Instagram Story Views Not Showing

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Instagram story views not showing

You must have come across issues like “my Instagram story views not showing“.
In this post, I will share with you practical solutions that you can apply to fix the Instagram story views issue.

Let’s Apply the following solutions if Instagram story views are not showing up.

How to Fix Instagram Story Views

Before we began to apply solutions, I am sure you are checking view counts after 12 hours of posting your Instagram story.

Instagram Story Views Not Showing

Solution 1: User Instagram Web Version to Check

The majority of the time, Instagram’s app section is where story views are not displayed.
In this instance, it is advised that you utilize the website version because, unless you have poor Internet, it is always effective.

So go to on your mobile in Dekstop Site( On chrome browser click 3 dots).

If You can log in through and check your posts, it means your app or mobile is playing out with you. Apply the next solutions to fix it. Also, check if the sound is working on Instagram, if not then find out why.

Solution 2: Restart Your Mobile Phone

The Instagram app does occasionally have some minor bugs, it’s true.
When an app runs continuously for too long, this frequently occurs.
Therefore, rebooting your phone is a good choice in this situation because it needs a reset.

Check If you see the story views, if not then go to the next solution.

Solution 3: Restarting the Instagram app

The only difference between this approach and the one above is that you only need to close the app and launch it again.

The best method is to force stop your App you do it by going to Seetings>Apps>Instagram>Force Stop.

Open your Instagram and see your story views.

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Solution 4: Clear the Instagram Cache

This can also occur if the cache starts to accumulate in the phone memory; in this case, you will need to close the app, clear the cache, and then relaunch it.

Instagram sotry views not showing
  • Go to your device’s Settings.
  • Tap on Apps
  • Then Find Instagram
  • Tap on Storage,
  • Then select “clear cache” to finish clearing the cache.
    Be aware that depending on the gadget being used, this procedure may vary.

Now Open your Instagram app and check your story counts.

Solution 5: Remove and Download Update Instagram

Simply remove the Instagram app, re-download it, and start over. Normally your mobile updates the Instagram app when you are connected with Wifi, but sometimes Poor Wifi Connection leads to incomplete Installation.

Instagram Story Views Not Showing

Therefore, the best thing is to remove it first and download the latest Instagram App.

Solution 6: Get in touch with Instagram Support.

You might as well ask for help from the Instagram Support Team.
But only after you’ve undoubtedly attempted the aforementioned techniques.

Why are my Instagram story views not showing

Your Instagram Story views count may not be displaying frequently due to a server-side issue.
As a result, we think that the Instagram app won’t be able to set up a reliable connection to sync or update your view count.

Other Instagram users may also experience these issues with view counts in such circumstances.


As a result, we suggest going to Downdetector’s Instagram profile.
You can check if other users in your area are reporting a similar problem or see if Instagram is experiencing service problems generally.

In Conclusion

Ig not showing story viewers: the problem is that your Instagram app may be experiencing the Instagram story not showing views issue for a variety of reasons.
Despite the uncertainty surrounding the core cause, the above techniques employed to address it are highly successful.

Although the view data typically only appears after a certain time.
Even though this scenario can be unpleasant, there is a way to fix it. You only need to follow the steps, which we have already laid out for you.

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