How to make a Welcome Channel Discord

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how to make a welcome channel on discord

In this post you will learn:

How to make a Welcome Channel Discord.

The majority of the gaming community is familiar with the program known as Discord.
It is a fantastic method for ensuring that all of your buddies continue to engage in conversation with one another.
You will be able to better your game, come up with strategies, and have more fun if you play with others.

Every day, people are launching new channels on Discord.
You have arrived at the right location if you were searching for a tutorial that will teach you how to create a welcome channel Discord.

In addition to that, we will explain an awesome tip for creating an automatic welcome greeting message.
This message will always appear whenever a new user enters the channel, Example: Welcome Mr.X.

We will show you a simple method that you may use to create your own welcome channel.
If you are new to Discord, you probably have no idea how to create a welcome channel that every user may join simply by clicking on the server.

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This is a common problem for people who are just starting out on the platform. I will share with you two methods to make a welcome Channel on Discord

Method #1

How to Make A Welcome Channel in Discord

Step 1: Open the Discord server then go on the left panel and click to Create a Channel.

How to Make A Welcome Channel in Discord

Step 2: Choose the Text Channel and give it the name “Welcome“.

How to Make A Welcome Channel in Discord

Step 3: Modify the channel, Navigate to the Edit Channel menu and select Permissions followed by Advanced Permissions.
You can activate View Channel and Read Message History, and deactivated the option to Send a Message. Everyone can read the channel messages; but, they are unable to post messages to the Welcome channel.

How to Make A Welcome Channel in Discord

Step 4: Visit the MEE6 bot’s official website on the web to learn how to integrate it into your server.

Before adding the bot to your server, it will enquire about your authorization in order to proceed.

After installing the MEE6 bot on your server, you will be able to navigate to the plugin gallery via the official website of the bot.
Therefore, to access it, navigate to the left panel and select the Welcome link.

How to Make A Welcome Channel in Discord

You will have a number of different options to choose from when greeting a new member who has joined the service.
Step 5: In the interest of keeping things straightforward, we shall activate the first choice of sending a message whenever a user successfully connects to the server.

After activating the feature, choose the channel, and then type in a greeting text message for new users.
Now you need to save the setting in order for the modifications to take effect successfully.

How to Make A Welcome Channel in Discord

When a new user connects to the server, they will automatically receive a message of welcome.
Take, for instance, the case of the user “Mr. X,” who, upon logging into the Linuxhint server, was greeted.

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You are free to alter the message in any way that you think fits. You also have the option of enabling it to appear only for a single individual.

Method # 2

Create A Welcome Channel on Discord

Step 1: Launch Discord, navigate to the server you wish to connect to, and then right-click.
Choose the “Create a Channel”.

Step 2: Give your channel a name! Anything then click the “Create Channel” button.
You also have the option of using the “Private” setting.
If you choose this option, the link to your channel will only be accessible to the persons that you offer it to. But, if you disable it, everyone can join.

How to Make A Welcome Channel on Discord

Step 3: Your channel is now ready to be used. Proceed to MEE6.
This is a dashboard that provides you with the ability to add a more imaginative spin to your channel.
You have the ability to assign roles to your members, develop commands, and add messages.
You have complete command over the channel you are using.

How to Make A Welcome Channel on Discord

From here follow step 4 from Method #1 above or keep reading below.

You can sign up for this channel right here if you want to create a welcome channel on Discord.
Following registration, you will have access to the “Plugins” menu, where you can choose “Enable” next to the welcome feature.
This is the function that will make everyone in your channel who has just joined feel really welcome.

Step 4: Proceed now to create your personalized welcome message using the automatic system.
To begin, choose the station you want to watch.
After there, you can either write a message that will be visible to all of the members or you may toggle a private message that will only be seen by one specific individual.
When you have finished writing your message of welcome, you may save the changes by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 5: Lastly, enter your channel on Discord the word welcome will appear almost immediately.

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