Is there a Kid Version of TikTok

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is there kids version of TikTok

As per TikTok, the minimum age to use the platform is 13 years. A user can sign up with a Current Facebook account and Email address as well.

Are there Other Apps for Kids Like TikTok

As we already got to know there is no kids-only version of TikTok. However, there are some other apps similar to TikTok.

One of the most secure apps similar to TikTok is Zigazoo. This app was mainly developed by parents during a pandemic to offer a fun and secure environment to their kids.

The second TikTok-like app is Youtube for Kids, the environment is specifically designed to provide a contained environment to kids.

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Is TikTok Safe for 7-Year-Old Kid

A version of TikTok is available for children less than 13 years old in which they are able to produce videos but not publish them, and in which they are restricted to viewing only videos that have been considered suitable for children.

is there kid version for tiktok

Why TikTok is Banned in the US and Other Countries

India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh have banned TikTok several times because of security concerns.

TikTok is currently owned by ByteDance, which is based in Beijing.

President Trump had attempted to compel the sale of TikTok to an American business by citing worries about national security.
In the event that an agreement was not made, Trump has stated that TikTok will be essentially banned in the United States.

Is TikTok an 18 Plus App ?

TikTok is a social networking application that is popular among young people, particularly teens.

It is not feasible to verify a user’s age using the app; however, there is a “safety” option that enables users to ban other users with whom they do not wish to engage in conversation.

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So What is Similar To TikTok

Youtube for Kids & Zigazoo is top of the list, though you can try Snapchat as well

Snapchat is a platform that enables users to send each other photos and videos in a quick and easy manner.
It is a social networking app where users may submit videos and photographs, just like TikTok, but it offers a greater number of functions than TikTok has.

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