How to Hide Message on Discord

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how to hide message on discord

You have been chatting with people on discord with similar interests, and you want to hide a certain message, if this is the case then follow the below method.

In this post, I will share with you how to hide messages on discord.

To hide a message on discord first type your message and after that double tap on it, or select the message and tap & long hold then a small menu will appear select “mark as spoiler” and it will hide the message.

How to Add Spoiler on Discord Mobile Images

Double tap or long-hold the picture, and it will pop up a new window. In this new window, you will discover a eye icon that allows you to mark the message as a spoiler.

How to Hide Message on Discord

Spoiler will make the image blurry, and others will need to press it in order to see the clear version of the image.

You are able to send numerous pics, but you will have to mark them as spoilers on an individual basis.

Alternative Method to Hid Discord Method

This method is simple too, just place double || bars before your text, and double vertical bars after the text, you don’t need to provide any space between them, and hit send.

Sample :

How to Hide Message on Discord

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How to Add Spoiler to Images on Discord (Hide on Mobile)

You have the ability to submit an image from your mobile device while maintaining the option to hide it behind a spoiler.

  • Open discord App.
  • Got the Channel you want to send picture to.
  • Upload the Picture and then Long press the picutre.
  • discord will show you options: mark as Spoiler
How to Add Spoiler to Images on Discord (Hide on Mobile)

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