How to fix Instagram password reset link not working

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how to fix instagram reset password link not working

In this post, I will share with you tricks and tips to fix the Instagram password reset link not working.

Resetting your Instagram password can be a big pain if Instagram decides to stop working properly, which will make it difficult for you to access your account.

Why can’t I Reset my Instagram Password

There are a variety of potential causes for the Instagram password reset feature to fail. Here are a few examples of them:

  • The Instagram mobile app has not been updated recently.
  • The email address does not correspond to the one that was used to set up the account.
  • The link to reset your password is not being opened in the web browser on your mobile device.
  • It’s possible that the cache in the web browser is to blame.

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How to Fix Instagram Password Reset Not Working?

Is your internet reliable, take a look at the icon representing Wi-Fi that is located at the top of the screen on your smartphone. In order for the link to reset your Instagram password to operate, it is essential that you have a reliable internet connection (mobile data or Wifi).

After that issue has been resolved, you can continue on to the other potential remedies that are discussed further below.

1. Get a New Link to Reset Your Password Here.

You have the option to request a new password reset if the one you tried to reset your password with did not work properly. You can choose to get the link to reset your password via either your email address or your mobile number, provided that you have entered both of these pieces of information into your account.

If the previous link to reset your password was provided to your cellphone number, you will need to request a fresh link to reset your password to be delivered to your email address, and vice versa. The following is a list of the steps that you need to take in order to accomplish that.

2. Launch the Instagram app on your device.

On the page where you log in, select either “I forgot my password” or “I need help logging in.”

The next step is to enter your username, email address, or cell phone number.

To proceed, tap Next, click the recent link and follow the instructions on the page.

3. Update Instagram App to the Latest Version

If the Instagram app has not been kept up to date, the reset password feature might not work. The most recent upgrades have the potential to rectify any issues that may arise with the performance of the Instagram app.

Follow the below method to update the app

  • iOS users should navigate to the App Store. If you are using Android, you should check out the Google Play Store.
  • Simply find Instagram by typing its name into the search box on your mobile device.
  • Choose the Update button from the menu.

Now request the password reset again on the updated app, and this time it should work.

4. Clear your Browser Cache

It’s also possible that the cache in your web browser is preventing you from opening the Instagram password reset link properly. In order to clear the cache on Google Chrome, please follow the instructions that are listed below.

To access the menu, click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Consider the issues of privacy and safety.
  • Choose to Delete All Browsing History.
  • Choose the time period you need. After that, mark the appropriate boxes.

5. Use Incognito Browser Mode

Access to the email address that is associated with your Instagram account is required in order to reset your Instagram password if you have only linked your email address to your Instagram account.

The link to reset your Instagram password that was emailed to you may on occasion be inaccessible for no apparent reason.

It’s possible that the issue is caused by the web browser that’s installed on your phone. In that situation, you might click on the link while using the private browsing mode of your web browser.

To accomplish so using Google Chrome, follow the instructions presented in the step-by-step guide that can be found below.

On the Instagram page where you log in, pick the option to Get help with logging in.

Put in your username and password for Instagram (either your username, email address, or phone number).

After tapping the Next button, choose the option to Send an Email.

Launch your email client of choice and navigate to the Inbox folder.

Either of the two links, Log in using your username, or Reset your password, can be held down while you touch the other link.

Choose to Copy.

Launch Google Chrome after that.

Visit the Settings menu.

Pick New Incognito Window from the drop-down menu.

Simply paste the link that you copied into the address box. After that, hit the enter key.

You will be able to access your Instagram account if you copy and paste the Log in as your username link.

If you chose to reset your password through the link provided, you will need to enter the new password twice to get into your account.

6. Reset your Instagram account using Facebook.

If you are unable to reset your Instagram password, you can access your Instagram account by logging in with your Facebook credentials. However, in order to do so, you will first need to connect your Instagram account with your Facebook profile. You also need to remember the email address and password that you used when you first set up your Instagram account.

Please follow these instructions if you’ve linked your Instagram and Facebook accounts in order to regain access to your account.

Tap the Get help with logging in button located on the Instagram login screen.

On the following screen, select the option to Sign In with Facebook. You’ll find it directly beneath the other two options, which are titled Send an Email and Send an SMS Message, respectively.

Next, enter the username and password for your Facebook account (if your Facebook account is already logged in on your phone, you won’t need to input your credentials again).

Two times over, please enter the new password for your Instagram account.

Following that, you will be brought back to the Instagram account you previously used.

7. Launch the Link on your PC & Reset the Password

Opening the Instagram password reset link on your computer has proven successful for many users, which is a bit of a mystery in and of itself. Therefore, you should give it a shot as well. Here are the steps:

Begin by opening the Instagram app.

On the page where you log in, select either “I forgot my password” or “I need help logging in.”

The next step is to enter your username, email address, or cell phone number.

To proceed, tap Next. Choose between email or SMS to have the link to reset your password sent to you.

Open that link on your computer and reset it.

Is Having an Email Address Necessary to Use Instagram’s Login Service?

You are still able to access your Instagram account even if you have forgotten the credentials associated with your email address. However, in order to do that, we will require your cell phone number.

If you have your Instagram account connected to your mobile number, you will be able to send a request to have a new password reset link sent to your phone.

Similarly, if you connected your Instagram account to your Facebook profile during account creation, you can access your Instagram account by simply logging in with your Facebook credentials.

What Should I Do If I Cannot Receive an Email or Text Message from Instagram to Reset My Password?

It is quite inconvenient when you are unable to receive a password reset email, but you do have the option to either troubleshoot the issue on your own, contact Instagram for assistance, or try to log in using Facebook. Checking your junk mail folder or using the link provided to reset your password should, in the vast majority of instances, resolve this problem.

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