How To Fix Instagram not opening on chrome

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how to fix instagram not opening on chrome

If you are trying to access Instagram through a web browser and it is not working properly then there are a number of potential causes for this problem, most common one is your browser’s cache and data are corrupt and need to be wiped out.

Keep in mind on the web version of Instagram offers very few features.

What is preventing Instagram from operating in Chrome?

It could be your browser’s cache, you should probably try clearing the cache or resetting the settings on your browser.

Alternatively, you could try using a different web browser to see if that helps.

Clearing cache did not work? it is highly likely that there is a problem with the connection to your network; as a result, you will need to investigate this connection and address any issues that may arise.

Once you checked the internet is perfect, then the best solution is to Install a different browser.

You can figure this out by using the Opera browser’s mobile feature.

By utilizing Opera’s built-in connection, you may obtain all of the benefits of using Instagram on your desktop as well. The application is pre-installed in the web browser, and you can use the Insta app.

Install Opera.

  • After Installation, open Opera.
  • Proceed to Instagram’s website by using your web browser.
  • Enter your login data.

What should I do if Instagram stops operating on my Google Chrome browser?

You can do some of the following easy things to use Instagram on the chrome browser.

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Try Instagram Incognito Mode on Google Chrome

You can try this mode, In Incognito, none of your browsing history, cookies and site data, or information entered in forms are saved on your device.

This means your activity doesn’t show up in your Chrome browser history.

Your existing extensions, history, and cookies will not interfere with your Instagram session.

Clear Cache of Chrome

If the above step doesn’t solve the problem then apply the following steps.

What should I do if Instagram stops operating on my Google Chrome browser?
  • Clear the cache in your browser by following the below steps.
  • Launch the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Click the menu button Top right Corner
  • Click More tools.
  • Select Clear Browsing data.
How To Fix Instagram not opening on chrome
  • Make sure that the boxes for Cached images and file options as well as Cookies and other site data are checked.
  • Simply click the button labeled Clear data.

After the cache has been removed, you should restart the browser. Launch Instagram and check to see whether the problem still exists.

If you’re using Chrome and Instagram isn’t loading for you, clearing the cache and the site data may help. If, however, the issue persists after a few days have passed, you will need to carry out the measures once more.

Update Your Chrome Browser

Launch the Google Chrome web browser.

  • Simply select the 3 dots.
  • Then select Help.
  • Click ” About Google Chrome”.

If it says chrome is up to date then you need to flush your DNS.

How To Fix Instagram not opening on chrome

Flush DNS

While holding down the Windows key, type cmd at the prompt.

Select right-click and select “Open as Administrator” from the drop-down menu.

In the window titled “Command Prompt,” input the following command and then hit the enter key to carry it out:

ipconfig /flushdns is what you need to do.

You should exit the Command Prompt after you get a message indicating success.

Launch Google Chrome and see if Instagram is still functioning properly.

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