How to Fix Discord 404 Error

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how to fix discord 404 error

In this post, I am going to discuss the following topic

  • What is the 404 Discord error?
  • Why does the Discord 404 error message appear?
  • Main reasons for the 404 Discord error
  • How To Play Discord Snake Game?
  • How to fix the 404 error on Discord?

You feel annoyed every time you see the 404 error notice on Discord, and you are determined to find a solution to the problem once and for all, and I have explained 7 different solutions.

discord 404 error

There is no need to be concerned about it because we are here to assist you.

Continue reading to find out how to solve this problem, which is the purpose of this blog post, which is devoted to investigating it in further depth and finding a solution to it.

What is the 404 Discord error, and What does it mean

When you are logged into Discord and playing a game, the platform will recognise the game you are playing and automatically change your status to streaming.

As a consequence of this, it sends information about the game to the server that Discord uses to gather information about it. If it is unable to successfully create that connection, the error 404 is displayed.

Additionally, Discord enables you to inform your friends of when and what you are broadcasting, and you may read their responses in the Discord chat even while you are engaged in an activity such as playing a game.

Therefore, in order for Discord to display the chat window, it has to be able to access the game screen. If it is unable to do so, it will display the 404 error, which will prohibit you from being able to play the game.

What causes the 404 error message to be displayed in Discord?

This error message appears whenever Discord makes an attempt to connect to a server that is not associated with the user’s connection while it is in the background.
To put it another way, it takes place when you make a request for files via the internet, but the server is unable to locate them.

In addition to this, it may show up even if the user does not have permission to view the file or has recently erased it.

discord poor internet connection

When this occurs, it is unable to make the connection because the game is being played, which indicates that the game is obstructed and is unable to function in the appropriate manner.

The most common causes of the 404 error on Discord

  • The firewall in Windows.
  • Configurations de Proxy
  • Poor quality of the internet connection.
  • Discord in-game overlay.
  • Processes in the background that are in conflict.

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What causes the 404 problems on Discord and how to repair it

Solution 1: Disable Proxy addresses

  • To open Run, hit the Win key and the R key simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • In the box marked “search,” type “CPL.”
  • Press Enter, or go to the control panel and select internet properties.
  • Proceed to the Connections tab by using your arrow keys.
  • Make sure you select LAN Settings.
  • Choose the option that allows the settings to be detected automatically.
  • LAN Settings
  • Uncheck
    When connecting to the LAN, use a proxy server.
  • Select the OK button.
discord 404 solution

Solution 2: Ensure that you are connected to the internet via a reliable connection.

If your Wi-Fi connection is unreliable, using Discord will be impossible for you.
Therefore, if you are dealing with a faulty one, you should get in touch with your internet service provider (ISP), check to see if your router is linked correctly with the connecting wire and restart your router if necessary.

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DIY: Turn off router for 5 seconds and then turn on, in most cases it has solved the issue.

Solution 3: Close Discord and Restart the application

The majority of the time, the games on this platform are unable to load since there are some flaws caused by the programmes that are operating in the background.

  • Right-click on your Task Manager when it has been opened.
  • After that, select the Task Manager option from the menu.
  • Make sure the Processes option is selected.
  • Simply click the Task Manager button labelled “End Task”
discord 404 error

Solution 4: Deactivate the overlay settings for Discord’s in-game client

  • Launch the Discord application.
  • Select the Settings menu option.
  • Keep scrolling down until you reach the Game overlay button.
  • Discord serves as a game overlay.
How to Fix Discord 404 Error

Remove the tick from the box labelled Enable in-game overlay.

Discord overlay should be enabled in-game.

Solution 5: In the Windows Firewall, add the Discord server to the Allow list

It’s possible that turning on Windows Firewall on your device will prevent you from connecting to the internet. If this happens, you’ll need to do the following actions to allow Discord’s connection to get through your firewall:

  • Select the “Search” tab in the Windows menu.
  • Enter the word “Firewall.”
  • Click on Windows Defender Firewall.
  • To allow a programme or feature to pass through Windows Firewall, click the Allow an app or feature option.
  • Simply select the option to Change Settings.
  • Find Discord.
  • Put a checkmark in both the Private and the Public boxes.
How to Fix Discord 404 Error

Solution 6: Use the Discord Website

If none of the alternatives presented above was successful in repairing the 404 issues, you can try accessing Discord through its website rather than through the mobile app.

It will ensure one thing there is a problem with the application side, and nothing is wrong with your internet.
You won’t have to deal with the 404 issues if you do it this way. You can access your account by logging in at

7. Last Solution: Find out Your internet Connection Quality

You need to determine whether or not there are any problems with your internet connection quality.
It’s possible that the problems you’re having connecting to Discord are due to the internet connection quality.

Check your internet router, and see if the internet light is stable for 2 minutes, it is not turning off and turning on.
If you can not notice the internet light on your router then use Youtube Trick.


Open youtube and Play any video in 4k for 2-3 minutes, if see your video starts buffering during the clip.

It means your internet connection is not stable.

You can further check your speed just by googling internet speed check.

How to Play Discord’s Snake Game: The Discord 404 Game

  1. Navigate to the 404 Page on Discord

You may play their snake game on the 404 page of their website.
When a certain page that was requested cannot be located, the browser will display what is known as a “404 page.”
You will need to navigate to a page that does not exist in order to access this page. For example, you can get here by going to

You can either copy and paste the link that is shown above into the address bar of your browser, or you can simply click on the link, which will take you to the website’s 404 page. Either way, you can access the link.
You’re going to witness a really adorable animation of a Robo-Hamster named Nelly using a computer, and the animation is going to be in 3D.

discrod 404 game

Next to it is a button, press that to begin playing.

Discord’s 404 page appears when a user attempts to access a page that does not exist.

  1. To Continue, Click the Button That Is Located Next to the Robo-Hamster

To play the snake game, all you have to do is click the button that is located directly beside the Robo-Hamster, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

  1. Welcome Screen

After that, the welcome screen loads, which features some incredible and incredibly adorable artwork.

Simply click on the “Welcome” screen to begin playing the game.

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In Conclusion

Users who are experiencing the 404 error on Discord are unable to participate in the games offered on the platform; however, the problem can be resolved by implementing one of the remedies described above.

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