How to See Deleted Messages on Discord Plugin

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how to view deleted messages on discord

In this post, I will share with you various methods to see removed or erased discord messages. It will require easy installation of some plugins which is going to retain archived data.

Discord doesn’t offer anything to recover removed messages.

Can you See Deleted Messages on Discord?

Discord doesn’t allow you to recover deleted messages, it is against discord policy, however, If you are the owner of a server and want to see some deleted messages, right-click the server, and click on open logs. You should then see 4 tabs, click on the “Deleted” tab, and you should see all the messages people have deleted.

Or, to view Dm You can Install plugins to recover deleted messages, but they will go against discord policy.

Discord Deleted Messages Plugin

It is commonly believed that everything posted on the internet cannot be removed, and this holds true for messages that have been deleted from Discord.

If someone has erased a message on Discord and you want to check what it said or get access to the information again, then it is feasible to do.

Just keep in mind that if you are able to view deleted messages on Discord, then anyone else is able to as well, so be careful about what you post in the first place because your chat will still be accessible but will be hidden from the ordinary view.

To view messages that have been removed from Discord, simply follow the below step-by-step guide

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How Can You View Messages That Have Been Deleted On Discord?

In order to view messages that have been deleted on Discord, you will need to complete a series of four procedures, each of which is very straightforward and will be discussed in more detail below. The processes are as follows:

Step 1. Download and Install BetterDiscord on your device.

This app expands the capabilities of Discord and is required to accomplish anything complex on the server, including checking for messages that have been modified or deleted.

Download from here.

After the installation is complete, Discord will launch itself immediately, and a pop-up window should appear displaying the version of BetterDiscord that you have now installed.

Step 2. Save MessageLoggerV2 to your computer.

Now download messsageLoggerV2, it is a plugin for BetterDiscord that makes use of the enhanced capabilities to provide you with access to messages that have been deleted or changed on a server.

You should save MessageLoggerV2 to a location that you can easily recall after downloading it.

Step 3. Add MessageLoggerV2 To Plugins

After you have BetterDiscord set up and have downloaded the MessageLoggerV2 plugin, the next step is to set up BetterDiscord to use the plugin and enable it.

  1. Open Discord on your desktop
  2. Simply select User Settings.
  3. You should locate the BetterDiscord header on the left side of the website after scrolling down the page.
  4. Click Plugins under the BetterDiscord header
  5. To access the plugins folder, click the Open button.
  6. Launch the directory from where you extracted the MessageLoggerV2 plugin that you downloaded.
  7. Put the MessageLoggerV2 plugin in the Plugins folder in Discord by dragging and dropping it there.
  8. To activate the MessageLoggerV2 plugin, either click the checkbox to the right of the plugin or flip the switch that is located there.
  9. There is a possibility that you will receive a warning about missing libraries; if so, click the download Now button to install the libraries.
  10. After the download is finished, make sure that the XenoLib and ZeresPluginLibrary are both enabled.

Step 4. Select Server And Open Logs

The installation of everything should now be complete; at this point, all that remains is to choose the appropriate server and examine the targeted message.

  1. Locate the server that you wish to inspect or recover old messages from.
  2. Right Click on the server and a menu will open.
  3. You will be presented with a menu, from which you can pick Message Logger.
  4. You will see a log window, and all you have to do is click on Open Logs.
  5. You now have access to examine server logs that are associated with a variety of actions, and you may select Options such as:
  • Ghost Pings
  • Deleted
  • Edited
  • Purged

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More about Deleted Discord Message

Are message loggers against Discord TOS?

Yes, Message loggers are in violation of discord’s API terms and privacy policy, and can result in account suspension or a permanent ban from discord.

Which Server Logs Are Available to View on the Discord Server?

If you follow the method described above, you will have access to four distinct types of server logs, each of which will contain information on the message, the day and time it was sent, and the user to whom it is related.

Deleted, Edited, Purged & Ghost Pings will be displayed.

Are You Able to View the Discord Server Logs From the Past?

If you are a regular user of Discord, you are unable to view the historical server logs, and if you use the approach described above, you will only be able to view logs beginning at the point at which you install and enable the MessageLoggerV2 plugin.

Are You Able To View Messages That Have Been Deleted From Discord?

Because BetterDiscord and MessageLoggerV2 violate the terms of service for Discord, it is theoretically forbidden for you to use them, and if you want to use them anyway, you are responsible for any potential consequences.

Having said that, BetterDiscord and MessageLoggerV2 are both client-side applications, which means that they can only access data that is either originating from your system or is accessible through your Discord client.

How Can You View Messages That Have Been Previously Deleted On Discord?

If you have the BetterDiscord application and the MessageLoggerV2 plugin installed on your computer, you will have the ability to view messages that have been erased from Discord. If, on the other hand, you wish to view messages that have been erased before the installation, this cannot be done, though as a server owner you can view messages erased by users.

Is BetterDiscord allowed?

Not at all, the BetterDiscord is not allowed on Discord as it violates the Discord Terms of Service. Discord has specifically stated that BetterDiscord is not allowed the use its services which may result in a suspension or a ban.

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