How to Turn Off Chill Zone Discord

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how to turn off chill zone on discord

So you have been busy sending messages and all of sudden, the Chill Zone notification appears when you were just about to send a response, which is annoying. The chill zone message appears when you send spam messages on discord.

What is Chill Zone on Discord:

The Chill zone is basically designed to protect the discord infrastructure to avoid getting nuked because of spam messages and so on. Learn discord nuking.

How to disable Chill Zone on Discord?

If you hold down any key such as the “F” key plus Enter key simultaneously, it will freeze discord first, and then release both at the same time, discord will unfreeze.

This is a flaw in discord, to get around discord’s spam protection.

How to Quit a Discord Server on Android Device

Launch Discord on the Android device you’re using.

  • Locate the server that you wish to disconnect from.
  • To connect to the server, click on the three dots that are located next to its name.
  • Make your selection from the drop-down menu labeled Leave Server.
  • To confirm the action, tap the Yes button.

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