How to See All Birthday Wishes on Facebook

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how to see all birthday wishes on facebook

In This Post you will learn:

  • How to See All Birthday Wishes on Facebook.
  • How to see Birthdays on Timeline.
  • Hide Birthdays from the timeline.

Having trouble keeping up with your friends’ Facebook posts? My lack of popularity on Facebook is a source of great frustration for me.
Especially on your birthday all of your Facebook friends have sent you adorable birthday wishes, you are unable to view all of these wishes on your Facebook timeline for some reason.

You believe that several of your friends did not give you a happy birthday wish when they did send one to another buddy.

How to See All Birthday Wishes on Facebook

Take it easy, we will demonstrate how you can view all of the birthday greeting wishes that have been posted on your Facebook timeline.

Why You Can’t See Birthday wishes on your Timeline

If you believe that you are not receiving birthday greetings on your Facebook timeline, check your privacy settings to ensure that your friends are allowed to post on your timeline.

Click on the 3-bar option and then go to Privacy Settings(Settings) Next, locate the option that says ‘Timeline and Tagging(Profile & tagging)’ and then click on Edit Settings, where it says who can post on your profile.

You will need to click on the down arrow (located in the upper right corner) in order to enable this option. From the options that appear, select Privacy Settings. Next, locate the option that says “Timeline and Tagging,” and then click on Edit Settings.

How to See All Birthday wishes on Facebook Timeline

  • Launch Facebook.
  • Click three Bar lines.
  • Click on the Settings & Privacy button.
  • Facebook’s settings and privacy options.
  • Tap the Settings menu item, then select Your Facebook Information from the Settings menu that appears.
How to See All Birthday Wishes on Facebook
  • You need to scroll till you find ‘Access Your Information‘ then tap on it, then after that, tap on Your activity throughout Facebook.
  • Select Posts from the menu on the left, and after that, Other people’s posts to your timeline.
How to See All Birthday wishes on Facebook Timeline
hide birthday from facebook

Here you can view all of the happy birthday posts that have been shared on Facebook but do not appear on your profile timeline.

Second Option: How to Check Birthday Wishes on Facebook

  • Launch the app for Facebook.
  • Simply select the profile icon from the menu.
  • This will take you to the timeline that you have set up on Facebook (your profile).
  • Scroll all the way down until you reach the section on Facebook that displays the number of individuals who sent you birthday wishes.

When you are scrolling down your Facebook timeline, you also have the option of seeing only one birthday wish from a single individual, with the rest of the birthday wishes being invisible so that they do not take up unnecessary space.

Therefore, click on “See More“, and you will be sent to the page that lists all of the birthday greetings that have been sent to you.

The See More option can be found on Facebook.

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How Do I Hide Birthday Wishes on Facebook

A birthday wish from someone else can be hidden by heading to the post and clicking on the three dots that appear next to it (right side).
After you have clicked on it, you will need to select Hide from your profile and then click on it again.

On Facebook, is it possible to view forthcoming birthdays?

Click on Events (located on the left side of your homepage) and then on Birthdays This Week > See All to view the upcoming birthdays of all of your Facebook friends.

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Please Note: there is a myth that has been around for years that claims Facebook only lets you view 25 posts or something stupid like that on your timeline. This myth has been circulating for years.
I believe that it is nothing more than baseless gossip.

How do I see hidden birthday posts on Facebook?

Using the activity log, you can view items (such as posts, images, and videos) that you’ve concealed on your profile. On Facebook, tap your name after tapping the top right button. Hit Activity Log again. To review, press Filter, then tap Hidden from profile.

Last Possible Reason is Facebook itself

Well, the reason is that Facebook’s algorithm shows you the most relevant and popular posts first. So if someone has a lot of friends posting on their birthday, you might not see every single post unless you actively seek them out.

But don’t worry, there are ways to see all the birthday posts for your friends. One way is to go to your friend’s profile and click on the “Posts” tab. This will show you all the posts that your friend has been tagged in, including birthday posts.

Another way is to go to the birthday event page and click on the “Discussion” tab. This will show you all the posts and comments related to the event, including birthday wishes.

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