How to Get Views on TikTok with no Followers

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how to get views on tiktok without followers

In this post, I will share a practically proven method to gain views without any followers on Tiktok.

If your video on TikTok doesn’t get views, there can be many reasons. Let’s read through them and eliminate some of the basic reasons for not getting views.

Why Don’t I Get any Views on TikTok?

  • The quality of the Video is extremely poor which means, poor content, video quality, and audio plus no context. Top-performing videos on TikTok have all quality factors, especially when you want to get views without TikTok followers.
  • If you are younger than 16, the TikTok algorithm can assess you through your video clips and will not allow them to go public. Also, I have read through so many complaints on forums about TikTok wrongly assessing age and restricting creators’ content. If you had such an issue in the past, make sure you had removed it through the Help section in the App.
how to get views without any followers

In case, everything is perfect and there is no such basic problem then you can gain millions of views by applying the tips mentioned below.

How to Get Views on TikTok with no Followers

To get views on TikTok without followers, you need to make a disruptive niche-specific video with trending music in the background using the latest visual effects provided by TikTok. Also, the timing to publish the video should be during your daytime.

Ilia Alexanderson is TikToker, he had similar issues of not getting many views on TikTok.

One day he opens TikTok and explored through hashtags, as he was scrolling through he came across one hashtag, #canyouliftit which had only  250 thousand views, he also noticed there were not many videos too.

He imagined for a while, what kind of video he should make to suit the audience. Since the hashtag was about something lifting up, it could be weight, it could be anything about lifting.

He had this idea in mind, he went on to do something with a camera and record a disruptive video as follows.

how to get views on tiktok with no followers

As you can see, he is actually pretending to lift something that looks big, but it’s actually not, in fact, it is too close to the camera.

get views on tiktok without followers

How he did that? He hung a skittle above the phone camera with a pin, it was so close that it looked really big in the camera. For a while, anyone who watches( without knowing background work) will immediately think he is lifting something heavy and is under severe pain, but after a few seconds, he suddenly picks the skittle and eats it. t

You understand the whole game now. 

He filmed this for about 4-5 seconds in a pretty epic fashion and uploaded it on TikTok under #canyouliftit.

When he randomly checked the video after a couple of hours. The video had already crossed 6kviews at the end of the day. After 24 hours, it was at twenty thousand, and currently, it stands at over sixty thousand views.

This is an actual success story.  Let’s break it down to fully understand this method of getting views without followers.

How Do I Get My Tik Tok to Get More Views?

The above video is a proven example for us. I have mentioned all those factors of success below for you to apply.

1. Disruptive Content to Go viral on TikTok

Obviously, the most important thing is quality content that is disruptive in theme, something that you don’t see on Instagram, or youtube. Also, It should factor in challenge, performance, and illusion.

But, How to figure out what type of content will work. Well, you should spend some time on Tiktok to really understand this platform and its low competition hashtags. 

Explore what is the top trending video, and why is it trending. Once you found something relatable to the audience(niche), ask yourself the following three questions.

Does the idea have a Wow factor? Can the first few seconds raise Curiosity? Is it relatable to a particular Audience?

Every video that you are making and planning to gain millions of views should answer all three questions.

2. Niche-Specific Get more views on TikTok

As discussed in the previous step, I believe you have managed to figure out disruptive content with all 3 questions. Now is the time to pick the audience and understand what sort of content they are interested in.

Find 5 hashtags: one broad, two niches related, and two niche-specific( under 10 million).

See, what is a common theme among those niche-specific hashtags, what are the top 5 videos about? watch them and get yourself an idea about the audience preferences.

Once, you discovered the common theme around hashtags, write it down on a piece of paper or on your phone.

3. Post Timing on TikTok gets more Eye Balls

get views on tiktok no followers

You have to know your niche audience’s most active hours on TikTok, let’s say your video content is related to English-speaking countries.

It is obvious that Russian or Japanese will not be able to understand it fully.

Ideally, the time between 9 am to 8 pm is perfect. Schedule your post according to the audience’s demography.

However, TikTok is now focusing more on geo-focused content, meaning that your video will be served to your country’s audience first, and then it makes it to other places in the world.

4. Using Trendy Music

See what music is trending on TikTok, and do not ignore the opportunity to incorporate that in your video, this is one of the best Tips to trick TikTok’s algorithm to gain views.

If you play trending music in the background, TikTok will pick that music tune and compare it with other Posts on the Platform.

If any of the posts in the recent past happens to be a top hit in FYP using the same tune, the TikTok algorithm will treat your post similarly and boost it to more audiences. 

5. Contact Other Influencers

To get even better results, contact other influencers in your niche, and partner with them. 

It will give you two benefits. First, you will gain an initial boost on your video, which is very important to get noticed by TikTok’s Algorithm.

Second, If an influencer with 100k to 1m following from the same niche promotes your video. You can climb the popularity much higher and ultimately get thousands of views.

6. Invest In the advertisement

You will do it to get an initial boost, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, just spend $5 to get more than 500 views for the initial boost. 

But here is the thing, if your post is just a random clip and you hope it will get many views then you are mistaken.

You have to create quality content and use advertisement as a launching pad for an initial push for a long jump. 

7. Consistency to Grow your Account on TikTok

Why people would follow you? there’s a difference between only going viral on TikTok, or remaining consistent in producing your content.

gain views on tiktok

Consistency: It is because of this reason people have followed you. You have to be consistent, you may not have the time to create TikTok every day, but you have to allocate some time for it. If you don’t, you will lose loyal viewers within weeks.

Pro Tip:

Tiktok is trending right now and there is not much competition at the moment like Instagram or Facebook. 

As both of the platforms give priority to paid posts more than new accounts or less engaging posts.

So, take full advantage of this opportunity.

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8. Connect Your TikTok Videos With Other Social Media Networks

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or whatever social media you use. 

But, if you don’t have profiles on any of those famous social media giants, make them. 

It’s an incredible method to get views on your clips. People from other platforms will come to your TikTok profile and watch your content, this way you will get views without any followers for free.

9. Utilize special visual Effects to Retain Viewers

Enhanced visualizations are something that can make even the bluntest video engaging. Probably the good ones on the Tik Tok are emoticons(emojis).

Check the latest effects introduced by TikTok and use them in your videos. You will not believe, TikTok pushes hard to those videos which are made using the latest effects.

Even if your regular videos are not performing, they will work better with the latest effects.

10. TikTok and Audience Retention Get you more Viewers

TikTok keeps track of total watch time, likes, comments, and shares.

Your fundamental objective has to keep the audience engaged with your video clip and make them watch till the end.

How can you make such content? You need to create a story in your content after hooking your audience in the first few seconds.

For example, any clip, that is about the progress of any activity is usually very engaging.

This is something the TikTok algorithm love. They want the viewers to stay longer on TikTok so that they can serve more ads to them and earn more revenue. 

Final Thoughts about TikTok App

Tiktok is no longer a platform for kids only, almost every content can go viral on the platform, because, it has hashtags and a community from every niche. All you have to do is create the right content and put it in front of the right audience.

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If you are talented and have passion then don’t stop, use it and get famous.

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