How to Fix Facebook Reels Not Showing

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how to fix facebook reels, not showing

Here I am going to explain what are facebook reels, and why it is not showing up to you.

First of all, make sure your device is running the most recent version of the Facebook app. You might not have the most recent update since Reels is a very new feature.

Go to the app store on your device and type “Facebook” to check for updates. Install any updates that are available by downloading them.

What to Do When Your Facebook Reels are not Showing

It is possible to experience a great deal of frustration when you are aware that you are unable to watch Facebook Reels on your smartphone, while all of your friends are able to do so at all times.

if you are unaware of the most viral reel on Facebook, you may get the impression that you are being left out or that you are passing up on some significant stuff.

How to Fix Facebook Reels Not Showing

We are here to assist you to find a solution because we fully comprehend how you are now feeling.

You are going to gain knowledge on the following topics as you read this article:

What are the possible explanations for why your Facebook Reels aren’t working?

What are the possible solutions to the problem of your Facebook Reels not appearing?

Things that are essential to understand regarding FB Reels

Keep reading below to fix those issues.

What exactly are these “Reels” on Facebook?

Reels on Facebook are short, creative videos that users of the Facebook app can make, upload, and share with other users of the app.

It is kind of a similar short format video idea that you see on TikTok.

In addition, Facebook provides its users with a wide variety of one-of-a-kind features designed to optimize their experience on Reel.

Did you know? Facebook Reels initially launched with availability in 100+ countries all across the world, plus from the end of 2021, they began rolling out to additional countries.

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Additionally, they can be used on the Facebook app for mobile devices running either iOS or Android.

One of the Possible Reasons why Facebook Reels are not showing

Your Facebook Reels may not work or display for a number of different reasons, the most common of which include:

  • An unstable Internet connection.
  • Not utilizing the most recent version of the Facebook App.
  • Old & corrupted cache files.

Possible solutions to the above issues, when Facebook Reels do not appear.

  • Perform a connection check to the internet, and then reset the network settings.

This should be the first thing you take care of before moving on to any of the other hacks.

There are occasions when the issue is resolved by nothing more than a disconnected internet connection, which prevents Facebook Reels from being displayed.

Steps to Do a Reset: Navigate to the Settings menu on your phone, then select General, then Reset, and finally Reset Network Settings.

After you have completed this step, everything will revert to its original factory settings.

  • Verify that the Facebook app you’re using has the most recent version.

Immediately, update the Facebook app by navigating to the Google Play Store or the App Store and clicking the “Update” button.

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Sign out of your Account, and then sign back in.

A large number of people have claimed that they were able to view Reels on Facebook after first logging out of the Facebook app and then re-logging into their accounts.

Therefore, it’s possible that your Facebook account is experiencing a brief malfunction or glitch that is preventing them from showing up.

Therefore, you should simply log out of your account, wait a few minutes, and then come back in to see if they are still there.

Restart the Mobile/Tablet you’re using.

Simply relaunch your phone by pressing the button on your smartphone that says start/restart, since this is a straightforward and speedy solution.

You should give this a shot because it has, in many cases, been demonstrated to be the solution to the problem of Facebook Reels not appearing.

Reset the corrupted data stored in Facebook’s cache

if you are unfamiliar with cache or cookies, it is basically data that can slow down the overall performance of your device and cause the apps to not function as well or as quickly as they did in the past.

You will need to delete the corrupted cache data on your phone by going into the Settings menu on your device, selecting Apps, selecting Apps once again, searching for Facebook, selecting Storage, clearing the data in Facebook, and finally clearing the cache.

how to fix facebook reels not showing

Phone Settings > Facebook > Delete All Cached

Keep in mind: These instructions may need to be followed slightly differently if you are working with an iOS device rather than an Android one.

Remove Facebook From your Phone Download and Install New Version

If none of the prior hacks that were stated above worked for you, you should remove the Facebook app that you are currently utilizing and then reinstall it once more.
In the vast majority of instances, the solution lies in the process of uninstalling and then reinstalling the App.

Check If Your Reels Option is Still Turned on: In the Settings menu, make sure the Facebook Reels option is turned on.

There is a possibility that you may have accidentally disabled the Facebook Reels feature in some way.
Sometimes users choose to hide the Facebook Reels option, which results in the reels being completely hidden.

Therefore, you should head over to the Settings page for your Facebook Reels and ensure that the “Hide Reels” option is not activated in any way.

Check to see that your smart device is operating normally to ensure there are no problems.

If none of these solutions worked for you, there is also a possibility that there is a problem with the hardware of your smart device.

If this is the case, try restarting your device.

You can check to see if it works properly by first determining whether or not other applications and general features on it are operating normally, as well as determining whether or not it loads slowly or doesn’t load at all on the fundamental functions.

Tried everything, but Nothing Worked, Speak to Facebook Support

This final workaround may be considered a bonus because it occasionally assists consumers in fully comprehending the problem with the Facebook Reels app not displaying properly on their mobile devices.

You can explain the problem that you’re having by contacting Facebook’s contact support, and they will assist you further from that point on.

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Are Facebook Reels accessible in each and every one of the world’s countries?

They certainly are.
The Facebook Reels feature has been made available all across the world.
Additionally, in recent times, they have provided the ability for creators to earn money through the use of their Facebook Reels.

What do I need to do to enable Facebook Reels and Earn Money?

You can make use of Facebook Reels by either uploading photographs and videos already on your phone’s gallery or by recording fresh video clips while you are in the process of making a Facebook Reel.

  • Open Facebook (Be sure you are using the latest version)
  • Tap on Create from the Reels section on Feed, or tap the camera icon in the top right corner when viewing a reel.
  • Add a video to your reel by tapping on the record button to add a new video.
  • This will create a Facebook Reel.
    You can also add video clips to your reel by tapping the camera icon located in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Facebook has been rebranded to Meta, and they have introduced many new features, one of them is Facebook Reels.

Reels’ idea is actually carried out from TikTok because the short media format has taken the internet by storm.

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How to Download Facebook Reels?

You will have to use a 3rd party app to download Facebook Reels, but it will also work for Instagram, Follow Below Steps.

  • Open Facebook Reels
  • Click The share button
  • Click the Copy Link
  • Open the Snapx app and download reels to your phone.

Is this Feature Currently Available in your Region

Reels may not be available in your area, which is another reason it could not appear on your Facebook app.

Reels are being gradually introduced by Facebook to various regions, so it’s conceivable that your area hasn’t yet gotten the feature. If so, you’ll have to wait patiently for the function to become accessible in your area.

However, if you previously had reels, and now it is not appearing, possible your mobile has updated something, and you might need to user other mobile to login your account to verify this issue.

Possible Thoughts

There are a number of potential causes and solutions to take into account if Reels isn’t displaying in your Facebook app. Make if Reels is accessible in your area, make sure you have the most recent version of the app loaded, clear your cache and cookies, and if you still need help, get in touch with Facebook’s customer care staff.

You can utilise Reels’ advantages and produce interesting short-form video content for Facebook by adhering to these procedures.

why reels are not showing in Facebook

If you are not able to see Reels on Facebook, it could be because the feature has not yet been rolled out to your region or country.

Reels is a relatively new feature on Facebook, and the company is gradually introducing it to different regions and markets around the world. If Reels are not showing up on your Facebook app, it is possible that they have not yet been made available in your area.

Additionally, Reels may not be visible to you if you have not updated your Facebook app to the latest version.

Try updating your app to the latest version from your app store to see if Reels become available.

Last Thoughts on FB Reels Issue

It is possible that the Reels feature is not showing up on your Facebook app due to a technical issue or glitch. If this is the case, try logging out of your account and logging back in, or clearing your cache and data in the Facebook app settings. If the issue persists, you can try reaching out to Facebook support for further assistance.

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