sounds on TikTok

When it comes to sounds you’re going to want to look at the top creator’s accounts on TikTok

then look at the viral section in the music section on Tik Tok.

Also, look into the For You Page 5-10 minutes and the sounds that keep coming up over and over again, those are going to be trending sounds.

Find Trending Post on TikTok

To find those trending posts, you’re also going to find these on the discover page, in the hashtags.

Also, the type of post that keeps coming up over and over again to you is Trending Post.

Pro Tip: If you cannot replicate one of the trending posts, I strongly suggest you do edit or do a stitch of it or something like that. Because that’s going to be the easiest way for you to actually signal a Tik Tok Algorithm to Push your post and make it viral.

Trend on Tik Tok for you to Use

Here are some of the hand-picked trends. Leverage them properly you know trends are a little bit like shooting stars there’s only a very brief time to take advantage for personal account growth.

1.Trendy The Style

Style trends are based primarily on relevant effects or features usually found in the Tik Tok effects library. 

Such as the following :

Delayed Beats: Delayed Beats synchronizes a series of still images to the beat of any song from TikTok’s sounds library

Music Visualizer: Music Visualizer is the first music creative effect we’re making available to our community, and it’s accessible now on TikTok globally.

Last year,  one trend that’s extremely popular, I am a ghost trend which uses the creative out of body feature.

For a lot of these features there usually is a name or phrase or a hashtag associated with it.

For, Instance the time warp scan trend was very popular.

You’ll notice with these styles of trendsTikTok makes it a priority of putting these kinds of videos, actively, on the discovery page.

So, it’s fairly easy to become aware of these when they’re initially introduced.

2. Keyword Trend

These are usually activities. You will quickly spot them. Most of these are just like style trends, and can actually be found on the discovery page. Such as stayinghome and Learnhow.

You’ll notice a few of them are sponsored by certain brands too. So when big brands know it works, you should use it too.


##prayforbeirut ##fy ##fyp

♬ original sound – Pray for Beirut

There was beirutexplosion, everyone used it.

Sometimes,s it’s based on a phrase or a common idea a single word in this case an abbreviation or an acronym. You can always go and look at certain hashtags and make your content along with them.

News Trend/Social Trend

This is self-explanatory, there is always something hot in the news that you can capitalize on.

To find out what is trending in the past 2 weeks consistently, jump on google trend and click trending now.

One of the examples is, pandemic

During the pandemic crazy masks in public went so viral, anyone who jumped on that trend managed to get so many views and following.

It was fun, but keep in mind these trends tend to last for a very short period of time.

Find out why your followers not increasing here

Following Musically

You might say, what is that musically, well the Original TikTok is musically, meaning that, before TikTok took over, it was called musically and the app was mainly centered around music and dance stuff.

So, really, Lip Sync and all that sound stuff is the foundation of this platform and it may never go out of trend.

Why not use it to your advantage.

Remodeling Multiple Trends

Remodeling trends when you’re taking an element of someone else’s video and you’re adding to it in some creative way.

The simplest example is through the method of duets reactions, stitches, or utilizing someone else’s original audio that is not some artist’s song.

When you use a trending video for a duet or a trendy sound, TikTok’s algorithm quickly relates it to some of the music or similar types of other videos on their platform.

If it matches with top viral videos, TikTok gives your video the same chance to explode.

Local Trends

This is usually when someone performs a simple challenge in a video and the post just simply goes viral, you will notice that everyone just starts doing that challenge. 

Such trends are usually local trends, and you can capitalize on them before the trend becomes saturated. TikTok is now geo focus app, meaning it shows on For You page your local creators viral content and then takes you to other parts of the world

One of the examples is the bottle cap challenge, it was a local trend that everyone in some way shape or form participated in it.


Best bottle cup challenge 😍 @les_parodie_bros ##bottlecupchallenge ##foryou ##pourtoi @tiktok

♬ son original – Bottle cup

It was combined with the sound, it was simply an independent action that others could easily replicate.

Apply this trend advice in your creation and you will notice exponential growth on TikTok, don’t just give up after few tries, keep improving.

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