How to Fix Welcome to Instagram

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how to fix welcome to instagram

Welcome to Instagram message appears on your screen either because this is your first time using Instagram or because you are not currently following any users, in some cases it is a bug with the app.

Fixing the “Welcome to Instagram” message

Checking to see if Instagram is experiencing any technical difficulties is the first step in resolving the issue with the “Welcome to Instagram” message.

You can easily figure out technical issues through downdetector, If you see there are several issues reported on the down detector, then wait and see is the best thing to do.


First go to your the explore page via magnifying glass open any posts tap it, comment it, and also follow the account, now close your app and reopen it, and refresh your feed, now it should work.

If you see no complaints at all then apply the following solutions one by bone.

Follow other people on Instagram

You might see a message that says “Welcome to Instagram” if this is your first time using the app.

Also, If you do not follow any other users on Instagram, your feed will be empty and you will not see any postings.

Instead, you will receive a message that says “Welcome to Instagram” and encourages you to start following people.

After following some people refresh your feed, and you will begin to see posts from the people whose feeds you are following.

Reinstall Instagram App

If you have tried all of the solutions, but none of them have worked, you will need to remove the app from your smartphone and then reinstall it, as it could be some sort of bug.

Because uninstalling an application resolves the majority of the issues that a user encounters while using the app.

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Why does my IG say welcome to Instagram?

Several users who have been locked out by the app have discovered that when they log back into their accounts, they are greeted with a “Welcome to Instagram” message, suggesting that Instagram is acting as if they are a new user, So you can clear up your cache and reopen the app again.

Welcome Screen is caused by Another Update

So, sometimes when your Instagram is updated with latest release, it can cause this issue, and you can’t do anything about it, because it is mainly a bug from the app itself, and you will have wait for few hours.

In Conclusion

In most cases, this welcome message shows up because of app issues, or because you are new to Instagram.

In some instances, you will only be able to see old posts on your feed, regardless of how many times you reload the page.

You shouldn’t freak out every time the app gives you an error message; just keep calm and carry on.

Your account has not been compromised; rather, the error is most likely the result of a bug or a glitch.

The vast majority of faults can be rectified by only waiting a few hours.

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