How to Nuke A Discord Server

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how to nuke a discord server without admin

In this post, you will learn “How to nuke a discord server ” plus some other methods to workaround nuking a discord server without having admin prem.

What is Nuking a Discord Server

A huge raid on a particular Discord server is known as “Discord Nuking.” and it destroys all the work on the server and the Admin.

So, basically, after a hacker destroys a server, there aren’t many things a server owner can do.

That’s because the hacker managed to get around the server’s admin rights.

It is possible to recover the nuked server, but users would not want to return it as they will not trust the server again.

nuke discord server

Can I Nuke Discord Server Without Permission

You can’t do it without a bot and permission.

I highly encourage you to not nuke the discord as this is against the discord policy and it can get you in trouble of banning yourself on discord or legal issues.

If you come across something unusual, report it to discord.

How to Nuke a Discord Server Without Admin

To Nuke the Discord server, you will need the following important things:

  • Nuking Bot
  • Admin rights

You can find many online bots that work well, such as C-REAL. You can search for more on Github.

Keep in mind that using a nuking bot to take down a Discord server requires admin rights.

If you do not have admin rights, it will not be a straightforward method. So, you will have to Take control of an admin’s Discord account by hacking it, If they don’t have two-factor authentication on then it would be easier.

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If you have decided to nuke a server then follow the below method:

Got to Github and search discord-nuke-bot.

Use the following commands:

  • $rape: Bans everyone from the server and kills all channels.
  • $dad: get you admin privileges.
  • $h: kicks out everyone.

You can learn more commands and how to set up bot on Github’s file under discord-nuke-bot.

How to Nuke A Discord Server

Alternatively, you can try the easy path:

  • Invite the bot to the server and ask the admin to grant the bot admin access.
  • get a server administrator to turn against it and destroy it.
  • Use a bot that grants you administrator rights.

Fun fact: most of the admins accidentally approve the admin request.

How to Nuke A Discord Server

The easiest way to nuke the server is through the Xenon bot.

  • Got to Xenon.
  • Select the Invite button.
How to Nuke A Discord Server
  • Add your server name and click Continue & then authorized, pass the Human Captcha.

Once successful, you will see the following screen.

How to Nuke A Discord Server xenon
Go to Discord, and you should be able to see Xenon bot on your right side panel.
How to Nuke A Discord Server invite xenon
Then type the following command in the chat area and hit enter.

/template load name_or_id: rvQkpKXqzsNq

How to Nuke A Discord Server invite xenon

Press Confirm to proceed.

How to Nuke A Discord Server

Actual Way to Nuke Discord Server without Admin

Disclaimer: Following is for educational purposes only, not to harm anyone, use and apply at your own risk.

  • You will need a VPN.
  • Use the alternative accounts, around 5.
  • Make google docs of 15000 characters, and copy the same word i,e ‘SPAM’ with a single space throughout the document.
  • Now open that discord server chat, paste it, and hit send, all 5 accounts keep repeating the process.
  • it will crash the server.
  • Alternatively, you can use DDos tool.
  • During spam messages, You will get a chill zone message, which you can avoid by following these steps.

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In Conclusion

It is against Discord’s Terms of Service to use nuking bots to kick and ban users.

Plus to nuke the discord server, you will have to gain admin rights and use some bots.

Did you know you can setup to view deleted messages on discord?

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