How to Get Tik Tok Famous

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how to get tiktok famous
how to get famous on tiktok

So you’re thinking about how to get TikTok famous and turn yourself, or your creative ideas into a TikTok sensation.

By the way, the platform is no longer just a place for teen dance and lip-sync. Meanings, any sort of content can be successful at this stage, the most important thing is to attach it with fun and curiosity. 

Recently the application has encountered tremendous growth, TikTok is among the top downloaded apps in past years. 

How to Get TikTok Famous

  1. Post Often
  2. Follow Latest Tiktok Trends
  3. Build a brand
  4. Create Engaging content
  5. Post Regularly
  6. Utilise Hashtags
  7. Cover all areas in your Niche
  8. Don’t Post just for the sake of content, create quality posts.

To Get Popular on TikTok you have to create niche-specific content with high audience retention, consistently. Also, incorporate the trending songs on your videos, plus utilize the latest effects introduced by TikTok. Utilize niche-specific hashtags with 2 small, 2 large, and 1 General hashtag.

First, the principal thing you need to know is; TikTok ranks videos on meritocracy that allows each video an opportunity by showing it to a little crowd, first. Indeed, regardless of whether you have 0 followers. 

If TikTok finds your video is performing well with this little gathering, then it will keep on pushing to more individuals that they think will like it. 

Along these lines, normally you can tell in the first couple of hours about the chance of having viral video on your hands or not. 

But, you should never ignore to grow your followers, as the popularity of the viral video app is skyrocketing, now’s the time to get more followers on TikTok. Here are some of the practical tips:

1. Posts recordings at an ideal Time on TikTok 

It may sound like, a secondary matter, but it is actually not, especially when you are just starting out your journey on TikTok. 

post tiktok at ideal time

Your goal is to gain followers and high audience retention. Therefore, time plays an important role.

You will get more likes, comments, and sharing when you post the video during peak time.

So, when should you post? well, you need to decide who is your target audience.

Let’s say, you happen to live in the U.S. then post your video between evening time till late night.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to stick to your plan, post videos at a random time for 2 weeks to see how viewers react to your videos. 

However, once you understand your established audience and their time zone, then you must not forget to post the videos according to them.

This is a very crucial step in getting famous on TikTok.

TikTok itself displays analytic data of Time Zones. you can discover the hours and days when your most active audience is Online. Plus, TikTok services your videos to the users near your geolocation. Hence why, check your analytics.

2. Comment First on Other Famous TikTokers Post

how to get tiktok famous

You should follow other top TikTokers in your Niche or in your area of interest. As soon as they post any clips, be the first to post a comment on them.

TikTok highlights early comments more compare to others. It will enable other users to eventually check your profile. Since they are from the same niche, they will end up following you too.

Your comment can be anything like a small joke, or you can simply ask a question. With this method, you can get a related audience to your profile and valuable views.

3. How a TikTok video should start?  

Tiktok is a rapid application environment where you need to catch individuals’ eyes fast enough before they swipe past your video to watch the next video. 

Set the vibe and subject of the video within a few seconds, this will enable viewers to know what they are going to watch until the end. In case there’s no activity from the beginning, the vast majority will not watch the video for a few seconds. This is not at all good for your profile growth.

Hence, start your video with a hook & raise curiosity.

4. Short & Sweet Videos work well on Tiktok 

Except you have a very long story that needs to be covered in a minute. Keep it short around 15-20 seconds.

Tiktok algorithm ranks your video based on the total amount of seconds spent by the viewer against the length of the video. 

If people skip the video in less than 50% of total video time then your video will not be pushed to go viral by TikTok.

This is a strategy for assessing the quality of the video. 

It is way better to have a short and sweet video that everyone completely watches than a long 50 seconds video that people skip after 12 seconds.

5. Use your voice In the video

You should use your voice in recording, as it is going to help the app to determine more about the content and its audience. 

TikTok wants to show the content to the right people. Though, you can do this in your subtitle(captions) or hashtags. 

But, by utilizing a voiceover on your video, you’re giving them fundamentally more keywords and data about what’s going on with your video.

6. Choice of Good Music 

get tiktok famous

If you choose to do a voiceover, it’s worth continually incorporating the latest hit music in your recordings.

You can absolutely pick your own melodies, however, TikTok is a social stage, so almost certainly, you’ll progress admirably in the event that you utilize current Hit tunes. 

Continuously layer popular tunes behind the scenes with a voiceover as well. 

If you would like to utilize your own melody, but TikTok will not permit it. You can simply transfer with your own sound, select a tune, and set that second tune to 0 volume. 

7. Have a Story In Your TikTok Posts

Indeed, trendy tunes can turn into a sensation, however, stories can go viral too. 

How about we be genuine, except if you’re superbly capable? But if you are just the opposite: a cleverly awful artist, your dance recordings aren’t probably going to become a hit on TikTok.

For us normal people that weren’t honored by the lords of musicality, we’re bound to circulate around the web by recounting an intriguing and convincing story. 

The story can be anything. It very well may be something fascinating that occurred in your life, something irregular that occurred during your day, or something during traveling you came across. It can be anything at work project too.

Why does the story work? Because it sets up the stage from the beginning with a hook and the person is likely to watch till the end, which means you going to get high retention on your video. High retention means you are TikTok’s favorite. 

8. Helpful or Knowledge-based Content 

By keeping High retention target, you can create helpful content. If you have the ability in a specific subject, make enlightening recordings to assist individuals with learning it, People do take a keen interest in learning on TikTok rather than lengthy Youtube Videos. 

Some quick screens with some valuable bullet points can work out very well. Apart from that, people love shopping on TikTok, so sharing good items on TikTok can be beneficial and it can bring in some sales. 

However, avoid promoting stuff if you have less than 10 thousand followers, as your main goal should getting more followers and views.

9. Follow Other Users to Get a view of your Profile

When somebody follows you or answers your comments, the main thing that you likely do is check their profile to see what their identity is. 

You can get a ton of following in return by answering comments and following individuals that aren’t following you so far. 

Pro tip: Put @ before typing their name, this way it will connect their name when you reply. Users are more inclined to respond when their name is highlighted.

However, Don’t comment on any argument, no one likes a bad discussion.

10. Call To Action  

get tiktok famous
Tiktok App App Mobile Tiktok Tiktok Unblock Iphone

When TikTok sees heaps of individuals like, commenting, preferring or following, they will normally push it out to more individuals.

I think this is presumably quite possibly the main thing that won’t just assist with making a video go viral yet it will help you get a huge following. 

Most importantly, it’s incredible to have a call to action in your video, during or at the end.

For instance, “if you want to see the next part, give this video a Like”. Or something along those lines.

Keep in mind, you clearly must have a convincing video to make this work, don’t just make any video to give it a try, put in the work and create a nice video.

Adding a solid CTA on a video can be the distinction between 1M Views with 1K, new followers, and 15M Views with 50k new followers. 

People are millionaires just by TikTok. Learn How Often you should post on TikTok.

I’d propose having your CTA be something like a couple of moments long so that viewers can have the opportunity to follow you prior to moving on to the next video. 

11. Ask to comment on Random Stuff 

People love commenting on dumb and random things in the video. Especially followers, love spotting little things in the video, that aren’t the fundamental focal point of the whole recording.

The more comments you can get, the almost certain you are going to get TikTok fam. It will increase engagement on your post, the more comments you get the more TikTok going to show your video.

A simple tip to get comments is to wear something odd in your video and everybody will ask where it’s from. 

12. Leave a Few Things Un-Answered 

This is critical to get many comments, which will thus assist you with becoming famous online on TikTok. 

In case you’re posting a video and you can think about any conspicuous questions, and simply ignore it to the viewers. 

This will prompt a huge load of comments and will eventually take your post to virality.

13. Be Deliberately Controversial in a post

how to be famous on tiktok

Once more, be in the driving seat of virality, so in the event that you can have anything dubious, this will really help in going viral.

People sincerely love to offer their feedback on things online. But, you should not think to do anything wrong. 

However, in case, there is a theme that individuals are especially separated on a certain topic, similar to like, is no sugar(Zero sugar) coke really sugar-free? should I drink it every other day?

You can say, Justin Bieber better singer than Kanye west, to entice more add Justin’s pic in your background. All crazy fans will get in the comment war under your video.

This method alone can help you become famous online on TikTok. 

14. Find the Trend on TikTok 

What if you spend every day around 30 minutes watching top videos on TikTok? You might ask, why? well, it will help you to figure out what is trending out there. 

This will assist you with getting thoughts and staying aware of the latest things, which are exceptionally important to outperform every other creator.

Any video type or style that you see, again and again, is trending at the moment, use the trend and make your niche-specific content and share it with your audience and hashtags.

15. Going Live After 1000 Followers

You can use live stream video instead of publishing recorded clips. TikTok viewers love engaging and talking to the people they follow. 

This is a great way of increasing loyal followers, people will watch, comment & like your recorded post, later on. This will lead to a high engagement.

High engagement means more virality.

16. Place Text On Video Opening

By beginning your video with text over the main slide, your viewers will probably spend some more time.

Put a short text about the clip. This trick works as a delaying tactic, plus communication with your viewers. You are conveying a message at the beginning of the video.

It works as a hook, so they most likely will stick to watching the video before sliding down to the next.

17. Partner with Other TikTokers 

partner with other tiktoker

You can partner with other TikTokers in the same niche that you are making videos about.

This is a very successful approach by brands to grow their TikTok accounts too.

TikTok influencers already have thousands of followers. Partnering with them will help you reach a bigger audience. It is not necessary that you only go for the big influencer, you can start approaching the small TikTokers.

18. Be Specific with Hashtags 

Hashtags are not as valuable as people consider, but using too general hashtags like #FYP #foryou does not add any advantage. Instead, Use niche-specific hashtags or don’t utilize any whatsoever. 

On the off chance that you have a super amazing video about a particular niche, then niche-specific hashtags can actually boost your video, as it helps TikTok serve your video to the right group. 

In case you’re posting something that would interest every individual across the app, it’s ideal to not categorize it with hashtags and let TikTok decide and choose who it ought to be displayed to. 

19. Comments Response Video 

The more comments on a video, the almost certain it is to become famous online. 

This function works as a catalyst, you can get the attention of your viewers by responding to their comments, this way they feel appreciated and will be keener to comment on the next video.

Also, when you reply to any comments, generally people go back to check the profile. If your content happened to be from the same niche, most certainly you will get that follower.

20. Keep Posting Regularly 

Becoming a sensation on TikTok is a numbers game.

The more frequently you post, the more probable you are to have a video become famous on the platform.

But, Try not to hold back on quality, yet on the off chance that you do not procrastinate instead you keep on posting your videos. 

This will also improve your video quality with every new video you post on TikTok. Hence, enabling you to get TikTok famous and make a lot of money.

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21. Try Exploring Every Thing on TikTok 

It means, rather than just posting into one niche. Keep your approach broad, this will eliminate a narrow vision.

Also, keep in mind, on TikTok, anything can become a sensation (even a video of cutting a banana). 

When you begin your journey on TikTok, mess around with various types of general topics first. 

At the point when you sort out what people really like to see, and what you like to make, then, at that point twofold down on that! 

This journey will keep you confident even when you don’t get many views on a few of your TikTok videos.

However, after getting initial growth in your following stick to that niche and do not change for other types.

22. Record at Unique Locations

recording being famous on tiktok

Most TikTokers do recordings in their room or other indoor areas. There’s no explanation that you can’t make a TikTok outside. 

Be unique, start recording videos in broad daylight spots. Utilize recording near fascinating landmarks. 

In case, you’re permitted to use your telephone at school, recording at lunch or break can be a phenomenal opportunity. 

Pro Tip: if you want to use it Indoor, change the vibe of your room by changing out the lights. Get some red or green lights to give your room an alternate vibe when you’re making recordings.

23. Don’t start selling stuff, Immediately 

In case you’re doing an item promotion and attempting to add an affiliate link. It will dramatically drop your overall audience engagement. 

But, if the video you believe in is going to be viral, then don’t add the product link, this way people will ask you where to get this product from and they will comment about it, hence, this trick will help your video to acquire more virality. 

24. Deliberately, Make the Video parts be Re-Watched

While this may appear to be slightly odd, there are advantages to having a video where a few sections are excessively quick for somebody to peruse, watch, or comprehend at once. 

For instance, if the content is too quick to even consider perusing, somebody will probably rewatch the video to Understand it well. 

At the point when viewers do this, they’re investing more energy and time in your video. This will heat up overall demand, which will thus get TikTok to show it to more individuals. 

25. Be Inspirational or Opposite(hateable)? 

Either people going to love you or they going to hate you, you can use it to your own advantage.

You will unavoidably get a lot of comments about the post from either side.

Do post something from either side and see which side works for you. However, try to avoid hate speech, and racial comments, as you can get banned.

26. Keep working on your Craft

It is observed, that the vast majority take somewhere around a month to sort out their style on TikTok, and how to make recordings function admirably.

So, in the event that you don’t become a web sensation immediately on TikTok, don’t stress.

Keep working on your craft and keep improving.

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