How to Withdraw Money From TikTok Creator Fund

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how to withdraw money from tiktok creator fund

Here I will show you how to withdraw your money from the Tik Tok creator fund.

Before setting up the method, make sure you have a Paypal account, it is much easier to connect TikTok with Paypal than with the bank.

1. To withdraw money from TikTok go to your profile and then click 3 bars at the top right corner.

2. Select balance.

Withdraw Money From TikTok Creator Fund

3. Select Income click on income wait for a six-digit verification code.

Withdraw Money From TikTok
take out Money From TikTok Creator Fund

4. Select the withdrawal method. 

Money From TikTok Creator Fund

5. Add a new method and then select Add Payment Method or Plus Arrow button.

Withdraw Money From TikTok Creator Fund-bank

6. Accept terms and conditions or agree and continue.

7. Connect with PayPal, using your PayPal Email address and PayPal’s password. 

8. TikTok has received your information, now agree and continue.

9. Now click the Back button and Press Withdraw.

Withdraw Money From TikTok Creator Fund

If TikTok has enabled the banking method, you can add your bank using the same method explained above. However, instead of PayPal select the option Bank. You will have to provide the Swift code & Bank Account Details.

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