Is Likee Safe for Kids

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is likee safe for kids

Likee is a popular short format app just like TikTok and as per Likee, “Likee is a Short video creation platform, with cutting-edge special effects, video shooting, and editing tools”.

Just Like every other app out there, there are pros and cons, Likee is no different, it has a mixture of communities from good and bad backgrounds.

In this post I will share you two methods to protect your kids on Likee and how to avoid kids from being contacted by strangers.

When Kids are unsupervised, they can be even tricked to disclose private Info on Big platforms like Facebook & Instagram.

It is a similar case on Likee, for underage children it is unsafe.

However, Likee is found to have more creators in the younger age bracket than its competitor i.e TikTok.

But, here is a thing before Tiktok’s rebranding, TikTok was called musically, and only fewer people knew about this app.

is likee safe for kids

It had the same kind of poor check and balance on a creator signup process. So that more people could join the app.

In order to grow in size, the newer apps tend to keep the signup process less complicated with fewer checks.

I think it is the same kind of philosophy behind Likee’s Signup process.

Is Likee Safe For Kids

Like any other social media, the Likee app is only safe for kids if supervised by the parents during the sign-up process, and after content creation, especially if the kids are underage(under 16). 

Also, don’t forget to check privacy settings before handing out the mobile to the teens.

Privacy settings are very helpful to prevent kids from strangers.

Does Likee Offer the App to be Safe for Kids

Likee clearly states during the sign-up process that “ Likee is not directed to Children”.

It also states that the app has a minimum age requirement of 16 years or more to sign up.

is likee safe for kids

You can read about the privacy policy here.

Is Likee Like TikTok

Likee is similar to TikTok in that it allows users to create and share short videos with music and various effects. Both apps have become popular for their user-generated content and have a similar user interface.

However, there are some differences between the two platforms. Likee has a wider range of filters and effects, and it also offers live streaming and gaming features.

Additionally, Likee has a stronger presence in some countries, such as India and Indonesia, where TikTok has faced some regulatory issues.

How Kids Can use Likee Safely

The easiest way to make Likee App Safer for Kids is by enabling privacy settings, plus parental engagement can prevent their children.

Firstly, when creating a profile the default setting on Likee is set to public, which means anyone can reach out to your kids.

You should consider disabling the following options on your kid’s profile by going to privacy settings.

is likee a safer then TikTok
  • Disable Location
  • Who Can Message Me( to Friends or Disable)
  • Enable Others to Save my Videos(Disable this option)

To reach to setting page, click on the Me icon at the bottom right corner

> Click the 3 Bars on the top right corner

> At the bottom click Settings

> Click Privacy.

Though they are not completely preventable, the content created and then shared by your kids in public using hashtags is visible to the public.

So, the publicly shared content can be shared on other platforms, it can be Facebook, YouTube, or adult websites.

But, here comes the role of a parent, you should regularly check your kid’s Likee profile.

Check what sort of content has been posted by them.

Keep in mind, that these days, kids want to get famous by creating bold content.

Hence why it is important to regularly check kids’ profiles, not only Likee, but other media platforms require a similar type of supervision.

Pro Tips for Parents to Protect Kids on Likee

  1. Have a conversation with your kids that they should let you know if they see any unknown person trying to message, and they should never share any personal information with strangers.
  2. Try using the Likee app yourself as a parent, if your kid happens to be a content creator, get yourself in the videos, this way it will send a message to those creeps that the child is not alone and it is not easy to target.
  3. Chat with your kids in general about the internet and the safety and vulnerabilities of posting videos on Likee or any other short format app.

is Likee Safer than TikTok

I don’t see any difference between the apps, they clearly claim strict rules and policy but is hard to prevent kids on the internet from getting into the wrong hands.

Any app is only safe for kids when it is being monitored, especially when the app’s settings are managed by parents, they can reduce the chance of exposure.

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More about Likee

Likee is a social media app that allows users to create and share short videos with various effects, filters, and music.

It was developed by Bigo Technology Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based company, and was launched in July 2017. Likee has become popular in many countries, especially in Asia, and has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide.

The app allows users to follow and interact with other users, and also provides features such as live streaming and messaging.

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