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kid friendly app like tikTok

There is a good probability that your preteen, teenager or even young adult is completely obsessed with the app TikTok, Or their buddies are those people.

My daughter, who is 10 years old, has requested that I set up a TikTok account for her.

On the one hand, I couldn’t be happier for her because she’s pursuing something she’s so passionate about, which is learning about dance.

When I was a kid and my friends would chat about what they watched on the weekend, and I didn’t have cable, I remember feeling like I was missing out on something important.

At the same time, the thought of my daughter learning TikTok dances makes me want to gag, and God only knows what else she might be exposed to on the platform.

As a result, I do not feel confident allowing my child to use TikTok, and as a result, I went on to explore other secure apps for kids, or I should say TikTok for kids.

I have managed to find one, it is called Zigazoo.

Please note, that all Apps require parent supervision, as a parent you will have to get involved in the process and occasionally use the app for your own understanding.

zigazoo safe for kids app
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So, What is Zigazoo?

Zigazoo is an app that enables children to publish and share short clips with their peers, similar to how TikTok and Instagram Reels operate.

How does Zigazoo work?

Much like TikTok, Zigazoo has “challenges.”

After downloading the app and creating an account, your child will be able to “answer” a challenge that was issued by a child celebrity from anywhere in the world by recording their own video and posting it to the platform.

Your children will be able to follow each “creator” of a Zigazoo kid celeb on their individual channels.

Zigazoo is, without a doubt, also collaborating with a variety of brands to deliver youngsters a wide variety of fresh challenges.

Who are the inventors of Zigazoo?

During the pandemic, parents who “didn’t like options for secure and enjoyable online learning experiences” came up with the idea to develop this online app for Kids. Yup, parents just like you came up with the idea.

“provide children a secure and positive community where they may find joy, build healthy online relationships, and aspire to their greatest potential” is the goal statement that guides their work.

The sign-up process on Zigazoo is both verified and secure.

Zigazoo requires that you verify your identity before using the service by providing either your phone number or a single sign-on with an existing account from Google, Apple, or Facebook.
There is no arbitrary method used to create user accounts.

Zigazoo requires the participation of a parent throughout the account creation process to comply with their terms and privacy policy.

The Other Kid-Friendly Apps

TikTok’s security flaws are not to be taken lightly and should not be ignored.
The short-format video app is replete with sexual predators who are using the Chinese software to otherwise groom, monitor or engage in sexually explicit chats with youngsters as young as eight.

These interactions can take place anywhere from the app’s main screen to the chat feature.
We’ve narrowed down some TikTok competitors that are considered to be safer.

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Kid-Friendly Apps Like TikTok

YouTube Kids

The app is designed to provide a more contained environment for kids, and at the same time, it is simpler and more fun to explore.

As per the app Developers, ” The videos on Youtube Kids are strictly kept family-friendly, and it has automated filters, plus the content requires human review and feedback from parents to protect youngest”.

FuniMate an Alternative of TikTok

For users of this app to produce any kind of video using the app, which is one of the major advantages of this app in comparison to TikTok.
Videos can be slowed down, sped up, made into movies or music videos, or even compiled together to form a single longer video.
In addition, users have the ability to construct video loops and find the extensive music collection that is included with the software.

This provides users with access to an unlimited number of popular songs and sound effects.

More than twenty high-quality video effects are included in the alternative to TikTok. These effects can completely transform a movie and make it look more appealing and interesting.

One can also collaborate on videos with friends by sharing music that they both like and combining it into a single video clip. This can be done by adding text, stickers, or hilarious comments to the films.

secure app for kids dancing

Cheez App for the Passion of Dancing

Not only is it possible to make music videos with the Cheez app, but users can also experiment with vlogging and produce comedic and fashion-focused videos on the app.
This app has a number of unique features, and one of them is that if a user’s videos acquire a significant number of reactions, likes, shares, or comments, the user will receive incentives and offers from the app. This is one of the app’s distinguishing characteristics.

By using the app’s powerful cutting and editing features, a user can correct errors they made while shooting a video and erase unwanted portions of the clip.
Additionally, one can submit films on a variety of subjects and begin a fight over them, as well as engage in a variety of tasks and exhibit their creative abilities.
This rival app to TikTok, which also happens to be the very first mobile dancing game ever released, comes equipped with a sophisticated DanceOff function.

Triller The Better App for Creative Kids

This app is being used by famous people like Selena Gomez and Kevin Hart to record and broadcast their own social media videos.
After the recording of the video has been completed via a simple application, the auto-editing tool will take over and complete the remaining tasks.

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A user is able to apply a wide variety of filters to their videos as well as for trim them using the video editing tools that come packaged with this app.
You can even draw on the videos to illustrate your points of view for the people who follow you.

There is also a feature for collaboration available, which allows users to work together with their friends to produce videos.
Following that, you will be able to distribute the films to the audience by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

secure app for kids, other than TikTok

Likee App

This application is quite similar to TikTok and features a wide variety of conversation materials that are suitable for the videos, as well as a Music Magic filter that applies effects to the videos based on the volume or atmosphere of the music being played in the background.

The application provides the user with access to a comprehensive library of filters and also gives them the ability to control the playback speed of the recorded video.

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You can also crop videos to suit your needs or combine several videos into a single video clip. These options are available to you.

The LIKE community is comprised of a sizable number of LIKE networkers who come together to share new music videos, work together, and make connections with other producers.
The user is given the ability to post videos and short clips across a variety of social media networks via the app.

Dubsmash, The First Lip Sync App

Dubsmash was the first Lip Sync app that gained popularity, and then TikTok took over this market.

Dubmash is no longer an active app.

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