How to look for someone on tinder by Phone Number

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how to look for someone on tinder by phone number

Have you ever looked for a certain user on Tinder by entering their phone number into the search bar?

Tinder is by far the most popular dating app, and if you have someone’s mobile No then you can locate their Tinder profile.

Is it possible to search for someone on Tinder using their phone number?

You can search anyone and find out if they have a Tinder profile through the following options:

  • By Tinder’s Social Catfish Look-up.
  • Using a People Search Service that is free of charge.
  • Enter phone numbers on social media to find out connected accounts.

How do you search for someone on Tinder using their phone number?

look for someone on tinder by Phone Number

1. Social Catfish Lookup for Tinder

Using data from more than 100 billion records, Social Catfish can provide great detail about people who match your search parameters.

You will have to enter the following detail to get all information about the person.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Tinder username

2. People Search Services

1. BeenVerified

You can simply enter the person’s information such as their phone number, and you will receive a comprehensive report that contains that person’s full name, email address, residential address, marriage status, social media accounts, criminal histories, and even more information.

How to look for someone on tinder by Phone Number

You will have to enter your First & Last Name, and then their present state so on.

After everything is finished, you will be able to view the report that corresponds to the information that you entered.

2. Spokeo

For the Tinder profiles, Spokeo is also one of the most popular phone number tracking apps that you can utilize.
Simply entering the phone number will allow you to obtain information that corresponds to that number, such as the full name, current address, social media profiles, and so on of the person whose number you are looking up.

How to look for someone on tinder by Phone Number

Go to the Spokeo website that is officially sanctioned.

After that, you will need to key in the number and then select “Search Now.”

In just a few moments, you will see the results that are associated with that phone number.

3. Use Social Media to Locate Tinder Username

How to look for someone on tinder by Phone Number

You can use this strategy to identify social media profiles that are connected to specific Tinder profiles even though it won’t help you find a Tinder profile directly.

Phone numbers can be used to locate social media accounts that are linked to Tinder profiles.

Users of Tinder can log into their accounts using their Facebook accounts.

Furthermore, Tinder gives users the option to post their Instagram photographs beneath their bio.

By just typing a user’s phone number into the app’s search field, you may discover them on Facebook.
If you have your Tinder match’s phone number saved in your contacts list, you could do this for Instagram.

Additionally, it’s conceivable for someone to use the same username on Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder.

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