How to stop getting emails from Reddit

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how to stop getting email from reddit

When a person creates a profile, they are given the option of selecting which subreddits they want to join. This allows them to follow certain topics that are being discussed.

The Reddit email notifications are a feature that many users find annoying, despite the fact that Reddit is a popular website for many people.

All you have to do is unchecked some setting in Reddit, as explained below in first heading.

It’s possible that your inbox is getting overrun by emails from Reddit because you’re a member of more than one subreddit.

We are aware that having an overflowing inbox can be an annoying problem.

You can opt-out of receiving emails from Reddit’s Daily Digest if you don’t want to receive emails including new and trending articles from a range of communities you spend time in by accessing your notification settings.

Following is the step by step method to stop Reddit from sending you email notification.

Website: How to stop getting emails from Reddit

  • Navigate to the area of your User Settings >”Notification“.
  • Select Manage Email, then scroll down until you reach the area labeled Newsletters.
  • To disable the Daily Digest, slide the toggle to the off position. You can pick the best options as per your need.
Website: How to stop getting emails from Reddit

On the website

Navigate to your preferences and scroll down until you reach the section on email options.

Deactivate the option to send email digests by unchecking the box.

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Mobile App: How to stop getting emails from Reddit App

  • On the Mobile Reddit app, Simply open the menu for your profile by tapping on your avatar.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Under Account Settings, pick Manage Emails after clicking on your username in the drop-down menu.

Scroll to the bottom of the page until you reach the Newsletter section, and then slide the toggle for the Daily Digest to the off position.

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