How to Stream Desktop Audio on Discord

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how to stream desktop audio on discord

In this post, I am going to share with you, “How to broadcast desktop audio on Discord“. In order to give you the most complete and comprehensive answer possible, we have compiled a list of all the relevant steps.

Is it possible to stream audio from your desktop through Discord?

Yes, you can stream audio from the pc to discord with the help of 3rd party apps, for the simple setup I am going to use Voice Meter Banana.

Download and install the voice meter banana, and virtual Audio cable input.

The Voice meeter has 5 columns: Hardware Input1,2,3, Virtual Inputs, and Hardwareout.

At this stage just keep in mind, Each column contains Input & output audio settings.

Now let’s set up everything to stream audio on discord.

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Step by Step Method Discord to Capture Desktop Audio

  • 1. On the Voice Meeter App there will be buttons by the name of A1,A2 etc & B1,B2 etc. Simply remember As Speaker/HeadPhones for you to hear.
  • 2. After Installation you will have voicemeeter vaio and voicemeeter aux vaio in both your input and output in sounds Under the Control Panel. On Windows go to Start Menu>Control Panel>Sound.
  • 3. Make the voicemmeter vaio both your default devices for recording and playback.
Step by Step Method Discord to Capture Desktop Audio
  • 4. Restart the discord or restart your computer to enable audio devices which are set up in the above setup. After opening discord again go to user settings at the bottom next to your name, then under Apps Settings Select Voice & Video. Select both output & Input devices as a voicemeter output & input.
  • 5. Now in voicemmeter in the top right you can see A1,A2 etc(Under hardware out). Make A1 you playback device (your headphones or where ever your audio is going out), either WDM or mme.

You have almost done 90 % work here.

  • 6. Now you must play audio via youtube or Spotify for it to show and when that happens make your internet browser output = voicemeeter aux vaio and , Virtual Audio Cable must be designated to Hardware Input 2.

If you don’t see any output, it could be your microphone wrongly selected, go on hardware Input 2 and select a different input mic as follows.

Is it possible to stream audio from your desktop through Discord?

You should just click B1 which is channel mic sending out audio from youtube or Spotify.

The above steps should setup audio streaming to discord, if you are unable to get the result, play with input settings under column 2 from the left and enable B1,B2 buttons, or sound Inputs from the control panel>sound.

Alternatively Install Audio cable input and perform Step No.2 onward but this time select audio cable input as a default input & output.

Hint: You can do a mic test in discord by going to user settings > Voice & Audio then Mic Test.

You can always set back to default audio settings on discord by scrolling down to the voice & audio page and selecting the button “Reset Voice Settings”.

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How can I stream Game & Audio from Discord?

The following is what you need to do:

  • Simply click the user settings at the bottom of the page.
  • Proceed to Registered Games Under Activity Settings.
  • To play, select Add it! from the menu that says “No game detected.”
  • The game that you wish to broadcast must first be selected from the dropdown menu that displays below, and then the Add Game button must be clicked.
How can I stream Game Audio from Discord?

By default, it should stream, However, if you don’t see it working then you need to check the Activity Privacy settings.

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