How To Know If Someone Is Invisible on Discord

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how to know if someone is invisible on discord

There is no way to determine whether or not someone is invisible on Discord. Discord has not yet enabled such an option to figure out someone’s actual status on discord.

How anyone can be Invisible on Discord?

When you are signed into a channel on Discord, one of the statuses you have the option to pick is to be invisible.

Do Not Disturb: You are currently logged in but don’t want to be disturbed as you are busy with other activities.

Invisible Status: It is used when you want to be online, but you don’t want anyone.

Can Server Admin See your Status on Discord?

The administrators cannot view user status on discord.

Trick To Find Someone Status on Discord

Finding out when they were last active by searching for their most recent activity is the only reliable approach to determine this information.

You can do it by going to the other servers or channels where the user normally hangs out and get to see the recent comments.

Alternatively: If you want to know whether someone is deliberately hiding then, try creating a profile with a different username and display picture, get your new profile into the same servers and send A message to that person, If you see any response, it is clear Indication someone is trying to remain invisible on discord.

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