How to UnMatch on Facebook Dating

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how to unmatch on facebook dating app

Similar to other well-known dating applications, Facebook’s new mobile dating app exists.
Sadly, there may be times when you need to unmatch someone with whom you have connected.
But, Can you unmatch on FB dating? Yes, you can follow the below method.

How to unmatch on Facebook dating:

To unmatch on Facebook dating, click the shield icon in the corner of the chat, then select “delete the conversation”, alternatively report the communication to the Facebook dating app. This will unmatch Facebook dating.

There are countless dating apps available that cater to whatever type of individual you can think of.
According to Facebook, you should utilize the app you already use every day for dating rather than using a separate app.

With millions of individuals using Facebook every day, it would seem reasonable that you could quickly connect with someone local.

how to unmatch on facebook dating app

Why Facebook Dating & How it Works

A brand-new category of dating apps, Facebook Dating competes withTinder & Bumble.
Facebook uses its robust social network to assist other users in finding love.

Facebook matches you with users who aren’t your friends so that you can get a different viewpoint on the brand-new journey.
You can also view your mutual friends for each individual that is displayed to you.

Unfortunately, even if you have friends in common, you can find a match that isn’t right for you.
There may be a number of causes for this.

These are the procedures you must take if you no longer wish to be matched with the person you have connected with.

To start, click the person’s profile and open the chat there is a shield icon located on the top right.

When the shield icon is clicked, a safety and support menu will appear.
You have a few different alternatives to disconnect and unmatch from the user in the safety and help menu.

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Method 1: Delete The conversation

The step involves eliminating the user by deleting the conversation.
You will be unmatched by the individual and the chat will be deleted.
However, keep in mind that once you delete a chat, it cannot be recovered.

Method 2: How do You Unmatch on Fb Dating

Simply blocking the other person is another approach to unmatch someone on Facebook dating from your profile if you don’t want to delete the chat.

If someone is making your online dating experience difficult or inappropriate, we advise blocking them.
This might be done by persistent texts and obnoxious messages.

If someone is making your online dating experience difficult or inappropriate, we advise blocking them.

Method 3: How to UnMatch Someone on Facebook Dating

If the conversation deteriorates and you’re not happy with how the person is expressing themselves on Facebook Dating, we advise using the Report the conversation option.

You can select options or type your own information regarding the conversation’s reporting using the Report button by utilizing the conversation button.

The communication will be reported to Facebook, they will review it and decide on any further course of action.
We advise you to block or remove the user’s communication for immediate disconnection rather than waiting for the procedure.

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