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how to get more likes on tiktok

The reason you guys want to get more likes on your videos is to obtain a high engagement rate so that your video can get more views and end up reaching For You Page on TikTok.

To gain maximum likes on your TikTok videos, you must make a trendy video using the latest music in the background. Also, your video should contain some emotional elements that someone can relate to in a situation, an event, or a relationship. However, there are several more efficient ways to get likes on TikTok.

A TikTok creator needs to gain more followers as well as TikTok likes in order to gain more fame and improve their chances of landing on the For You of TikTok, or even the Discover page.

In this post, I will share tips and tricks to gain more Likes on your TikTok posts.

Here, I will share with you in detail how to get likes on TikTok.

Firstly, if you want to get likes on your post, follow the trend.

Use Trending videos, Why? Because people have already liked that stuff, and if you manage to add your style to it and post your content, you will get heaps of likes, this is the easiest approach when your only goal is to gain likes. 

Though, with the above approach, you can not go viral unless you understand the algorithm behind TikTok.

To Get Many likes, You need to know how TikTok works.

TikTok uses a powerful AI. Almost, every social media app uses an algorithm to determine content value.

But, the TikTok algorithm loves videos with high watch time. The app will value the content based on how long the people watched the video. 

So, to make a viral video and gain a lot of followers, your job is to make your video more interesting that people watch it completely. 

Here are the steps to achieve gain success along with many likes on Tik Tok. 

1. Can you Invoke Emotions?

This tactic alone can take your video to the next level and get you tons of likes. Can you make your content relatable? For instance, if you are in the animal niche and you are just posting videos of cute animals. That video will not get many likes, but instead, make it relatable. 

how to get likes on tiktok

Any TikTok post that can invoke emotions, anything relatable will get you so many likes on TikTok, no matter what you post it will work.

2. Post at The Right Time

You need to be posting when people spend the most time on Tik Tok. If you don’t post when people are free, they are less likely to get engaged with your content and just swipe up.

The ideal time to post is according to your country, usually, 10 am to 1 pm, and then 4 pm to 9 pm.

You can learn more about when to post TikTok to Go Viral.

Do not delete your post, if you are not getting any likes in the beginning. Wait at least 48 hours.

3. Remodel what is trending on TikTok

Follow the trends, make content that you’re already seeing on the for you page, look at big accounts that you want to be like, and start to model yourself like them. Use top trending music in the background too.

Why it will get you more likes on TikTok?

Let’s talk about the music first, when you use trending music in the background, the app’s algorithm will treat your content similarly to other high-quality trending content. Hence, it will push your video to more people on the app.

Next up, you need to remodel what is trending on TikTok, and why it is going to get you likes. 

Because the top content is already proven to be popular and people loved it if you can remodel it in your way and make it better if you can. That is it you have cracked the code.

4. Ask for a Like ( Double Tap )

how to get likes on tiktok

It is literally that simple to get more likes, ask them for a double-tap to the video. 

But, you have to create quality content in the first place. Such as, the lighting should be good, the video quality should not be blurry and interesting video.

You can also start your video by saying double tap if you agree with this and then start your content. 

You can ask via text on video or within the video while you speaking. It is human nature, if you ask them for a favor after producing good quality content, they will appreciate it by doing little things for you such as double-tap.

Add some transitions to your video and when you think you reach to climax point in your video ask for a double-tap right after 1 second.

You will be surprised a little thing can work like crazy, you going to get tons of likes.

6. Use the latest Feature on TikTok

This option will work on itself, TikTok normally pushes any video that is made using the latest feature on App.

Meaning if you are creating your post using the latest feature like stories, or Stich video option Then Tik Tok will automatically push your content to other people.

That means you only need to take care of the quality of content in terms of sound, video, and lighting.

Also, make sure you include some hook at the beginning of the video to keep the people curious.

7. Being In the niche

Do you have a niche? are you just randomly posting content about anything that you find cool?

People like what is relatable to them. Whether you are in an animal niche, fashion, or teaching.

If you find your niche is not that interesting make videos in a trendy style and blend it with top music on the app. This way you will make your videos more entertaining.

8. Length of the Video

 get likes on tiktok

You have to make a sweet and interesting video that is only possible if you keep the video length according to the content.

As we have learned at the beginning of this post, the TikTok algorithm considers the watch time factor more important than anything else. Hence why, eliminate all the boring parts from your clip.

You can check your analytics to know the overall watch time of the videos, and then go back to the video and find out the boring part and eliminate it in your next post.

9. Engagement to gain more Likes

The moment you have a good video and people start commenting and sharing it, don’t wait to respond to their comments the next day. Instead, reply to them immediately with a smiley face.

You can respond to the comment by asking a question like, “ thanks! Which part is funniest?”. Not all of them will reply to you back.

But, this trick will immediately increase the 15-20% engagement rate on your post.

High engagement, signals the TikTok algorithm about the post being interesting, therefore, it will push out to more people and the post can literally end up going viral on For You Page.

10. Be Frequent while posting videos

You are following trendy topics and have learned the basic stuff as explained above, now it is time to post the content more frequently.

How many times you should be posting?

I would say a minimum of 3 times a day, you can learn how many times you should post to go viral on TikTok.

It is obvious your video quality will not improve overnight, therefore keep on posting more content, and do not give up. Who knows which one video of yours can go viral?

Highly successful influencers posted several times in the day during their early days on TikTok.

The more time you spend the more you going to improve.

11. Adding the Right Hashtags

use likes on tiktok

Putting the right hashtags is the way to tell TikTok what is this video about and who is the right audience to show it to.

In case, you do not have many people following you, the pro tip is to find relatable hashtags under 10 million followers according to your niche. Avoid big hashtags.

Big hashtags are hard to compete with when you have fewer followers, therefore try something with fewer people, it is going to be easy to gain more views and likes.

12. Add an interesting Video Title & Description

One classic way of getting like is the video title and its relatable description. Make sure your title and description is catchy.

Let me give you an idea if you have ever noticed a fashion magazine’s front page headings are irresistible and enticing. Go to the supermarket and check out your self on their front page.

Alternatively, visit the magazine page now and see it for yourself.

Now you have got the idea, make sure you add them in a relatable way.

13. Avoid Copyright Material on TikTok

Don’t use copy-right content.

What will happen if you use copyright material?  Your video will go back to 0 views and be unavailable to the public which is going to be a negative impact on your account. Especially, if your video was shared by your followers to their friends.

Because, when they will open it, it will show the video is removed due to copyright, or the video is under review.

By chance, if you have used copyright content, which includes video clips, songs, or music clips.

Anything that is not approved in your geo-location can be banned.

For instance, some songs, movies, or TV programs are approved for North American countries.

They can’t be viewed or watched in other countries.

The general rule of thumb is, don’t use branded video, such as sports clips from a franchise like WWF, UFC, or FIFA.

Do not download videos from other creators and upload them to your account.

The algorithm can take up to 48 hours to determine if your content is copyright content or not.

Be an original content creator and stay on top of the game.

use other people's content

14. Avoid Harmful Language

TikTok is going hard on hate speech or racial discrimination. LGBTQ or religious hate will get your video back to 0 views. The Algorithm checks the description, title, and wordings that you speaking in the clip.

They are using a smart algorithm to read text on video too. 

Negative promotion can easily gain you views in some cases, but it will put your account at risk, and you will end up getting banned.

If you do it more than 3 times in the same week. you will be permanently suspended from TikTok.

Plus, the majority on TikTok come to watch the fun, not for any dispute.

Find here, If your Video is not getting any views.

15. Use Trending Songs

Using a trending song to gain likes, as described earlier in this post, a trending song will relate your post to many other popular videos.

That is how you get several likes. You can pick the top songs under the music section in TikTok.

16. Pick an Interesting User Name

Pick an easy-to-remember username on TikTok, when a viewer sees your post again they will end up giving you a like.

TikTok comes down to one main thing, what is your total watch time? what kind of content you are making?

You are making your content relatable to the audience.

High watch time will get you many likes on TikTok.

At all costs avoid using bots to gain fake likes on your videos, this will get you shadowbanned or permanently banned.

Did you learn something? Help others, share it.

Why am I not getting likes on TikTok?

Commonly hashtags, People who watch your videos will not like them if you include hashtags that have nothing to do with the content of your TikTok video when you create it and share it in irrelevant niche tags.

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