How to Get Viewers on Tik Tok

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how to get viewers on tiktok

In this post, I am going to explain how to get viewers on TikTok.

To get viewsers, create your video post using the latest TikTok feature, a video that is made through a recently introduced feature gets pushed out by TikTok’s algorithm. In addition to that, you can add curiosity or a hook at the beginning of the video which will keep the people on video and TikTok loves video with high audience retention. However, there are many other ways to gain views on TikTok.

You will also learn the techniques as well as how to avoid some regular mistakes. These common mistakes are decreasing your viewers and account likes.

how to get viewers on tiktok

How do I give myself more views on TikTok?

Let’s understand our approach towards getting viewers on TikTok.

Right now TikTok’s algorithm values more on a video with high watch time than anything else. So, if you can manage to keep people longer on your video than the usual average time of your post, you can get more and more viewers on TikTok.

So how much watch time you should be aiming for? Well for 15 seconds video aim for %90+, for 30 not less than %70.

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If you want to increase the number of views on your TikTok videos, here are some tips to help you:

1.Add Curiosity in Your TikTok Content

Want to get more viewers on TikTok? Invoke curiosity or outrage in the piece of content you are making, I think it is very self-explanatory. You have to keep your viewer on your video by adding interesting things not only at the start but also in the middle leading to words end.

You can do it by storytelling throughout your content, this way you will keep your viewers curious throughout the video.

To get the idea about storytelling, explore some of the hashtags on TikTok like true story, there you will get so many ideas. 

You can also check out and follow some of the top accounts in storytelling.

Take the idea and blend your story in any popular format that you found getting views in Hashtags serve it to your niche audience.

2. Use latest Features on TikTok

If you guys want to be growing faster on Tik Tok and you want to get more viewers you need to be taking advantage of Tik Tok’s latest features.

Whenever there is a new feature coming out on Tik Tok, they push it like crazy. Previously, they did this with TikTok live, Duets, stitches, and green screen.

Right now story on TikTok is taking off, so use the opportunity when it is not crowded.

Once a new feature comes out if you see it on the discover page, or you see something new on For Youg page, you guys need to use that feature over and over and over again.

In addition to that, if you haven’t used those features frequently, you need to be doing more stitches and more duets. I am telling you guys those are going to drastically increase the number of viewers that you get.

Especially, if you’re a small creator, you haven’t had a ton of success, you need to be using stitches on viral posts from the videos in your niche.

The reason that these features work, you’re taking somebody else’s hook and then adding on to it. It’s a really great way for you to take advantage of somebody else’s content and use it for your own success.

Please note, only do this with other viral videos. Because people are naturally going to want to watch it as the video already went viral and it had a really good hook.

The above method will significantly increase your viewers on TikTok.

3. Rewatch The Content to Get more Viewers on TikTok

gain viewers on titkok

What if you can tell your viewers to rewatch your video again that they have already watched without asking them to watch.

That is possible. When you post your video and you checked all the parameters like quality of content, lighting, trending style, and song then you are surely likely going to get nice views and few comments too.

Do not reply to those comments asap, and do not wait for more than 2 hours to reply back.  Instead, reply to those comments after 30 minutes each.

When you reply back, they will click to see your response, and the video will playback again and you end up getting more views and engagement too.

Do not wait longer than 2 hours, because it is highly likely your viewer may go and get busy at work.

4. Add A Hook to your Video

While creating your video, you only place the exciting part at the end of the video? you are missing out. 

People want to see in the beginning what you are going to do in the next few seconds.

So, you must add a nice hook at the start of the video and keep your viewers watching until the end of the video.

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5. Increase your Video Length

Every social media platform wants its viewers to spend more and more time on their platform so that they can serve them ads to generate revenue.

In your case on TikTok, It is only possible to get the viewers to stay longer if you are making content that is interesting enough and long enough too so that your viewers spend more time on the app.

With this method, it is not only you gain more viewers on TikTok, but TikTok’s algorithm will be pushing your content to more and more viewers.

The longer your video is with higher watch time the more viewers you will get, also it is going to increase the relevancy of your post within your niche.

Tik Tok is going to think that it’s a better piece of content and it’s going to push it out to way more viewers.

6. Repeat What is Working on TikTok

repeat what is out on tiktok

It is different from creator to creator and niche to niche on Tik Tok. Any content type that had been successful in the past, remodel it and keep doing it over and over again.

This could be a post this could be a hashtag, a sound, or anything like that, once something works do it over and over and over again that’s what the most successful creators on Tik Tok are constantly doing to gain lots of viewers. 

They’re finding what works doing it until it doesn’t work anymore. Then they finding the next thing that works do that until it doesn’t work anymore and that is how they get exponential growth on Tik Tok.

7. Avoid Following Mistakes If you want to Get Viewers on TikTok

Copyright Content: people can literally pick on you if you had uploaded someone else’s video on your account. Also, avoid using content from branded events like FIFA, UFC, or any sports or entertainment channel youtube.

TikTok’s AI is way stronger than ever before, you will literally get banned if you do it a couple of times in a week and the number of viewers will drop to 0 on all your copyright content.

Guess what? people followed you for that copyrighted content will not see any more similar posts from you, Hence, these new followers will drop and go for other better content creators.

Random Niche: do not post random content to gain views and followers, if by chance you manage to make one video go viral and gained 10k followers, what next? 

will you make another random viral video type of content, your new 10k followers will significantly drop which you gained from previous viral videos.

And TikTok will have no idea what your account is about, its algorithm will not be able to decide what your target audience is and your viewers will lose their interest.

Quality of Content

If your video is blurry and the lighting is not enough it is not good at all or the audio is not clear. TikTok’s AI will go and scrap your visual content as well as your audio, if it cant relate your video to any audience type, then chances are your video is not going to get any viewership.

Video Length: as I explained above the algorithm loves longer videos, but in case you can not make interesting videos and people are not watching more than %90 of your 15seconds video, stop making long videos. This will significantly drop your viewership due to boring content.

The unapproved device: You’re using a banned device to upload to Tik Tok, if you had an existing account on the same device which did not go well in the past, chances are your new account on the same device is being treated as the previous one.

Or if you are using multiple TikTok accounts on the same device, one mistake will impact the other account too. so remove all and keep one account. Check here, if your videos not getting views.

Last Tip to Get More Viewership on TikTok

Engage with your audience, Respond to comments and engage with your audience to build a sense of community around your content, which can encourage viewers to share and like your videos.

Experiment with different types of content,Try experimenting with different types of content to see what resonates with your audience. This can help you create more engaging content that gets more views.

Remember, building a following and increasing your views takes time and effort. Consistency and creativity are key, so keep experimenting with different approaches until you find what works best for you.

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