How to Turn on Auto Sync on TikTok

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How to Turn on Auto Sync on TikTok

The auto-sync editing feature allows users to upload batches of videos at the same time and they will automatically sync to whatever sound/ Song or Clips that you’re using on Tik Tok.

This auto-sync function can be really useful for multiple clips or just montages.

So, here I will show how to turn on auto sync on TikTok.

  1. The first thing you’re going to do is open up Tik Tok, and find two or more vidoes that you’re going to want to use as following:
2. After selecting the required files it will look as follows, and then click next, please make sure you have more than one clip selected to Auto Sync on TikTok.

3. The above process will take a few seconds to process both or more clips, after processing, TikTok will automatically pick recommended sound list shown in the following picture.

You can select from your favorites too, but it is your choice, though the automatically selected sounds are not the best for Auto-sync on TikTok.

4. After selecting the sound, please press the back button on your mobile phone to remove the sound list screen and reach the following screen as follows.

Now, Click the Adjust clips icon from the second top right corner.

how to turn on auto sync on tiktok

5. Above action will take you to the following screen, where you will notice it has a default selected option, click Sound Sync next to the Default.

6. Now it will enable the Auto Sync option as follows on the left side of the clips, if you have more than 5 clips then scroll down to the left to see the Auto Sync option, simply tap Sound Sync.

6. The Auto Sync will begin automatically as shown below, once it is finished, your clips are auto-synced.

how to turn on auto sync on tiktok

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